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Thankful (Tailsmo)It was shining bright, right onto the plains near Mystic Ruins. There stood a two-story house, near the edge of a cliff, with birds chirping and singing throughout the forest. In front of the lower portion is a garage containing a somewhat long runway, being used for Planes leaving here. The garage door had a symbol with two-tails while the whole door was blue.Right inside the front door, there was an even space between the kitchen and living room. Near the kitchen was a door leading to a workshop, explaining what the garage door is used for. There was steam coming out of the kitchen from the stove on the oven. On it, it had a frying pan containing a circle type of food, cooking up. A creature was checking it to then nod yes… whatever it was, it knew that it was finished.Heading up the stairs, there’s a hallway containing two doors spaced apart. One had a flower symbol on it, while the other had the same two tails outside on the garage door. Inside one room, there’s a drawer near the door. Stood on, it was a gold-finish gauntlet that looked like a watch with a screen to the far left. Near it, though, was a pair of keys and a blue brush. It also contained a trophy, too, being modeled out of an airplane on the right.There were a few posters of planes around the walls, with a couple being related to a hero too. However, there were also a few picture frames on it too. One of the two-tailed Fox with his friends is with a blue Hedgehog and a red Echidna. One was of the Kit and the Hedgehog, flying in his old biplane, the Tornado. And one of himself standing behind on a different type of plane, being more like a jet, and had a gold finish on it too.However, one frame wasn’t hanged and was instead standing on a nightstand and isn’t significant. It was underneath a lamp and next to a digital alarm clock. It had the Fox itself, hugging what looked like a Green alien-plant-like creature. Both were smiling, blushing, and snuggling… they were a couple—a strong one, in fact.Next to the nightstand was a twin-size bed containing a white pillow, a sheet with many planes on it, and an orange color blanket covering a creature. That being the same two-tailed Fox in the pictures. It was in a deep sleep on its side while hugging his tails tight to his muzzle. It was smiling too while giggling from his dream.A door was opening slowly, making a creek sound, not loud, but not quiet either. It was revealed to be a Green alien-plant-like creature, being the same one in the picture on the Fox’s nightstand. It’s known as the Seedrians, being spices from outer space. It had two-rose buds on each side of its head of short-green hair. Her eyes were a blue sapphire color, and her skin color was a pale peach.For clothing, she is wearing a green dress with long sleeves and a white-long skirt. Underneath, she had white leggings and green slippers on her feet. On her rosebuds were two golden rings that looked like hairbands. And in the center of her chest was a Red amulet that she had since birth.She walked over to the bed that contained the dozing two-tailed Fox, sleeping as the sun shines through the window onto it. The seedrian saw that the alarm wasn’t set to ‘alarm,’ explaining one thing that she was asking earlier. She then noticed that she could hear him mumbling in his sleep.“Cosmo…” as she listened, she gasped in awe and started to blush. The Kit was dreaming about her! He was purring as he nuzzles into his fluffy two-tails. She began to giggle cutely, find it adorable how he sleeps when dreaming.She didn’t want to wait for much longer, though, so she went near his ears to place a kiss right onto the side of the Fox’s forehead. It started to chuckle while forming a blush. She’d then started to pet the Kit’s tails, slow and comforting. She’d lastly went to one of his ears to whisper into it.“Hi, Tails,” she quietly said to him in a pleasant and gentle voice, to them move away slightly. The two-tailed Fox groaned as he moved his neck straight back briefly to then start yawning loudly. She beamed as her friend started to open his eyes slowly, “Wakey-wakey my Tails…”“Agh… Good-… Good morning Cosmo,” Tails yawned again to then hug his tails tight again. A few seconds later, his eyes open wide to recognizing that voice. She was watching him sleep like this! He gasped in fear and quickly gets up! “C-Cosmo! I-it’s not what you think! I was just- just cold!”