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20 Years Later 2

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My Bio
I'm A Big Taiona(TailsXFiona) Fanatic. I Also Love Rudolph, Thomas, Seabert, Warriors, Disney, Sonic, and more.

American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Application Stamp by lady-warrior

I Heart Thomas Stamp by MeganekkoPlymouth241 Red Heart by Daakukitsune I Heart Lady Stamp by MeganekkoPlymouth241
:thumb642833720: I Support Lady by roseprincessmitia Lady Stamp by SynthaRoboto Journey Beyond Sodor Fan Stamp by Wildcat1999 The Adventure Begins by Loco-Station This argument is getting old... by RailfanBronyMedia More Than Just Machines - Stamp by twinkletoes-97 :thumb545292852: Worst excuse ever... by RailfanBronyMedia A Message To Immature Thomas Fans by steamdiesel Thomas Shipper Stamp by steamdiesel
Thomady Stamp by ShizukanaMono Thomady by roseprincessmitia Jamolly by roseprincessmitia Toblora by roseprincessmitia Percosie by roseprincessmitia Percoise Stamp by ShizukanaMono Bocaisy by roseprincessmitia Whiff x Emily - Stamp (Request) by twinkletoes-97 Billy x Mavis - Stamp (Request) by twinkletoes-97 Arthur x Belle - Stamp (Request) by twinkletoes-97 Thomas Ashima Friends by roseprincessmitia Carnky - Stamp by twinkletoes-97 Lukillie - Stamp by twinkletoes-97 Thomas Emily Friends by roseprincessmitia Thomas Rosie Friends by roseprincessmitia

Taiona Stamp by TaionaFan369 :thumb413902920: Anti Scourge x Fiona Stamp by KawaiiFoxiez It's Time To Wake Up People (Scourge Rant) by RoseOfTheNight4444 Anti Scourge the Hedgehog Stamp by KawaiiFoxiez

