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.:request:. AppleFlim Stamp by schwarzekatze4 .:request:. AppleFlim Stamp :iconschwarzekatze4:schwarzekatze4 51 10 FlimxApplejack-Love you by Creamecream FlimxApplejack-Love you :iconcreamecream:Creamecream 15 2 You're the Apple of my eye. by raggyrabbit94 You're the Apple of my eye. :iconraggyrabbit94:raggyrabbit94 52 19 Flim x Applejack by PurpleWonderPower Flim x Applejack :iconpurplewonderpower:PurpleWonderPower 11 2 Nose Nuzzles: Applejack x Flim by PurpleWonderPower Nose Nuzzles: Applejack x Flim :iconpurplewonderpower:PurpleWonderPower 7 0 Applejack And Flim Share An Apple by PurpleWonderPower Applejack And Flim Share An Apple :iconpurplewonderpower:PurpleWonderPower 8 0 Stay Away From My Mare! by PurpleWonderPower Stay Away From My Mare! :iconpurplewonderpower:PurpleWonderPower 11 3 Flimjack by PurpleWonderPower Flimjack :iconpurplewonderpower:PurpleWonderPower 8 2 Flimjack by PurpleWonderPower Flimjack :iconpurplewonderpower:PurpleWonderPower 7 0 From The Very Beginning by Aurora-Chiaro From The Very Beginning :iconaurora-chiaro:Aurora-Chiaro 655 60 Epic by jamesgreen Epic :iconjamesgreen:jamesgreen 895 167
Anything On DA That I Like.

(I know some of you might not do it by tomorrow, but I need to get this out)

Twilicorn and Nyx Sparkle(A scene from When All You Have Is Memories will make it extra special, Nyx Sparkle alone is fine too)


Rudolph Zoey and Arrow(Friendly)

BraeburnxLittle Strongheart

Pinkie PiexCheese Sandwich

Photo of 60163 Tornado or PM 1225

Shaymin and Deerling


Taken from link

:iconiiriver-of-blood: and :iconiicreamypastel: has been hacked! She heard that this hacker changed :iconiicreamypastel: iiCreamyPastel her headline to "F__K ALL OF YOU" , changed her name to "Pe__s" and messed up her icon. Most might think this is a regular hacker right? One that hacks only one account? well, WRONG! it turns out this hacker regular hacker right? One that hacks only one account? Why u might ask? Because they got her personal email too.
So cause of this she had to delete her FB account. Scary, isn't it? ;;What makes it even scarier is this hacker is completely unknown. No evidence, no journals, nothing. For now, her main account will be Kamo-shirenai. Please watch her there and help us get her account back and find out who this hacker is. alright now for my part


After seeing what this hacker can do there is a code you can use to keep u and your friends from being hacked but first... this hacker only hacks people who dont know about it so i advise you to spread the word in a journal so he/she wont come and hack u! now for the code ->{Jkk2g67tlah3nm9/:44ffrn':Hzy<findss>gguub16j0} this code has a secret message in it so it can protect you from the hacker. Its better to be safe then sorry ~ Pixie


Taken from :icondrewgle:

What the buck is this? how can people get so mad over one thing, that they threaten the lively hood of these writers and producers? this is sickening, and I'm completely disgusted with the reaction Equestria Girls is getting. I'm not blaming anyone here, because you people have class. But there are fans, who are threatening the people who make the show, to the point, that they want to quit production all together. If you have a twitter, take a stand against the people who make this fandom look bad, or we might lose the show all together.




WHERE'S THAT VIDEO ENTITLED "Nyx - My little pony"

This is for the bronies and pegasisters that may get confused with my Nyx re-colors.(Edit: Changed after a long hard consideration period)

The Chronicles Of Nyx (Part 1/3)

"Once upon the Everfree Forest
A cult tried to resurrect A threat
But they were stopped, but their captive went back
And found me in a hurt and lonely state...
I made some friends, because of her
And found my own family
But she turned me in
And that was the chance the cult needed to get me...

They forced me to be who I was expected to be
I disowned my mother and jailed her and my friends
I became queen after beating the Princesses
But I spared all life as I had no desire!

2 weeks later I raised the sun
And saved my mother for a halt in her life
Then destroyed my dark side and hid in solitude
Until I was warned of the Everfree attack!

