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!!!FEED US!!!

This two Blobs are my Pacman's
Godzilla and Popcorn

I want to buy an new bigger Terrarium for them!

So if you want you can give me a little tip, buy one of my adopts or Commission me!

That would me help a lot!

Thanks for reading oh and here are the two in real life
Godzilla by TaimaTala Popcorn by TaimaTala



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Another kind of hynotoad :D hynocutefrog :D
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I thought I recognize that species. And not to degrade Godzilla and Popcorn, but these type frogs have a scary appetite in the wild.  Death By Gluttony
Family or foreigner
They are all the same banquet
They have one weakness
Not knowing their own limits
They die stubbornly
 BTW, I'll definitely commission you again, not only to give these guys a bigger home, but also because I want more of my OC creatures done :)
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xDDDD My two have a scary appetite too xDDDD

awww thanks so much!!! x3
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those are adorable
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XD Thank you 
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oh my god this is adorable!!!
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Thanks so much XDDD
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of course!! they are the cutest little things <333
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They are but they want do eat my fingers xD
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asdfgh would you do something like that with a dragon?? I mean like with a sign?? 
it's completely fine if not, I was just curious!!!
oi I hope that they stop! they seem so adorable!!!!
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Sure but it would be nice if you can give me something too  like points, Art or a tip?!

XD they think every Time my Fingers are Food XD 
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if you get it with your dragon then I want one. I only have a cat and a dog tho. This could become a new commission category at this rate.
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maybe we should wait until they reply?? I'm not sure if they even want to do one, or even two!
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yes a good idea. I wasn't meaning to imply it had to happen just that the idea had interest.
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