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Since it's been literally a year since I posted anything I might as well put up a little something to show I'm still alive.

I've been working at a full-time job since the start of this year. It's taken out a large chunk of my free time and the pay is decent enough to where I don't need to scramble to do commissions. So, due to a lot of my previously-free time being taken up, and with being tired after working for the day, I haven't really pushed myself to get new pictures finished.

I do still draw but it's been mostly sketches. There's a few I like quite well, actually (including a Renamon pic I drew in the last week) so I can still make sketches I'm happy with.

Unfortunately, though, I don't like how my computer coloring has been turning out lately and I'm probably rusty. I'm starting to learn Photoshop in place of SAI. SAI has its shortcomings and PS is obviously much more widely supported and recognized, and it works better with my Surface Pro 3 tablet. Speaking of, I bought the SP4 pen for it (which is compatible) and while I like it better than the SP3 stylus, I'm still not used to tablet drawing at all. My coloring style is still very archaic and I never fully grew out of the mentality of painstakingly drawing 1px bezier curves with a mouse around scanned sketches and flood filling in the space between them. I want to integrate my tablet more into the process and reduce the amount of time I have to spend to make a picture I'm happy with.

So, will I post new art? Probably, but I don't have a time frame. I have lots of ideas to do bigger things beyond just standard pinup fare (short comics, themed image sets, etc) but I haven't done much to put those ideas into practice. Hopefully soon I can get back into it.
The forum returns! I spent the day upgrading it to 3.1.2 and then fixing all of the issues that arose from trying to do this (which was quite a few).

Earlier registration was not possible but after a few minor tweaks it seems to be working now. I made a test account with no errors.

So for newcomers and people returning to the board, tell me if there are any problems that arise in this journal. Copy/pasting error messages will be very helpful.

The board will be used as a place for me to discuss upcoming pieces with other people (such as art in the new WIP section) in addition to being a place for folks to chat and share their own work.
After a few years of neglect, I've wanted to get my website back up to snuff. Applying a few techniques I've learned since the prior format, it looks a bit more modern in my opinion.

Yesterday I uploaded all of the images I hadn't posted since I quit updating. Tonight I added in all of the gift art pictures I could readily find.

-Lighter color scheme: I didn't like how dark the old style was, and the new style feels more inviting.
-Large thumbnails: I find this to provide a much cleaner and visually-driven experience for the site, which is fitting since it's an art gallery. Hovering over a thumbnail provides the information in an overlay that was originally provided alongside the thumbnail.
-Clicking a "full view" image directs to the image location: If you want to view the image within constraints of your browser.
-Dynamically-scaling UI: Site will scale to browser width, which may be helpful for some small smartphone resolutions. Some images currently don't play by the rules, which I will fix eventually.

Coming soon:
-Return of store: I want it to use Paypal directly, instead of the current system (prompting the customer to pay my paypal account the requested amount). This will take a bit of research.
-Return of forum: No posts have been removed from the forum since I closed it due to botspam and my lack of activity. Will look into adding mods to help out.
-Rest of the tutorials: Currently I only have a couple of tutorials done and the rest of the links are not active.
Anthrocon is approaching and I shall be there, table D13 in the Dealer's Den!
I am currently making preparations for it, as I have not been to it since 2011. So far I've purchased many CDs and cases, cardboard tubes and cardboard mailers (to give customers something to carry the prints), a new banner, and prints. I've basically had to start from scratch because I haven't been very active lately.

Here's a list of what I'll be selling at AC:

Digital Commissions?
This year, as in 2011, I will be sketching digital artwork at my table with an external monitor hooked up to my tablet so people passing-by can watch me work. I'm not sure if I will take commissions there, but if I do, they will only be simple digital sketch commissions most likely.

Art CD Complete Edition
Because the Art CDs are aging (CD1 was 2006, 2 was 2007, 3 was 2010) I don't think it's worthwhile to split CD 1&2 and CD 3 anymore.

Therefore, this year, only one CD will be available: The "Complete Edition"!

This disk will contain:
- All 3 Art CDs, which together contain 90 exclusive high-res .png images
- 60 higher-res .png versions of art that I have posted publically, dating all the way up to the most recent image (basically, art dating ~2006 thru 2014).
- A new interface to unify the additions, as opposed to just shoehorning together the existing framework.
- A new printed CD label, still retaining the serial numbering format from all previous Art CDs.

This disk, with 150 images, will be priced at $25.

