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epic hero time

because I'm replaying kingdom hearts 2, and I forget how fangirlish I get during that scene where cloud and squall/leon are fighting back to back . . . and they're all like 'its epic hero time.'


See, the flames are already there, so you don't have to hit me with any. Oh, snap, that was bad.

lines on bristol with ink/brush/wash, colors in photoshop cs3

I'll be selling posters of this at otakon.
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T3ROCKS's avatar
Thats really cool
Reiko-Akaihi's avatar
Oh wow! This is so awesome!
kaztelli's avatar
ok, thats cool, but even if you and i wanted that so much, leon/squall cant manipulate fire, unless your talking about using a fire black-magic.
fortheloveofmusic13's avatar
I can't even begin to explain how much I love this! It reminds me of an epic comic book cover where you can spend hours analyzing it.:XD:
DrugstoreRomeo's avatar
I once just played KH2 just up to that part and saved it beforehand so I could watch it over and over and over again
DaSkruff's avatar
Made to sell. And it most likely will. XD
taintedsilence's avatar
you saw right through my evil plan!
Prince-in-Disguise's avatar
This looks really awesome...! :wow:
BlueLightningStrike's avatar
This is pure epicness.
Laineyfantasy's avatar
Wow that is such a great pic :)
Flurffy's avatar
Cleon is one of my least favorite parings, but I have to admit, this is damn awesome and beyond.
taintedsilence's avatar
it wasn't meant to be a pairing. Really, 7 and 8 are the only final fantasies I've played the whole way through. Its a 'we're epic heroes' piece.
EchoVoice713's avatar
ahhh I loved that scene too
and I love your take on it ^u^
the poses are very well drawn and i love the angle too *w*
taintedsilence's avatar
but for the inaccuracy count, its midgar.
cesura's avatar
Maaaan, this means I really need to get around to playing KH2. Awesome, as usual!
taintedsilence's avatar
some poeple love it, others hate it. I fall in teh former category.
TwilightFairy's avatar
*puts on shades* YEEAAAAAHHH!

<3 this.
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