“It’s okay. I found it adorable the way you slept,” she giggled at Tails, with her eyes closed. Ah, that giggle. The one that Tails always found adorable and cute to hear.“Ye-yeah…” he chucked in shyness. He lets go of his two tails, making them go behind him, as he started to sit on the bed. He looked at his alarm clock and read it was around ten o’clock. “Wow, I must’ve overslept…”Cosmo nodded yes. She then started her way to the door slowly, “That reminds me, I got something special for you.”“Huh, what is it?” the Kitsune head-tiled in confusion. He’s curious about what the Seedrian haves for him.“It’s a surprise, Tailssan. I’ll meet you downstairs,” Cosmo winked with her right as she turned to start heading out his room, “Oh, and be sure to cover your eyes!”“Okay, Let me just get ready real quick!” Tails said to her as he smiled. He is thrilled to have her by his side after these two months have passed.It was about four months ago since the Metarex was defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog with help from friends. Two of them were Tails and Cosmo, being the same ones here now. Both have a love interest in each other and wouldn’t want to lose each other again…At the end of the war, Cosmo sacrificed herself to save the Galaxy with help from the Kit. She wanted him to shoot her with the Sonic Power canon, and he sadly did. While he recovered from it, which is surprising for an eight-year-old fox, he was sometimes down from the death of a close friend.That is… until two months after it, she was brought back to life. While unknown how she did, other than the seed Sonic gave Tails being one reason, the girl was joyful to be with the Fox and her friends again! Cosmo was invited to live in Tails’ workshop. She accepted in joy and has lived together. He would teach her many things when it comes to taking care of herself, or even him too sometimes. They’ve been through some adventures that were occasionally fun throughout the two months, but some were also dark too.That aside, Tails just finished getting ready while thinking through the events they went through. The Kit was wearing red shoes with white toes and white gloves. Earlier, he was just wearing socks. Now that he was ready, he started his way down the stairs from his bedroom. After heading down to the living room…“Ah, don’t peak!” a girl went behind the Fox to cover his eyes, “Please keep your eyes closed. I’ll let you know when to open.” He knew it was Cosmo, so he listened and closed his eyes. She next started to help him walk somewhere, but it wasn’t known where. They’d then stopped. He’d then heard her running, at least he thinks.“Okay, open now,” the Seedrian told the Kit as he opened his eyes. He saw Cosmo in front of him as she spread her arms out, showing what it is. It was revealed to be… “Surprise!”Pancakes! There were two pancake plates, containing three on each one, with a fork and knife near it on their dining table. There was also maple syrup in the middle of the table.“No way,” Tails didn’t expect this at all, “You made this Cosmo?”Cosmo hummed yes, as the Fox went near the table to sit down on one of the seats. He took a piece of his pancake with his fork and knife to put it into his mouth. After Tails chewed it slowly, his eyes shrunk, then closed briefly, as he smiled.“Well, what do you think?” the Seedrian asked.“It’s great!” he’d now amazed than surprised, “Thank you so much!”“You’re welcome, Tailssan,” she went to her seat to start eating hers as well.Both didn’t rush to eat their breakfast quick. The couple ate it at just the right speed. While they were having their meal, Tails and Cosmo would talk to each other once in a while. It’s usually what they’re going to be doing today, but there were a few different conversations, like what Tails is working on in the workshop or what Cosmo is doing with her friends today. Things usually around that.After around fifteen minutes later, the couple finished eating their pancakes. The plates were empty with some small bits of maple syrup on it. Tails was about to take the dishes from the dining table to the kitchen to then put them in the sink to wash later. However…“Hey Tails,” Cosmo started to ask while smiling, “Can I take the dishes to the sink?”