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Hey this is old and I don't come on here anymore, so I'm disabling comments. But hey, happy anime disliking I guess! In case you care, it's 2017 and I'm still not super into it, but there are certainly a few good ones haha.


I really don't.

You know what's funny? I was looking for a stamp like this, and all the stamps I could find were ones about: "Sorry, but I like anime." And I was all: "...wait, there's SO MANY HATERS, and yet...none of them have made stamps?!"

Well, I'm sure there is one, but I couldn't find it so nyehhhh.

I'm not saying all anime is bad, I've seen some that's really great, but I've also seen some that just...ugh. xP

Also, it annoys me that people consider anime above all other cartoons. Even if it's a kids' anime, IT'S STILL BETTER K. -eyeroll-
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