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So after seeing :iconmushcube: awesome Ios7 concept shot… and highlighting the awesome design by masalov… I wanted to make it for my android phone!

I've been playing around with the latest Espier launcher, I added an icon mask from my luno icon set, so ever image I import is masked! (makes theming all your icons really easy!) took me a while to figure out how to get round the genuine validation thing though!

Icon's are a mixture of mflat, some of my own and a couple from flat one

I re-jigged play music to look as close as possible to the Ios7 concept shot. Play music looks so much better now, anywho!

You can find the walls, widget locker themes and my icons >…

Hope you like it!
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Link for dropbox no longer works. Says "error 404". Please provide a new link. It would be much appreciated