I did my best and did not let them down,
I survived but was badly injured!
Mother helped me to recover,
And I gave up the name that wasn't mine
I gave her the ability to release the sisters

I surrendered
And they gave me another chance...
Now I promise a life full of smiles."

Slice of Life type Stories for Nyx, up to her parents' death.

Prelude/Season 0(Thanks to season 3, Episode 10-13): Rewritten episodes of the original source Material(season 3, Episode 10 onwards) to include Nyx.

Season 1: She's a filly most of this season but is around 10 in the last 3rd. The 1st 2 episodes introduce my OC Blix. Many past less-than-honest Characters will reform with her help. The Lunar Elements of harmony will be introduced in the last 2 episodes.

Season 2: We see her start to age this time. It starts off with 2 episodes centered around Diamond Tiara's journey to, redemption, true friendship and being a better pony. During Nyx's Collage years, she is accepted and attends Celestia's Special school for Gifted Guardians. Here, she is trained in the ways of a guardian and warrior(re-taught moves, ways and spells from when she was a nightmare and taught new moves, ways and spells). Afterwards, She returns to Ponyville for the rest of the series.

Season 3: After Chrysalis' reformation in the pilot, Nyx find more adventures with her, as she ages more. Sombra goes through a reformation as well. Shining Armor's passing comes somewhere in the middle. The last 2 episodes will focus on the deaths of the mane 6(not Princess Twilight and Prince Ben) and Nyx moving on from the loss of her older friends.

Changes: Nyx is singing. However, she considers her singing career a hobby.(Season 1)
The appearance of Chrysalis and her Changelings changes to White Bodies, Butterfly Wings and Squiggly horns on the queen and Princesses.(Season 3) 
Night Stone Castle is renovated and turned in a museum, dedicated to the history of Nyx, and a summer house for both The Royal Family and Nyx's Family.(Season 1)
Prince Ben(Season 3)

Songs: When She Loved Me(Nyx and Twilight duet and solos), Daylight(Proper, Spike, Lorcan, Phobos and Nyx) I'll always Remember you(Nyx and Twilight duet), Wherever I'll Go(Nyx and Twilight duet), Here I am to Worship(Chrysalis solo), Amazing Love(Chrysalis solo), When you Believe(Twilight and Nyx duet), Do They know It's The Heart's Warming(Band Aid Parody)(The Cutie Mark Choir and, later, others), For Good(Nyx and Twilight duet)

What to Expect: Nyx Dreams of Chrysalis(Once every season), Ben Mare and Princess Twilight Sparkle get Married.(Season 1), The wedding of Blix and Nyx(Season 2), Nyx travels across Equestria(Mostly Season 1), Nyx has some time with the Fausticorn(Rare to have spectators), Prince Ben(Season 3), Captain Nyx(Season 3), Reformations include: Gilda, Blueblood, Flim and Flam, Diamond Tiara(Silver Spoon is, in fact, not always like Diamond), Chrysalis, Sombra

The Nyxian Alliance (Part 2/3)

"Pegasus. Earth Pony. Unicorn. Alicorn. For a time after my great aunts' passings, the land of Equestria lived in peace and harmony. Then, everything changed with Tirek's Return. My mother Nyx, however, manage to hold his forces back, and they decided that Ponyville's deference couldn't be penetrated. A hundred years passed and my Family grew larger with another foal, an alicorn colt named Daywalker. And, although his magic and combat skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to help us. But I believe, with her family and friends, my mother can save Equestria." -Princess Soft Heart, Daughter of Princess Nyx

Based of Avatar: The Last Airbender with some plots taken from She-ra.

Changes: Tirek's attack involved the disappearance of Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Discord(Married to Celestia in part 1/3). Here's a twist, HE makes the days pass during the Equestrian Revolutionary War(lasting 101 years), until his powers and abilities were taken away by Nyx. The day after she defeated Tirek, not only did she declare the war to be over, but was sworn in as Princess of Equestria(She raised the sun and lowered the moon in the early morning prior to the celebration). 
Night Stone Castle is still a museum and summer house, but is used frequently as a base of operations and shelter.