Prints for this year, in their sizing formats (with links!)
(10 of each)
Amaterasu- Amaterasu's Take on Rao
Ariana- Thoughtful Ariana
Carrisa- I Love You
Cassandra- Webcam Show 2 [New]
Felicia- Cheerleader Felicia
Felicia- Moonlit Felicia 2
Luminara- Anthro... Pikachu?
Renamon- Candid Shower 0.5 [New]*

11x17 (10 of each)/22x34 (3 of each)
Ariana- Mount Chimney*
Cassandra- Webcam Show 1*
Cassandra- Webcam Show 2 [New]
Celia- Sanctuary of Innocence [New]*
Felicia- Will you be Mine*
Krystal- Nighttime Krystal 2*
Renamon- Candid Shower 0.5 [New]*
Renamon- Candid Shower 1
Renamon- Beauty's Reflection*
Roxanna- Meet Roxanna

*: Will also be sold as a 22x34 poster

I had a few people in 2010 and 2011 ask me if they could buy an envelope from me, because they wanted something to carry their prints in and saw other people using my labelled mailers. I just bought a large batch of 9.75x12.5 and 13x18 resealable cardboard mailers, so I will be happy to sell off simply the envelopes to anyone who wants/needs them.
Every Sunday night, from 7PM to (at least?) 9PM EST, I'm going to do a Livestream of my artwork at

I will post a reminder that I'm about to start the stream about 15 minutes beforehand.

Other nooz
I don't post art often, I know! I've been in a rut for what has basically been years. I'm trying very hard to break this cycle and get back into posting regular art. I also want to update/revamp the site, especially to add a built-in Paypal payment option and digital downloads of art CDs. I also plan on redesigning the logo as a symbol of the "rebranding". Also on the list is updating the character bios and creating reference sheets.

In more exciting-ish news, I have mulled over making a webcomic but have strayed away from it because I'm worried I can't keep up with it. It also couldn't be a sole endeavor, so I'd have to find writers, concept artists, etc to help out. I don't even have much of an overall idea for what I'd want to do. I'll start small by making "mini-comics" just to get used to the layout and flow and such. I also have to practice drawing a variety of expressions and drawing characters uniformally according to their ref sheet so that they're "canon".
I have hobbies aside from not doing anthro art! :3 One of them is building desktop computers, which I can only do rarely for obvious reasons.
I've been wanting to make a desktop for about 2 years now, and I wanted to make a really nice high-end one this time around instead of a compromise between price and power.
I finally got employed and I started funneling the paychecks into this desktop fund.

The result has been an amazing monstrosity: A full tower with triple 24" 1920x1200 IPS monitors!…… (without flash)

High-res internal shot of the case (while running)… (before organizing cables)… (updated with proper cable management)

After I completed assembly, it booted up and ran on the first attempt. No errors, no loud beeps, just smooth sailing. The computer is ridiculously fast. It boots up in about 15 seconds and things install at rapid speeds. Video games run at 60+ FPS at their highest settings and BF3 runs at 5760x1200 with Surround enabled.

So what will I do with all this power? Do some hardcore gaming and multitasking, of course! But I will also be able to work on art more easily than when I was using nothing but an Acer laptop with a 1600x900 screen and terrible color calibration. I can also livestream again, because we got faster internet!

The main points are that it uses a 4th generation Intel core-i7 quad-core, 16GB RAM, and a Nvidia GTX 780.

Because it extends the journal by a mile, I pasted the full readout of the hardware on my site:…

Computer's fine, health is fine, etc.

Just haven't felt like talking or doing any art. Speaking of which, I'm going to be refunding all of my outstanding commissions.

That's about it.


Appearance on Taboo episode

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 4, 2012, 5:17 AM

Yes, I am still alive.
And if you saw it, yes, my art made a few appearances on that episode of Taboo on the National Geographic channel.

I allowed them to use my images. I consented months ago when they requested permission.

I saw a few prints of mine on the wall when they were interviewing the furries, and I figured that was it.
Then, my jaw dropped when they started showing full-screen close-ups of some furry art as the narrator mentioned how some of the art has "erotic overtones", and not 1, not 2, but FOUR of my images were shown. It was awesome, and it gave me a big smile.

If you're curious and want to catch the episode sometime, it is titled "Secret Lives", and Taboo airs on the Nat Geo channel. The furry topic doesn't come up until the very end, and it's pretty short and sweet, and rather mild (fortunately).


Thanks to salolwut for the subscription(s) :3

New forum is up

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 27, 2011, 3:14 PM

Well, I neglected the old one and I'm trying to give my forum a fresh start, with an improved format.

My forums will be the only place I post WIP images of my art, which allows members to get an exclusive sneak peek at my art, observe how I progress with my work, and provide input and critique. It's also a place for people to chat, obviously.

