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Dude, RIGHT when I was going to update my journal, DA glitched out and died. XD That wasn't nice DA!

Anyway, lol, I now have TWO jobs. One at a daycare here on post and the other at Dillon's. The daycare job pays 10.75 an hour, which is WICKED awesome and I'll be going through pre-employment stuff for that on Monday. The Dillon's job is, alright, but its really dull. I stand there for 4-7 hours and its boring as all hell really. Plus I drained my bank-account getting stuff to eat during my lunch break, which isn't good. XD

But with two jobs, I'll be doing some major saving. I'm really hoping I'll still be able to go to Botcon in June, but...with new jobs, I'm no sure. Still, I'll try and if things don't work out, then I'll just sit in my corner of emo and grow mushrooms, haha. XD

Other snowed and its hella cold outside. Yeah, I'm sitting here in my jacket and pouting at the snow, lol, though its kinda nice to see snow too. Plus my little bros are visiting us this week, so they'll be happy that they can sled here.

I'm on a bit of a Drift kick if you can't tell by the featured deviations today. Hes just SO freakin' badass and awesome! I love him, haha, don't tell Jackie though. >> DriftxPerceptor is probably my top OTP for the day as well. :heart:

Has anyone read any GOOD TF fanfics of late? I mean good by theres no mary-sues crying in it and the bots aren't totally OOC. If so, post a link, I'm kinda getting back into reading and need some good reading material. It doesn't even have to be smut, though smut is loved, hahaha. >D

Hmmm...I realized theres a scanner in the house, but I have NO idea how to use it, so I'll have to wait to figure that out - I still want to buy a tablet though, heh.

There isn't too much to say! I hope you guys are enjoying your Saturday. ^-^

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Nyaasu's avatar
Meep! x3 Thanks for the feature, I'm glad you liked the pic!! :D
TaintedTamer's avatar
Np! <3 I envy how cute you draw the Orgy, hahaha. X3
Steamstrike's avatar

Good luck with the new jobs! Hopefully the pet monkeys... er, I mean coworkers... will be respectful but I don't want to give you false hope. XD
TaintedTamer's avatar
A Soundwave fic? Ooo~<3

Lol, I mostly ignore the people at work to be honest and just do my job and go home, haha.
Steamstrike's avatar
Lol, I try to ignore people at work also but usually their incompetence affects everything. My dad works for a drafting firm, and some days he works from home so I get to see what he works on (I'm a draftsman as well but I don't work for the same firm) and one of his project managers had left an entire structural column off a drawing... I don't mean one representative line, I mean an ENTIRE structural column. The platform was almost floating in midair. And this was a project manager, not some intern... :roll: No one noticed it either
TaintedTamer's avatar
Wow XDDD That would've been...interesting.
WingsofParadox's avatar
Ill sit in the emo corner with you! Seen as I found out th eother day I COULD go if I had the money seen as I finish college on the 16th of June (well thats when my last exam is XD))
TaintedTamer's avatar
Aw, lol - we'll be emo corner buds. XDDD
OMG, thats awesome dude! <3
WingsofParadox's avatar
YAY! lol

I mean "....emo!yay"

And scary! >.<
FoxElie17's avatar
*raises hand*

Actually I recommend you read this from pl2363 (ya know her?):
It was so far the DriftxPerceptor I've searched from her.

And oh, there's also a DriftxBlurr which is actually a gift fic given by my friend ~faeryl-moomba. And at least she posted here in DA:

I hope I did what I could. .-.
And it's nice to see you start to have an interest towards Drift~ Kukukuku~ >;3
TaintedTamer's avatar
Yay, thanks! <3 I'll be sure to read them both, hahaha. X3

And Drift is REALLY winning me over - I just love his entire character, haha, I definitely want the Deadlock Spotlight. <3
FoxElie17's avatar
Well, good luck from reading then~ ;D

Drift is just cool, I dunno if I can define more but yeah, just like you, I just unknowingly fallen over him nonetheless~:heart: |'D
TaintedTamer's avatar
Thanks, haha. X3

Drift is wicked cool, lmao. XD I read his spotlight and fell hard. XD
ThunderScythe's avatar
Oh oh, there's an excellent Percy/Drift fic on It's full of the good stuff C<

TWO jobs?! ;o; Way to smack me down harder into the dirt... *sniffles in corner, drawing circles in the ground*
TaintedTamer's avatar
Lmao, I think I'll have plenty to read thanks to everyone. XD I'll have the read the Drift fic you linked me shortly... <3

^^; Sorry! I interviewed for them both...I wasn't expecting to get them both!
ThunderScythe's avatar
READ IT. You fraggin liar. *shakes fist*

You lucky slagger XD
Amoenna's avatar
That's awesome that you have two jobs. :3 Hope you have fun with them. Hope your Saterday is going well, I'm still not finished running around my hometown doing things, lol. XD
TaintedTamer's avatar
Lol, the Dillon's job isn't fun at all. XD But the daycare one will hopefully be enjoyable. <3
And that sucks, lol. XD
Yondercat's avatar
I did have a list of a lot of fics that i recommended to a friend a month ago but for some reason I misplaced it :p

But here's a short list that I found.



Cyberpsychic Bluestreak

Nowhere to Turn

Dweller in Darkness

Keeping the Faith

Male is as Male Does

Little Brother

The Sum of Our Parts

and yay for jobs :D

now if i can find one!
TaintedTamer's avatar
Ooo, I'll have to poke at these when I have the time - I have the habit of starting a fanfic and then I get into that MUST FINISH NOW mode. XD Thanks! <3
Yondercat's avatar
me too

and welcome.

let me know if you want more.
Yondercat's avatar
and one more. if you haven't read *The-Starhorse stories on then you should. she has awesome ones! [link]
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