What to Expect: there are spirits of those who are gone, dreams and visual only to nyx and her parents when awake, Nyx has some time with the Fausticorn

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Next Generation (Almost scrapped due to unsureness) (Part 3/3)

Nyx co-rules Equestria, after freeing the land from it's tirekan grip(in part 2/3), alongside Princess Twilight(Mother), King Blix(Husband), Princess Selena(Sister), Princess Soft Heart(Daughter), Prince Daywalker(Son) and Princess-Warrior Yellowstar. Her fight for freedom was accompanied by Spike, Phobos(Nyx's Pet Moon Dragon), Lorcan(Spike's reformed brother), Jupiter(all characters from the twixie tumblr will be a bit different), Venus, Mars, Chrysalis, Yellowstar, Holly Tree(can turn into Heart's Warming Nightmare when needed), TwinkleyStar, Crystal Armor, Sombra, Princess Crystal(co-ruler of the crystal empire), Spectra(Born from a Rainboom), Crystal Heart and the descendants of the mane 6. After their Victory, The queen of changelings returns to her ruling alongside Princess Illionus(daughter), Prince Jinx(son turned into an alicorn in part 1/3), Princess fyre flye(firefly)(Jinx's alicorn wife) Princess Chrysalis(sister to be renamed), Prince Feithid(reformed Brother), Capt. Void Star, Princess Grindelia(Sister), Princess Amethyst(Friend from another hive), Princess Onyx(Daughter), Queen Crystal Change(Queen of the Snow Changelings), Princess Alterra(daughter), Lord Amethyst and Lord Catalyst(both from another hive, one is a general and the other Husband of Amethyst), Prince Midnigh(Brother), Princess Chrystal(Daughter), Princess Crystal(Daughter), King Elytron(Husband), Prince Black Thorn, Lilly(Worker maid), Princess Mimic(Daughter), Princess Frizz(Daughter), Prince Poison Wing(Son), Princess gemstone(Daughter), Lucy(Granddaughter, Daughter of Poison Wing and gemstone), Lucifer(Grandson, son of Poison Wing and gemstone), Sargent Thorrax, or Sgt. Thorr for short, Lieutenant Tracy, Queen Cerci(from another hive), Col. Firemane, Princess Aria(Daughter), Queen Imago(Friend from another hive), princess ombré(Daughter), Queen Dragonfly(and her Red Tribe), Queen Elytra(Queen of the yellow hive), Queen Instar(Queen of the purple hive), Queen Cerci(Queen of the red hive), Queen Exuvia(Queen of the blue hive), Princess Isis(Daughter), Princess Lavia(Daughter), Princess Senka(Daughter), Princess Carapace(Daughter), Queen Heart Song(from another hive), Princess Charlotte(Daughter), Ambassador Harmony Melliferre, Queen Cherry Blossom (sister and the Queen of the Lovelings), King Garble of the dragons and others, visiting during special events and other occasions. Nyx has a selection of Royal wear in the future, including her Nightmare Moon armor(modified to incorporate Her Cutie mark on the chest-plate) and a tribute to her grandmother, Princess Celestia(Necklace, Tiara and shoes like Celestia's, but in Nightmare moon's armor colors). Nyx and Her family have some responsibility for making the days pass(Nyx mostly), but the original Royal Family is still active(Celestia and the others were found before the final Showdown).
Queen Heart Song

Songs: Wonderful Dream(Cherry Blossom, Nyx And Chrysalis), When She Loved Me(Queen Nyx Princess Twilight solos), Daylight(Selena, Garble, Spike, Lorcan, Phobos, Nyx And Chrysalis)

Changes:Night Stone Castle returns to being a museum and summer house.

What to Expect: there are spirits of those who are gone, dreams and visual only to nyx and her parents when awake, Nyx has some time with the Fausticorn

(WIP so expect add-ons)

I'm a MLP:FiM fan and I think that Princess Celestia is not A troll, tyrant, prankster, dictator, manipulative, nor evil in any way whatsoever.

Reactive zippcast
Don't Let Youtube ignore Harassment
Save Sunset

and WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!?

and i though he was ok(maybe palin is only way to go)

Allow 3rd party Recording tools
syria, will the world look away?

I've finally wrangled up all my usernames

I come to all DEVIANTS as a friend in Need!



















[Note: I know we're gonna win if we keep fighting it, but this is for just in case.] 

:iconlightningthev2:/TheHoldenB12  had the NOODLES to go pyrodanny66* on me and make fun of one of the Greatest Christmas Characters Of All Time! NO! NO! DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMP{gibberish}...

{20 minutes later...}

I apologize for that outrage. It was childish and immature. I just get a little peeved when someone decides to MAKE FUN OF MY FRIEND! YOU THOMFAGARD! I'LL KILL YOU! I... 