Dr.Wolf Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96 Hewy Toonmore Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96 DRWolf and Lady Wolf Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96 Minty Root Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96 BlackGryph0n Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96 MandoPony Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96 DustyKatt Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96 AcoustiMandoBrony Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96 I like the MLP Comics by KittyJewelpet78 Crossovers Aren't Gonna Destroy The World by Mintaka-TK Don't Judge Me For What I Like Stamp by steamdiesel Blame the fanbrats, not the entire fandom by RoseOfTheNight4444 Stamp - Judging Fandoms by WowManyStamps Fandom Stamp by TaionaFan369 To All Anti-Fans of Every Fandom by AnScathMarcach No Need to Bandwagon by CorporalMarshmallow I can't believe I have to explain this to people by Roseyicywolf Not all fans are idiots by TaionaFan369 You're only making yourself look bad... by ColossalStinker :thumb396828676: If You're Going to Preach, Follow It by endler Love and Tolerance by Purple--Unicorn Love and Tolerate by DuallyHips MY PARENTS ARE DEAD by endler BUT YER TOO OLD FOR THIS by endler This is A I Love Cartoons Reprise by endler It Offends Me So It Should Be Off Air by endler NO THEY'RE NOT THEY'RE VAMPIRES by endler Girls Girls Girls by endler It's PONIES AND WOLVES ALL DAY! by endler Stamp: Animation isn't just for kids. by Catthylove Because, y'know, they could e doing worse stuff. by Catthylove Stamp: Aw, sorry, did I just burst your bubble? by Catthylove No Matter Their Age or Gender by endler KIDS SHOW KIDS SHOW KIDS SHOW by endler Protect MLP Generations Stamp by CocoChipooRocks Backing Up New-Age Disney by The-Man-Of-Tomorrow Watch cartoons over adult shows stamp by TigerFey Stamp - Naming Unnamed Canon Characters by Mina-Fox Nyx's Stamp by En-Seta Nyx Stamp by TaionaFan369 Past sins Stamp by TaionaFan369 Nyx Stamp by MelSpyRose I Support Princess Twilight Sparkle by roseprincessmitia Princess Twilight stamp by paulinaghost Princess Twilight stamp by Xarti I support Twilicorn - Stamp by Ponytail-Dash Twilight Sparkle alicorn stamp by Sirriss :thumb351351644: Ailcorn Twilight Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Princess Twilight stamp by Mel-Rosey :thumb370602771: Twilicorn Stamp by MightyMewtron Princess Twilight Stamp by Katsuforov-Chan Alicorn Twilight Stamp 1 by TaionaFan369 Alicorn Twilight Stamp 2 by TaionaFan369 Twilight Sparkle Stamp by Katsuforov-Chan Twilight Sparkle Fan Stamp by Katsuforov-Chan Twilight Sparkle Alicorn Stamp by NightSilverChelly Twilight Sparkle Stamp by migueruchan Twilicorn Is good~Stamp by 2ButterBall3 Twilight Sparkle is Best Pony! by Maliciouses Stop Hating: Twilight Sparkle (Alicorn) by CKittyKat98 Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Stamp by NatouMJSonic Well some are at least by PandaSennin request17 by paramoreSUCKS Just Move on Bronies by KittyJewelpet78 BAWWWZ  DE SHOWZ RUINEZ 4EVA!!!1!1!one!1! by Sweetie-Pinkie HeartBurn by GeminiGirl83 BraeHeart Stamp by ShadowCatClaw .:request:. DisLestia Stamp by schwarzekatze4 DxC stamp by Mn27 +Dislestia Stamp+ by DemonKaizoku :PC: DiscordXCelestia Stamp by GlassFeline DiscordIa by endler Celecord stamp by Sodium--oxide Reformed Discord Support Stamp by Rosethethief No it's not. by Sweetie-Pinkie Anti Trollestia Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Princess Celestia Underrated Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Support Princess Celestia Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 I support Alicorn OC's Stamp by Atlanta-Hammy Mary sues? Stamp by YukiTG :thumb424076080: Shining ArmorXPrincess Cadence Support Stamp by Rosethethief Shining Cadence: Love is in Bloom Stamp by the-ocean-sings Because stupidity said so. by PandaSennin Stop it Bronies Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Snowdrop Stamp by StarlightLore Snowdrop Stamp by MelSpyRose Cheerilee x Bic Macintoish - stamp by V1KA Cheerimac Stamp by schwarzekatze4 Miss Cheerilee x Big Macintosh Stamp by DashingDuck Cheerimac Support Stamp by Rosethethief Cheerimac stamp by tofuudog Anti-Pipluna Stamp by Rosethethief Dr. Derpy by A-Ponies-Love Doctor and Derpy Stamp by randomflashgames11 No I'm not taking that back. by PandaSennin SCOOTALOO IS NOT A CHICKEN stamp by rainbowdashed344 Power Ponies! by stampsnstuff Time To Power Pony - Up! by stampsnstuff Masked Matter-Horn stamp by FunnyGamer95 CheesePie Stamp by DemonKaizoku CheesePie Stamp #2 by DemonKaizoku CheesePie - stamp by never-coming-back CheesePie Fan Stamp by Katsuforov-Chan :thumb432297922: Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich Stamp by Cascayd CheesePie Fan Stamp #2 by Katsuforov-Chan CheesePie Stamp by XxCandyCartoonxX Strawberries and Cheese by BrownMota Cheesepie Stamp by Sodium--oxide Cheesepie stamp by troudi94 Pinkie X Cheese Stamp by Sweetie-Pinkie Party Loverz by BrownMota Cloverleaf Stamp by ShizukanaMono Cherry Blossom Stamp by ShizukanaMono I support Sunset and Twilight as friends by KittyJewelpet78 Sunset and Starlight fan -stamp by MajkaShinoda626 Starlight Glimmer stamp by i-tama King Sombra X Radiant Hope Stamp by MelSpyRose StarBurst  Stamp (StarlightXSunburst) by midnightlunarose Starburst stamp by Sodium--oxide [Stamp] Starburst by Tambelon Starlight Glimmer x Sunburst Stamp by Cascayd IT'S TIME TO STOP! by Miss-Barker TenderBloom Stamp by AquatheOhioKitty Tenderbloom stamp by Sodium--oxide Princess Ember stamp by Stamp-Master Flimjack stamp by Sodium--oxide .:request:. AppleFlim Stamp by schwarzekatze4 SkyTrail / VaporStinger Stamp by Tambelon Skytrail stamp by Sodium--oxide 005 (sky stinger/vapor trail) by mapleshaded Sky Stinger x Vapor Trail Stamp by Cascayd Stamp: Reformed Changeling Love by Katsuforov-Chan [Stamp] BrightButter by Tambelon Windy Whistles by Marlenesstamps Bow Hothoof by Marlenesstamps Juniper Montage Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 043 by mapleshaded Tempest Shadow Stamp 01 by chroniqlo Twilight Sparkle and Tempest Shadow Stamp by lloneWanderer My little Pony the Movie 2017 Stamp by GlitchyXenon My Little Pony the Movie 2017  by GlitchyXenon My little Pony the MOVIE Stamp  by GlitchyXenon Tempest Twilight Papercraft  Stamp by TheraMutt Tempest Fireworks Stamp by TheraMutt Tempest Twilight Stamp by TheraMutt MLP the movie stamp by NatouMJSonic MLP : Tempest stamp by Zeldienne Tempest Sass Stamp by TheraMutt FizzlePop BerryTwist by GlitchyXenon Tempest Eye Roll Stamp by TheraMutt Papercraft Tempest Shadow Stamp by TheraMutt The Look Stamp by TheraMutt MLP the Movie 2017 Animated Stamp by GlitchyXenon [Stamp] Stygian by Tambelon EG Wallflower Blush Stamp by Zoe-975 Student Six Stamp by Cascayd 073 by mapleshaded spike fan stamp by smol-panda [Stamp] Autumn Blaze by Tambelon Rain Shine Stamp by ShizukanaMono Stamp - Chancellor Neighsay by RetroShimadaAurora Stamp by ShizukanaMono Bori Stamp by ShizukanaMono Alice Stamp by ShizukanaMono


Zoey x Rudolph Stamp by the-ocean-sings Keep Christ in Christmas Stamp by MetalShadowOverlord I Support THIS Rudolph - Stamp by Katsuforov-Chan