“Oh, umm… sure…” Tails didn’t expect her to ask something like this, as he’s usually the one to do it. “Thank you,” Cosmo nodded, “You can sit on the couch if you like.”“Okay,” Tails went up from his chair to go to the living room.Cosmo got up from her chair to pick up her plate, containing the fork and knife on it. The Seedrian next took the flatware from the two-tailed Fox’s plate onto hers, as she then put her container onto his to make it easier to carry to the sink. She’d then entered the kitchen while carrying the dishes to next place them into the sink.Tails, on the other hand, waited for her to come into the living room. While waiting, Tails noticed that the room was spotless. There was not a single piece of dust to be spotted around here. Cosmo must’ve cleaned this up while the Kit was sleeping. At least he thinks right now. Speaking of which, Cosmo made her way to the living room, where Tails sat on the couch to join him. She’d sat down next to him.But, yet another unexpected twist for the two-tailed Fox, she started to rub his neck calmly. His reaction right away was a gasp, followed by a shade of red on his cheeks. She’d then stopped to then held his hand with hers. Tails eyed right at her as she gazed into his.“Tails, you’re the best Fox ever,” she said happily, to next be blushing as well.“Uhh… T-Thanks, Cosmo…” he stuttered, to next chuckle in shyness. Cosmo did that cute giggle, the one Tails liked, as she briefly closed her eyes too. She was smiling, as the Kit liked how she was happy. Then…Well, there was something off. Something was going on that Tails didn’t think straight about what it was or weren’t aware what it was. Tails couldn’t figure out just what it was to make his tails start turning.“Is something on your mind?” Cosmo asked as Tails went back into reality. Tails lets go of Cosmo’s hands for her to put them together in front of her amulet. He blinked a few times and had his mouth opened a little. He eyed up at the ceiling, to then look right at her.“Cosmo,” Tails started, deciding this was the time to question it, “I feel like that something is off… Like, something I’d never had in a while?”“Is it about me?” she was head-tilting while having a small smile. Wasn’t she confused about how it’s off too, or did she knew the answer already? He thought deeper into it now.“Well… how do I put it,” the Kit flittered around with his fingers, “Yes, it is. But I don’t know why?”“Have you tried thinking about what just happen now?” the girl suggested.Tails nodded no, to next go deep into his thoughts about Cosmo. She’d made him breakfast, she’d took the dishes to the sink, and she’d even petted him unexpectedly, as well as just gave him a compliment. That’s when it hit him…“Cosmo,” he spoke while briefly closing his eyes and blushing, “You’re… I didn’t expect you to be this…” He couldn’t finish the sentence, though, as he didn’t know what the word was.“Warmhearted to you?” the Seedrian added. That was it. She was more kind and loving to him today.“Yeah, that’s it,” Tails nodded to then be confused, “But why? What made you want to do all this for me?”“Well, you were always so caring towards me,” Cosmo started to explain, “You helped me with the party back on the Blue Typhoon. You offered me to live with you when I was brought back to life. You’d even helped me learn how to get used to living on here. And you’re just a really great friend, that I really wanted to show that I’m thankful to have someone like you.”“Y-… you’re really are that appreciative for me?” the Kit stuttered.“I am. And you’re just a really great friend, that I really wanted to show that I’m thankful to have someone like you.” Cosmo then unexpectedly started to embrace him, to then place a kiss right onto his cheek. His cheeks went right into red, and his tails sprouted out. Tails then chuckled while smiling in awe. The two-tailed Fox then returned the hug.“I love you, Tails… thank you for everything,” she whispered. She nuzzled into the Kit’s chest.“I love you too, Cosmo,” Tails whispered too while purring. He loved the way she hugged him. And is very thankful for her gift. It was something Tails didn’t expect from Cosmo at all.