{1 hour later...}


{another hour after a rabies shot later...}


Finally, I'm no Troll neither thomfag nor manchild!
:thumb282736418: (using this against Nyx haters, not for them)

I'm surprised with what i saw on the 2011 macy's parade:

The Aflac duck
Extended Macy's Holiday Express
Kool aid
Kung Fu Panda(heard of a TV spin-off)
Spider-Man Musical
Power Rangers
a football
Julius the Sock Monkey
Raggedy Ann
Blues Clues
Ozwald the rabbit
radio city rockettes
azalea trail maids
new mr peanut
Tim burton
a candy cane
New Elf
Ball ornament float
Bugs bunny
Scooby doo
Yogi bear

there was also a pink girl here. who is she?

2012 in New york...

Matthew Broderick
Chris issak's cover of "great balls of fire"
Charlie Brown balloon
Jimmy Fallon and the roots' cover of "we will rock you"
A band from Mexico
Julius the monkey
Don Mclan's "Miss American pie"
US Air Force band and honor guard
PS 22 chorus
Power rangers megaforce
Ninja turtles
The zhuzhu pets(are back)
Whoopi Goldberg
Rex the dragon(returns)
Promotion for smurfs 2
Sprout channel
Sonic returns
Olympic gym gold medal winners
A train from domino sugar
Goldfish with Finn and friends

I enjoyed the 2013 Macy's parade, but am I the only on who wants MLP and Michelle Creber to be in it?

Featured attractions:

Matilda the musical
The Sound of music Live Starring Carrie Underwood
Radio City Rockettes
Sandra Lee on Tom Turkey
Peanuts' Snoopy and Woodstock(new balloon)
The Spirit of America Dance Team
Sonic the Hedgehog
Kelly Pickler
Jimmy Fallon and the Roots  with Sesame Street
5th Harmony With Finn and friends(Goldfish)
Debby Ryan
Wicked's Kristian Chenowith
How To Train Your Dragon 2
70th Anniversary of the Wizard of OZ
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Despicable Me 2
Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
Hanukkah Dreidel
Smurfs(Papa Smurf balloon)
Santaland Express with Mannheim Steamroller
A Friend's Niece in a drill team from Dallas

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
3) Answer the questions the "Tagger" set for you in their post, and create 11 new ones for the people you tag to answer.
4) You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons in your journal.
5) Go to His/Her page and tell that person you tagged Him/Her.
6) No TAG backs.
7) No stuff like "you are tagged if you read this"
8) You HAVE to ask 11 people not 10,9 or 3 etc.

I've tagged:

Tagged by: :iconsonicx399:

1. What's your favorite Pokemon?

2. Do you use Chapstick?

3. What other languages do you speak?
very few

4. Do you use Flipnote Studios to animate?
I don't have a DSI ):

5. Apples or bananas?

2012 Lorax Rating: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: Half Star 

2011 Muppets Rating: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: No Star

To Help Doug Walker, "Follow that Bird" was full of heart.

Rating: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: 

I find Equestria Girls to NOT BE WORTH THE DOUBT!

Thought I'm a little itchy about Sunset's part of the ending.

Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Happy Feet Two Rating:  Star! Star! Star! Star! Half Star


Made my heart flutter.

My Reaction


Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! and Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Twilight Sparkle Seal of Approval by ahumeniy Wallpaper Twilight still best pony by Barrfind Now Stop Acting Like A Damned Sight Seerer by endler  Twilicorn Is good~Stamp by 2ButterBall3

Fear not. Your characters will find their destinies fulfilled. Their stories will be told by people who care deeply about them - not because we love imaginary ponies, but because we love you, a real person whose hopes and dreams for her creations deserve to see light. Even as the show reflects the delights of other creative minds, your intentions will be realized through the appreciation of your fans.

Greater still, the discoveries of friendship made by your characters are spreading like a firebreak throughout our society, forever changing one life after another and making the real world in some measure a better place. In ways that are more lasting than any series, you have an influence greater than you can ever know. In my own life, your lessons have even helped me live out my personal faith more consistently. I look forward to seeing where your life's adventures will take you.

taken from :iconchristopherpope:

Thor Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Games ponies Play Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Just for sidekicks Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Galaxy Express 999 Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Adeiu Galaxy Express 999 Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Galaxy Railways Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Half Star

BEST ENDING SCENE THIS SEASON in Keep calm and Flutter on! 
Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Sleepless in Ponyville Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Wonderbolts Academy Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Apple Family Reunion Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Spike at Your Service Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Brave Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Toy story 3 Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Man of the year Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Chariots of fire Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

One night with the king Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Mr. Smith goes to Washington Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

TMNT Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

MAGIC DUEL Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

One Bad Apple Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Cars rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!(WHY DO HALF OF THE PIXAR FANS HATE THIS FRANCHISE?)