492 - Shaymin Sky Forme by Marlenesstamps Shaymin Sky stamp by angelasamshi Shamin Sky Form Stamp by ShayTheHedgehog97

:iconcommentplz: Comment Before You Favourite by BoffinBrain :iconnopointcommissions: :iconnocommissions: :iconcollabsask: :icontradesask: Photographer : Free Avatar by TheDeathOfSen :thumb121765304: :thumb306814186: :thumb531072254: Southern Pacific 4449 Stamp by DanielArkansanEngine I Support Lionel Stamp by MeganekkoPlymouth241 Unstoppable Stamp by MeganekkoPlymouth241 AWVR Stamp by MeganekkoPlymouth241 Love Bug Stamp by DrZime I love Finn Mcmissile by roseprincessmitia :thumb121780047: SCIFI NOT SYFY by PsychoDemonFox Not a SyFy Fan Stamp by TaionaFan369 :thumb312408461: :thumb571349452: Well, This One Is Bound To Cause Controversy by Mintaka-TK Star Wars Fanboy Stamp by TheKnightOfTheVoid :thumb142468870: Live-Action on Cartoon Network by Kitschensyngk I am hardcore by FireAmy :thumb638242259: Backing Up New-Age Disney by The-Man-Of-Tomorrow Okay with Disney Channel Stamp by SpongeBat1 Saving CGI Stamp by Madame-Kikue Best Movies are Underrated by Modyman They are Just Like us by wwwarea Real Marriage by SuperGrouper Marriage Stamp by surfersquid Stamp: Adam and Eve by Raine-Rose When you close a tab by mistake... by FunkyDreamer :thumb456164431: :thumb362570115: Net Neutrality Stamp by woop17 Anti-religion prejudice stamp by StampWhore Parody Fair Use Stamp by MidNightMagnificent Da Stamp - Human Rights 01 by tppgraphics Music Stamp by Taylorinchains Music Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Favorite Character Stamp 2 by Stamp221 Favorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221 :thumb290185564: vague stamp is vague by Aphose DA Stamp - Care About Both 01 by tppgraphics DA Stamp - Anti-War 01 by tppgraphics DA Stamp - Anti-Hunting 01 by tppgraphics We are not Trophies stamp by AzureHowlShilach Respect plant life - Stamp by JWiesner Alcohol and cigarette stamp by DevaPein God's NOT Dead Stamp by ThalionKoi Like a Lion Stamp by SailorSolar Alcohol and cigarette stamp by DevaPein Popularity stamp. by DevaPein No Undo Button by Squirrelflighty Against Bullying Stamp by starfire-wolf Stmp: Hope is Round the Corner by starfire-wolf Bullying Destroys by VampireCherry Bullying Is Not Mature Stamp by Caffeine-Master End Bullying Stamp by SailorSolar Suicide Isn't Cowardly by el-Jimmeister STOP the HATE it HURTS - Stamp by TehZee Bullying by Aedem :thumb184755667: :thumb672990330: Anti VGCP by Harejules Self Explanitory by Frost-Skyder ''That Can't Happen in Real Life!!'' by Mintaka-TK HOW DAER U NAWT SHIP ALPHYNE U HOMOPHOBIC DIPSHET by ColossalStinker Sometimes a Tv Show needs to end Stamp by DEEcat98 It is not a bad opinion Stamp by DEEcat98 Just wanted to say this by Michaelsar Discord App Stamp - Discord User (Free to use!) by 3wyl

Current Residence: Southwest Of Seattle And North of SeaTac
Favourite genre of music: Anything except suff with the "f" or "h" words
Favourite photographer: Anyone
Favourite style of art: Any
Operating System: iMac, Windows 7/HP PC
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano and iPod touch
Favourite cartoon character: RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER, Miles "Tails" Prower, Fiona Fox, Seabert, Mickey Mouse, Little Strongheart
Personal Quote: Try not to rip off

Favourite Visual Artist
My Sister, Stephen Ricketts(Sricketts14381)
Favourite Movies
RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER The Movie, Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior, Misty Island Rescue
Favourite TV Shows
Bravestarr, Filmation Ghostbusters, She-ra, he-man, Alfred Hedgehog, Willa, Thomas The Tank Engine, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Remedy Drive, Tiffany Thornton, Kermit the Frog, Gene Autry, Miley Cyrus
Favourite Books
RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER (and other Christmas books), Pokemon (manga), Warriors Manga, archie Sonic The Hedgehog, The Railway series,
Favourite Writers
Robert L. May, Batfanx29, Stephen Ricketts(Sricketts14381), joe edkin, pen stroke and Batty Gloom, M.A. Larson, Lauren Faust
Favourite Games
Ford Racing 2, MSTS, Trainz
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Paint S, MS Paint, GIMP
Other Interests
RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER, Thomas The Tank Engine, Sonic The Hedgehog, Warriors Manga, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

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  • NO! I Miss Paying/being donated for them.:(
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I don't know if it has to do with eclipse or not, but I can't tag categories on mobile

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