Taismo - Removing Stains - Epilogue"Listen Shadow, I know you've been stuck inside this robotic body for an entire decade, but again, it's not my fault we haven't been able to make a vessel just like your old one!" Tails exclaimed in defense, as he adjusted the telephone on his shoulder."'Useless piece of...'? Hey! My team has been trying hard to make a new body for you! I know it's taking longer than expected but- uh, Shadow? Shad-" Tails was interrupted after being hung up by the Ultimate Life Form, who was clearly mad at the two-tailed fox for the delay of his new body's development. Tails clearly knew how Shadow was, so he just sighed as he adjusted himself on the chair, placing the telephone on it's base.Ten years had passed after the ending of the interspace war set in Mobius. From there to this period, hundreds of things had changed. Fortunately, more for the good than for the bad.As soon as they became of age, Tails and Cosmo got finally married, in a beautiful ceremony set at the same place where the young Petali's capsule had fallen. Months before the wedding, Miles proposed to his dear flower in a vacation trip where they visited several planets across the galaxy, including those that they had already visited before during the Metarex War. On Marmolin - the planet where they realized they were in love with each other - the fox showed her a ring after watching the moon in the Lake of Love embraced with Cosmo, whilst he asked her the so wanted question. To the young fox's joy, she accepted without thinking twice, whereas Tails' friends and the population of the planet cheered and clapped their hands blissfully after watching the proposal.Sonic was still running away from Amy, and Amy was still running after Sonic. Nothing had changed between the two hedgehogs despite the years, although Sonic's opinion about relationships seemed to be slowly starting to change, seeing how happy Tails and Cosmo were.Knuckles continued being the superstitious echidna that he had always been, guarding the Master Emerald the entire day. To his luck, Rouge the Bat was not anymore trying to steal it, since she left the crime life to open her own and ethical business: a pub in the downtown of Station Square. Luckily for her, everything worked out, earning money enough to pay the bills, keep a roof over her and even make her own homemade "Master Emerald".Doctor Eggman kept on trying to defeat Sonic and conquer Mobius, despite the fight that he had had with his minions. He even reconstructed one of his robots: Bocoe - who had been accidentally destroyed by Eggman - with the objective of regaining his other minions' sympathy and trust. However, after billions of failed attempts, just like Rouge, he put aside the idea of being an ambitious and malefic villain, and decided to create an electronics and robotics company, not leaving his hate for the Freedom Fighters behind and rivaling with Tails' enterprise, who coincidentally had the same business idea. Vanilla continued being the lovely mother that she had always been to Cream, giving advices and helping not just her daughter but her friends as well, whereas the Chaotix... just remained being the Chaotix.Returning to the present day, the young adult fox remained seated on his chair, staring at nowhere as he kicked his leg back and forth in anxiety. That morning had been very stressful to him and to his co-workers: so many deliveries to be concluded across the planet, so many robots and machines to be fixed and constructed, and the rainy and thundering day outside just made the atmosphere even worse. He could not help but sigh again, since besides all the chaos at his workplace, the things at his home were not good as well, because her wife's health was also not good at all.His absent-minded moment was cut off when his smartphone - created by his company - started to ring in his pocket. Taking the phone unhurriedly, he noticed that it was a facetime call from his friend and brother: Sonic the Hedgehog. Pressing the blue button on the screen, he said:"Hey, Sonic!""'Sup, buddy. How're you doing?" The blue hedgehog greeted him with a smile."It's been a while since we last talked to each other.""I'm fine, I guess..." The fox responded, looking around his office unaware."Just a little bit stressed today due to the work.""Oh, that's tough..." Sonic reacted in disappointment."Let me guess... Shadow's mad at you because of the robotic body, right?""Well, yes?" Tails responded, puzzled. Since in fact he was right."How do you know about that?""Dunno, I just felt like it." Sonic chuckled."Well, you know how he is. Just let him be.""Yeah, it's not like he hasn't ever flipped out on something before." Tails agreed with the blue blur."But I need him to be patient. I haven't mastered Egghead's technique of making those realistic hedgehog models yet. I've been designing and redesigning all over again all the time but I really can't make a prototype that fits his tastes! It's just impossible! I really ca-""Tails, buddy... chill." Sonic interrupted his tempered long discourse, rolling his eyes realizing that that characteristic part of him had not changed despite ten years."Oh, my bad..." Tails apologized, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment."I