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Hey, guys! I'm going to Cosplay Photo Festival Japan in Tokyo! See you there 16-17/08!
More details about event here:
It's about one week before Manga Festival! Are you ready, guys? We hope to see your best cosplays at the "Shine Your Style" contest, where one of the prizes are shootings from me and Sketch_Turner.
We'll be with you all 3 days, please feel free to come up and talk with us ^_^ 
Guys, I participate in the very important contest and I would be happy if you support me! If you like my lolita look, please like this photo (click on it and like)! Thank you! =^_^=

like a photo!

and photo of my friend too ^^
like a photo!
Hi, friends! I want to acquaint you with an amazing artist artlilu81. She's an illustrator with a great expiriece in game-like drawings. If you need an artist like this, feel free to write her, she takes commissions =^_^= And don't forget to visit her facebook page

Werewolf1 by artlilu81  F v by artlilu81  Armori1 by artlilu81
Hey, friends! Join my photography page at facebook -…
There you can see more photos from old and new photosets! I would be glad to see all of you there =^_^=