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PewDiePie the Gayblade Master

By Tainira
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Fanart from Pewdiepie's first episode of his new playthrough of Kingdom Hearts.
Watch it here --> [link] :D
I grabbed my pencil as soon as the first episode came out~ And now I'm dead... :iconimdeadplz:
I'm so excited about Pewds starting up on this game! :la:
I never got that far in my own playthrough of KH. I hope to finally see it to an end with Pewdie.

Now now, I know the heartless are not supposed to have mouths, but you can dream right? ^^;
This is not supposed to be offensive to gay people at all, btw. Really. Gay people are awesome! ;D

Brofist, guys~!

Tools: PhotoShop C6 and tablet
PewDiePie (c) himself
Kingdom Hearts (c) Square Enix and Disney
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Mysterious voice: "Stop running and hit them with it, you Pill..."
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If it's not supposed to be offensive to gay people then why is "gay" being used as as an insult/joke? @__@
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It's not supposed to be insulting in the first place. It's simply used as a refference to Pewdie's casual way of overusing such words in situations where they're barely accurate.
It's true that people could take it the wrong way though, which is why I've written in the description that I don't mean to insult anyone.
Homosexual or not, though, I do apologize if this has offended you in any way.
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lmao XD omg this is hilarious.no one chooses the stick
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god this is funny, pews should do more kingdom hearts because he just make things a lot funnier and i wonder how will it be like when he plays 358/2 days or birth by sleep.
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Pewdiepie and Kingdom Hearts? Too. F*cking. Epic.
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PFFFFFFFT HAHAHAHAHA! I burst out laughing at this, this is awesome!
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Really? Thanks a bunch, I didn't realize that anyone would find it that amusing~ :dummy:
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xDD That totally makes me want a Gay Stick instead of a spoon.
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s-spoon? How does that make sense? :eyepopping:
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THIS IS SO COOL!!! You're awesome! Brofist!!!
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Thank you very much~ ;v;
Brofist! ;D
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XD I wanna make a ay stick now to smack my bro around with
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Oh Pewds, why do you turn everything funny?
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I know right? That's what he's best at :D
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I didn't expect him to take the staff, but I'm not complaining since he made it funnyXD great job. :)
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Thanks, friend. ^^
Indeed. It's crazy how his more or less random decisions lead to so much various fanart across the net.
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Thanks, bro~ ;P
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