tend to get a little bit of... emotional sometimes, you know how I am. But anyway, why did you call me, Sonic?""Nothing special, I'm just thinking about having a lil' happy hour with you guys this weekend. Y'know, I finished building my own house last week and the furnitures are gonna arrive today, so I'm really looking forward to receiving everyone here. What do you think?" Sonic asked his two-tailed brother, who gave him a cheerful response."Oh, congratulations on having your first home!" Tails exclaimed happily, as he laughed."And yeah, that's a great idea! Just need to check my schedule a little. If I'm free of appointments, I'm all in.""Awesome!" The hedgehog celebrated, giving him a thumbs up."We're gonna have a great time there, just like the old days! I can't wait to..." Sonic began to explain his hang out to Tails, who was also very excited to hear what he had in mind. However, as soon as he started to speak, Tails' smartphone started to vibrate, coming up with a notification box on the top of the screen. It was a text message from Cosmo, who caught completely Tails' attention and distracted him from Sonic's speech."Honey, are you there?" Cosmo texted him, preoccupying Tails who did not hesitate to reply."I'm here. What is it, sweetie?" Said Tails, looking worriedly at his phone."Did something happen?""Nothing, Tails. But I'm really in need of having a talk with you. It's very important." She responded, concerning Tails even more."Can you please come here at 12:00 p.m? You can have lunch afterwards.""Cosmo... can you talk to me right now?" Tails typed, with Sonic already looking puzzled at him."I got lots of stuff to do and I really plan on staying here to have lunch instead of going out in the middle of the storm, it's dangerous."" :( " Cosmo reacted with a sad emoticon."Please, Tails... it's very important. It's something that's not worth it to talk about by texts, it has to be face-to-face.""Um, what's going on, Tails?" Sonic asked the Kitsune, curious."You got so quiet.""Nah, I'm just talking to Cosmo." Tails responded, trying to hide his concern."She's telling me to go home right now 'cause she's got something to tell me.""Well... what is it?" Sonic asked him."It seems serious.""I don't know." He replied, rubbing his forehead and cleaning his sweat."She's been very sick lately and... I'm afraid it's related to it." He said as he took a quick look at his workshop's clock. It was 11:30, the time had flown and Tails had not even noticed. Seeing that, he said:"I'm taking opportunity that it's lunch break here at the company. I'm gonna pass by there and see what she has to say." He explained, opening the chat box with Cosmo and typing:"I'll be right there.""Okay then... well, I'll turn off and leave you two alone. Later I'll explain you about the party." Sonic said, waving his gloved right hand at the young fox with a smile."See you this weekend, Tails!""'Cya!" Tails said, giving the blue blur a thumbs up as he finished the call. Right after finishing talking to Sonic, he stood up and rushed towards the exit with an umbrella in his hands to protect himself from the downpour that flooded the crowded city of Station Square. Getting inside of his X-Tornado, he took flight and headed hurriedly towards his house in the Mystic Ruins, anxious and curious about what was about come up from his wife.After arriving at his house and parking his aircraft in the hangar, Tails rushed to the front door to get inside. However, he came across with a note, stuck on the wall with a plastic gun right beside it. He was confused about it at first, but his mood was changed as soon as he started to read it.Dear Tails.Right now, I am hidden in a room of our house holding a loaded gun just like this one on the wall right in front you. The one who gets caught and "killed" first, is the one who's going to wash the dishes tonight. Good luck and may the games begin! By your dear wife: Cosmo."Oh, that girl..." Tails whispered to himself, as he giggled and grabbed his weapon. Opening the door quietly, he said:"Well, let's see who's the best at close quarters combat." And rushed inside.Walking slowly and aiming as if he were a real trained soldier, he cautiously explored his house, like he had never visited that place before. Putting the fun game that Cosmo had planned aside, he was glad that his wife had not given up on her childish side despite her terrible health state. However, it could not drive Tails away from the conversation that they were going to have. After checking all the rooms of his house and not finding his wife, Tails caught himself back in the living room. Suspicious, and very worried, he took a quick look at the place, and noticed that there was an object that was not there before when he took his first step inside."What is this mattress doing here?" He whispered to himself, without knowing what awaited him."GOTCHA!!!" Cosmo appeared out of nowhere, yelling as she gave Tails a flying kick in his back, dropping him to the mattress."AH!!!" He screamed in fear, hitting his face on the ground and being shot in several places by Cosmo, who just chuckled and mocked her husband who had fallen in her trap for hook, line and sinker. Finishing the