Cars 2 rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Half Star  (Finn's the coolest and my favorite in this one)

Too many Pinkie pie rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Half Star  (There are some things i Question)


I was able to take it this time, even if, again, he didn't taste the rainbow.

rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Watership down rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Half Star 

Lost ark rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

UP Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Half Star  
Blue Mountain Mystery Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Megamind Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

How To Train Your Dragon Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Green lantern Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Half Star 
World trade center rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Half Star 

Rio Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Shining Star Trophy Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

:iconhewytoonmore: was Right about Tangled, It's EXCELLENT!

Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Half Star 

Moonwalker Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Santa Buddies Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

To Kill A Mockingbird was interesting.

Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Half Star
Lion King 2 isn't bad.

Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

:iconhewytoonmore: was Right about Tintin by Spielberg, It's PHENOMENAL!

Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Hugo Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Super 8 Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Past Sins Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Emma Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Fox and the hound 2 Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Balto 2 Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Half Star 

:iconhewytoonmore: was Right about Winne The Pooh 2011, It's fantastic!

Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

For Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps aka CGI Angelina Ballerina I like it, but the older one is better preferred.

Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Half Star 

For Nanny McPhee Returns/Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang I found it "SPECTACULAR!"

Rating:  Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

One word i have for Guy Ritchie's Holmes, "ASTOUNDING"!

Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Half Star 

One word i have for DAY OF THE DIESELS, "AMAZING"

Rating: Star! Star! Star! Star! Half Star 

For Knight Rider 2008, I enjoyed the voices of Val Kilmer(KI3T) and Peter Cullen(KARR) and was thrilled by the action. But I wouldn't be surprised if they HAD starred Micheal J. Fox as Knight.:iconjointehherdplz:

Rating: Star! Star! Star! <da:emoticon profile="undefined" id="450"> <da:emoticon profile="undefined" id="452">

For the english dub of Powerpuf Girls Z, I didn't see a problem. The voices were close, the music was cool & the stories were ok. :iconbraeburnwhutplz:


For Tiny Toons, I enjoyed Kath Soucie's best known role.

Rating:  5 star - progress bar by OddPenguin

For My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, it was a good return for Tara Strong( as Twilight Sparkle). :iconbraeburnplz:x:iconlittlestrongheartplz: FOREVER!

Stories/Plot/Premise:  5 star - progress bar by OddPenguin
Voices:  5 star - progress bar by OddPenguin
Animation:  5 star - progress bar by OddPenguin
Overall Rating:  5 star - progress bar by OddPenguin


One word i have for UNSTOPPABLE, "INCREDIBLE!"

Rating:   4 star - progress bar by OddPenguin

Good news for HIT Haters. I hear from :icontheindustrialgarratt: That HIT is gonna sell Thomas after Season 14. Day of the diesels and Seasons onward will be done by some other company(Hopefully more major, familiar and famous).


:icon736berkshire: Sent me this

TaionaFan369, I need your help quickly!!! We have to stop TheBrokenRails from suspending our YouTube accounts. Tell everyone, quickly, right now!!!



he also gave us this

Apparently, there's a hacker going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends blocks you, gets you in trouble, and could get you banned from DeviantART. If you get this warning, copy and paste this into your Journal and spread this to everyone.

:iconisabell1991q: Gave us this


There's someone going around and hacking into peoples' accounts and posting bad things to their friends so they can get mad and ban them.

I advise you to repost this to your journal so your friends can know that if a random post comes up being mean to them that it's not you, that someone got into your account.


From :iconkanetakerfan701:

There's a group going around DA they are going through each and every inch of your profiles looking for any little thing to ban you.

Please so many people are getting banned. Check you profiles and make sure everything is alright.

They are only attacking the "Sonic Community", please spread the word even if you have to hide your journal please do it They need to be stopped.
Because if this continues, you're next!!!

So please people hide your journals and spread the words: I am not kidding, we are being attacked!

Check your friends list and your and watchers list. I guarantee you're going to find an "!" in front of some of their names so PLEASE SPREAD THE WORDS: I'M NOT KIDDING, WE ARE BEING ATTACKED!!! (If you want copy and paste this to your journals). Please I'd hate to see all of you getting banned... Please, people, do it...



