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You See Nothing...

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The moral of this story you ask? Go eat a banana, they are good for you :iconcsidash2plz:

Oh and the first Equestrian giant lightbulb! powered by nothing but pickle juice, courtesy of Conductor.

EQD: www.equestriadaily.com/2014/03…

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well my randomly scheduled 3 days off work is over, comics will slow down again now...yay priories..

All characters but Twilight (C) myself
Twilight (c) Hasbro
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reminds me of an old cartoon with Foghorn Leghorn, Henery hawk, and the dog...Foghorn pretends that "vanishing cream" has made the hawk invisible, so he walks right into the doghouse and starts teasing the dog, the dog holds up a mirror:
"i gotcha now, you big nincom...(sees reflection)...POOP!"
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Arc-FireStudent General Artist
*puts a chocolate bar on the banana* Chocolate Bananas. Nom.
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StiuArtBazPollyHobbyist Digital Artist
haha :D
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I want this dude to be an actually character in the show.  I would love that.
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
Simply hilarious XD
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lollipopflowerHobbyist Artist
Wait where's the pickle?
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Haha, I originally saw this by itself, and thought that she'd never before met them, which made it all the weirder.
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:iconalicorntwilightplz::iconsaysplz: Seriously, I see you.
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:icon9thdoctorplz: DON'T DROP THE BANANA!
:icon9thdoctorplz: GOOD SOURCE OF POTASSIUM!
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LOL that episode! :rofl 
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ChromArtChillHobbyist Traditional Artist
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I haven't seen much of 10 or 11 but I do like 9.
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ChromArtChillHobbyist Traditional Artist
He was good :)
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Those alicorns always ruin everything, mi'right?
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LightningBoltSupriseStudent Artist
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and the Equestrian multiplexive intermagneutralized invisitron is created (it's rumored to be a breakaway success, but I just can't see it)
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Laughed so hard

Thank you very much !
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Funny but the last frame bananas give you potassium not protein
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*Non-sense mode on* What if...the bananas actually power the lightbulbs since they're slightly radioactive? *Non-sense mode off*
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No wait!
*Non-sense mode on* What if it wasn't the bananas that powered the lightbulbs... it was the lightbulbs that powered the banana?!
*Non-sense mode off*
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lunaisbestpony1Hobbyist Writer
LOL That was epic! Not sure what it was referencing tho.
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