shooting section, and running out of plastic bullets, Tails said between breaths:"You g-got me on that, not gonna lie.""Haha! Victory goes to Cosmo!" Cosmo exclaimed happily, while punching the air in joy."Looks like YOU are going to wash the dishes tonight!""Fair enough, I guess I deserve it." Tails said, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment."But hey, that was quite fun to be honest! How did you get this idea?""I knew you would like it!" Cosmo said, giggling."Well, I saw this game on an internet blog yesterday, a girl surprised her boyfriend with it and they had a great time, so I thought: why not?""You hit the bullseye on that one, because I really had a great time, too! Maybe we can have a second game one day, I'm willing to have a rematch." Tails said, smiling as he blinked an eye. Nevertheless, the fun was over, and it was time to change the subject to a more serious one."But yeah... what did you want to tell me, Cosmo? What is it that's so important?"Cosmo's mood was completely shifted within seconds. Her visual expressions made it very clear that she was feeling very pressured and nervous, and that it would not be easy to send him that message. She stayed in silence for some seconds and after a sigh, she proceeded to explain her situation, step by step."I decided to go to the hospital this morning. I woke up very sick, completely nauseated, the first thing that I did was vomiting... and I just couldn't take it, and I felt like I really needed to see a doctor. Getting there, I told Doctor Ernesto my symptoms and... s-since they were very suspectful for something else, I did the ultrasound exam and... and... a-and I'm pregnant."Those last words stopped time for Tails, who felt completely paralyzed by what he had heard. He could not help but stay quiet as if he had been frozen by the trembling weather of the Antarctica, and would only come back to normal with the help of a blowtorch to unfreeze him. Hearing that he was going to be a father absolutely shocked him. Although he always had the dream of having a child running after him in diapers through all the corridors of his house, he felt like he was not ready to take such responsibility yet. However, he loved Cosmo, and he promised her during the wedding that he would not let her down, regardless of what came up, and because of that, he had no choice."A-a-a child? W-we're having a baby? T-that's it?" He stuttered as he asked obvious questions, still trying to swallow her message."Y-yes, Tails. We will have a child." Cosmo responded, also looking downcast with the news."Although I still have no idea about the gender, this is already confirmed.""O-oh! Um... yeah!... well... uh..." Tails said, seeming awkward and speechless, not to mention the nervousness that dominated his entire body, and his wife noticed that."We're having a- we're having a baby! I-Isn't that great? Whoa, I-I've always wanted to be a father... yeah...""I know, Tails. And I have always wanted to be a mother too, but..." Cosmo said, becoming more serious and grabbing Tails' hands with force, and continued:"This was a big of a shock to me, and still has been, so Tails, this is the moment that you're going to have to prove yourself that you are real man whom I decided to get married with, and not just any man who abandons his woman after receiving such message. So... if I needed you before, now I need you more than everything."Tails stayed in silence, letting Cosmo's words to wave through his fox ears. When he was ready, he responded to his wife without doublethinking, nor demonstrating any insecurity."Like you told me years ago... it will be complicated, there will be spikes in our way, but... that is a challenge that I am willing to face with you." He said, giving her a big tongue kiss."Let's raise this baby... everything will be fine, just trust me..." He paused the kiss to whisper in her ear, sending her goosebumps through her entire body, and then he continued.After kissing him, Cosmo looked at him romantically, running her hand through his cheek, even though she still felt completely uneasy and doubtful about her capacities."Thank you Tails for being so special to me... but... I still can't feel any confidence about it. I am very young and completely immature, and having to raise an innocent child that depends 100% on us to have good life just... fully destroys me, even though I met the right person to do that..." She vented, sighing as she looked down at the wooden floor of their house, feeling very blue.Seeing that apathetic scene, Tails knew that he had to do something, anything, to bring joy to his beloved wife. It did not take too long for his lamp to turn on, and within seconds, he broke the hug and said:"I'll be right back." Rushing hurriedly to his workshop.In a matter of minutes, the yellow fox came back, bringing with himself a vintage record player, that was already dusty from staying for a long time in a box huddled with hundreds of other things. Coughing as he cleaned it, he took the apparel out of the box along with a disc, and explained to his wife what he had in mind."I bought this when I went to Chris' world, a long time before you came into my life. Since then, I never really used it, but I guess the