Found on :iconkanetakerfan701:'s journal:

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!!!! WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Youtube Users, All Accounts Will Be Deleted This Following December, Paste This On Our Chanels To Save our Channels From Being Deleted, Don't Change This Info, Or Else our Channels Will Be Deleted, It Is Because There's About 1,000,000 Fake Accounts. Sorry For This!


taken from :icondiamonikon: and :iconmusicpulsepony:

Apparently there's a hacker on dA, hacking people and blocking our friends to make them block us! You'll then be banned from dA.

Write the same warning in your journal to protect not only yourself but everyone! Here's another warning: If I'm being a jerk, saying stuff like "Shut up," "Get lost", or "I don't want to see you on my page anymore", that's not really me. That's the hacker.

Write all of this down in your journal too!!

Please do this, it's for the safety of everyone!


:icontonypilot: Sent this to me:


TELL EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST BECAUSE IF SOMEONE ON YOUR LIST ADDS HIM THEN YOU WILL GET HIM ON YOUR LIST. HE WILL FIGURE OUT YOUR ID COMPUTER ADDRESS, SO COPY AND PASTE THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE EVEN IF YOU DON'T CARE FOR THEM AND FAST BECAUSE IF HE HACKS THEIR EMAIL HE HACKS YOUR MAIL TOO (I think what it means by that is that he could assume the identity of your friends, and FOOL you into opening the letter since you think it's your friend that's sending it )!!...

Anyone using Internet mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and so on. This information arrived this morning, Direct from both Microsoft and Norton. Please send it to everyone you know who has access to the Internet. You may receive an apparently harmless e-mail titled 'Mail Server Report'

If you open either file, a message will appear on your screen saying: 'It is too late now, your life is no longer beautiful.'

Subsequently you will LOSE EVERYTHING IN YOUR PC,

And the pony who sent it to you will gain access to your name, e-mail and password.

This is a new virus which started to circulate on Saturday afternoon. AOL has already confirmed the severity, and the anti virus software's are not capable of destroying it .

The virus has been created by a hacker who calls himself 'life owner'..


Remember, always be careful of messages you receive in email-don't open them unless you're 100% POSITIVE they're safe. If you have even the SLIGHTEST doubt, DON'T open it-DELETE it, it's the smart thing to do!


taken from :iconalexthehedgelynx:

A Hacker is on DA! He can hack into your profiles and get into your channel and bann you from DA. This not just a warning for me. For everyone who read this, you have to write a warning in your journals that the hacker knows, he's not welcome here. Do it not only for your own sake. 

For your information, if I write bad words like 'asshole', 'get lost you niggah', this isn't me. It's the Hacker.

OK, if you read this, write a warning in your journal and write it for own safety!


For :iconbatfanx29: I've Made a special gallery of Screenshots from me and maybe others. Enjoy

I Hope These users finish my Requests soon!

:iconmeganekkoplymouth241: - Thomas, Harry The J50 and Alfred the B12, pouting over the loss of their friends.
:icondragonofsteam: - Trainz Charlie the Rainbow Breakvan - , The last scene of "Best Friends" & Bitter rivals - last scene
:iconjoeltheswedishdragon: - Casey Jr. Season 2 title card.
:icontonypilot: - See My Letters on my majhost account: Allamericanboy9.
:icontrojan1340: - Rex(Henry), Bert(Gordon), Mike, Jock & Frank.
:iconashleywolf259: - Tails and Fiona
:iconbnsf: - fiona fox GP38 edit(See my comment on it)
:iconfavoriteartman: - Rudolph and Zoey+KAT and KARMEN
:iconmrjoj: - black and white to color picture of a GWR 26xx
:iconi54r40n23: - Tails, Fiona, :iconponynyxplz: and Alfred the B12(NOT Evil)
:iconeli-j-brony: - Alfred the B12(NOT Evil)
:iconokamitakahashi: - Alfred and Gordon take on the hill, one winter night
:iconbread-crumbz: - Tails and Fiona
:iconbatfanx29: - Rudolph and his family and friends Worship the christ child
:iconreecetails: - Rudolph 1998 fan art
:iconprinceendrailway: - The rest of his collection

Was The decision to discontinue Thomas the Model Series The Best Or Worst(Need a Membership to make this a poll)?

Also Go Here



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