time has arrived." He said, placing the disc on it. After moving the needle on top of the disc, a melodic and relaxing tune intonated through the living room, tranquilizing Cosmo and relieving Tails, who had no idea that the record player was going to work.Oh honey...Picture you upon my knee...With tea for two, and two for tea...Just me for you, and you for me...Alone..."Ah... it still works..." Tails whispered to himself happily, as he stood up and nervously walked towards his wife, saying:"Cosmo... I know you're still mad at me because I gave up on dancing the valse with you during our wedding, I was very nervous because the ballroom was just so crowded but... as the song said, we're all alone now, so... would you like to... have a dance with me this time?" He asked her for a dance, blushing violently in nervousness. However, that did not drive away the possibilities, since Cosmo gently grabbed his hand without thinking twice."You don't even have to ask." She responded, staring romantically at her husband, with a beautiful smile on her face. Then, they started to dance at the rhythm of that beautiful love song, happily. Ignoring the awkwardness and the fear of committing a mistake, since, after all, they were with the ones that they loved.After seconds of silence, with Tails showing that he had some great dancing skills hidden up his sleeve, Cosmo finally decided to speak up."You're really great, Tails... I don't understand how you could give up with all this ability that you have for dancing.""Well, like I said... I get paralyzed doing it around too many people." Tails explained, whilst they kept on dancing."But don't fool yourself, that's not the only thing I can do.""Mhm... so what more can you do, then?" Cosmo asked, pretending that she was doubting him and his capabilities. However, her facial expression was completely shifted, and her mouth was shaped like an O after asking that silly question."Nobody near us, to see us, or hear us...No friends or relations on weekend vacations...We won't have it known, dear, that we own a telephone..." Full of confidence, the two-tailed fox sang that verse with pure joy and tranquility. Surprising Cosmo, who - amazed by his voice - decided to acompanny him with the vocal, singing the other verse of the song."Day will break, and I'm gonna wake...And start to bake a sugar cake...For you to take for all the boys to see..." She continued the next verse, causing Tails to blush even harder with her beautiful and tuned angel voice. It was the first time that the two lovers had heard each other singing. Nevertheless, it was not over yet. The chorus of the song had arrived, and mixing both voices, they happily sang together like two birds in love."We will raise a family...""A boy for you!" (Tails)."And a girl for me! (Cosmo)."Oh... can't you see, how happy we would be?" They finished singing the song, kissing lovely each other and gazing towards themselves after doing it with their eyes full of passion. That morning that had been tense and stressful, had a completely different atmosphere from before, with the young couple more in love than everything else."Tails... I love you." Said Cosmo, smiling romantically at her husband. Who did not hesitate to respond."I love you too, Cosmo. Everything is going to be alright... you can count on me forever." Tails replied, hugging Cosmo softly, with the Seedrian resting her head on his chest, whilst Tails caressed her beautiful green hair as he gazed through the window and noticed that that cloudy and rainy day outside had turned into a beautiful sunny day, with even a rainbow crossing the sky.Little did they know that they were not alone as they thought they were. Holding each other's hands, the spirits of Edward and Vaneza watched that beautiful scene with a single tear coming from their eyes. Preparing themselves to leave and head to the Heaven, the young couple closed their eyelids and smilled warmly."Enjoy your lives, my friends... from now on, only happiness awaits you two." Vaneza said softly, after sighing in happiness for them."So long, Tails and Cosmo." Whispered Edward, for the last time, as he and his girlfriend faded away, and at the speed of light, went back to their new home in the reign of the skies. Far from Mobius and Penha, but very close to their beloved friends.The end...:(...
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Hello everyone!
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Anyways, I've been rewatching season 3 (cough the best season cough) of Sonic X, and it's definitely put me in a 'TailsXCosmo aaaa my favourite ship' mood since I'm nearing the end of the show.
So I thought I'd ask you guys, what's your favourite TailsxCosmo moment from Sonic X, and why? Let me know in the comments! And then we can fangirl/boy together xD
Also, I said in the last journal that I was thinking of hosting a contest in the group. That's still on my mind, I just need to think up a theme for the contest and contest prizes.
And another thing, I just want to thank all the people who are still submitting TailsXCosmo artworks and other works to the group! It's great to know that the ship is still alive and sailing!
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