The new forum is up, I switched from SMF to phpBB. It is also the most recent version. The old forum will be up for a period of 1 week from today, to allow people to migrate over. The new board's layout is the same as the old one. The new forum link is


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Off to Anthrocon

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 23, 2011, 7:13 AM

Welp, I've got everything ready to go for Anthrocon (June 23-26). Got the posters in their tubes, prints in the binders, and the CDs printed/burned/put in cases. Pretty anxious about this year's con, it looks to be the biggest yet again and I'm pretty ambiguous about how well I'll do. Washed/cleaned inside the car and packing it up. I'm bringing a digital camera but idk if I'll be shooting any video this year. The laptop's screen displays perfectly fine on the monitor, all it needed was a 6 dollar cable. Hopefully I don't forget anything.

I'm going to get there today and unpack/set up, and tomorrow the dealing starts. I'll have a huge poster display behind me and an IRL stream of me working on artwork on my computer.


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Anthrocon 2011 new posters (update)

Journal Entry: Sun May 22, 2011, 11:35 AM

Welp, this looks to be the big one. All of the hotels are already booked solid and the Dealer's room filled up by late January. This year I am table D16 (zomg table layout:… )

I'm about to place an order on prints and posters, restocking some old ones while putting in some new ones. I'm also thinking about making a t-shirt featuring my characters. Additionally, I'm mulling over which posters to pick out, as posters require a much bigger financial initial investment. For the t-shirt idea, I have a few ideas. I like Cassandra's "Vixen" shirt but I don't really think that's going to appeal to many AC-goers xD. I might make a custom piece that puts a lot of my characters together and use that as the design or something like that.

UPDATE: I went ahead and green-lighted 4 out of the original 7, based on response.
The 4 confirmed are:
Mount Chimney: Arcanine by tailsrulz     Beauty's Reflection- Renamon by tailsrulz     Cassandra's webcam show by tailsrulz     Racing Stripes -Felicia by tailsrulz

I want 1 more poster in the pool of possible choices. That's where you all come in :'D! Out of the possible remaining images I'd like to make into posters (22"x34"), I'd like you all to pick out the one you think is the best choice. As a tip, pick out the one you think makes the best poster people would want to buy, not just the one that you like the most in general. The remaining 3 possible choices are :
Cassandra by tailsrulz    Renamon: Candid Shower by tailsrulz     Nighttime Krystal 2 by tailsrulz


Thanks to salolwut for the subscription(s) :3

New Store is open to everyone

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 10, 2011, 5:12 AM

After a couple all-nighters and a lot of modifying/troubleshooting, I have the new shopping cart system on my website ready to run. You can see it here:
Here are some of its features:
-The shopping cart system allows you to browse the store and add multiple things to a cart that remembers your session
-Your current cart is presented in a "mini-cart" on the left column of the store's screen and automatically updates when you add a product to it.
-Item quantities can be updated in the cart (or increased by clicking "add the cart" again)
-Items can be removed from the cart.
-Store automatically recognizes bundle savings and applies them to a section called "Instant Savings" which factors into the total price. The code "understands" multiple variations of the same type of product (IE two kinds of 11x17 prints) when calculating.
-Quantities, prices, titles, and descriptions of every product can be modified easily by me via simply logging into my website.
-Thumbnails and images are automatically resized and uploaded thanks to this as well.
-Shipping addresses are filled out on the website.
-Paypal or Money Order/Cash/Check options are available.
-E-mails are automatically generated and sent to both the buyer and seller. They contain the order number, the shipping address where the product will be sent to, and a copy of the receipt. Buyers are also mailed either the paypal address or the mailing address to send the money to, depending on the payment method chosen.
-Orders have statuses that can be updated by me. When an order's status is changed to "shipped", another automatically-generated email will be sent to let the buyer know the order is on its way.

The main limitation is the lack of direct Paypal payment. I was able to get it partially working, but I was too worried about it to take it live right now. I'll work on it and hopefully get that working. For now it isn't a huge inconvenience since you're automatically given all the info you need to pay.

I'm going to go sleep for a loooong time now.


Thanks to salolwut for the subscription(s) :3

2011: A time of rebuilding

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 13, 2011, 12:20 PM

~New year's resolution~
It feels like over the last couple of years I've lost touch with both my art and my fanbase. I don't really have anyone to blame but myself.

I'm going to try and turn things around for 2011 by being more active: responding more, making more journals, replying to/sending mail faster, posting more art, updating my website more, taking more commissions, etc. I would hate to lose all that I've built up due to my unwillingness to act.

Actually, right now I am working on those tutorials I have teased literally for YEARS. I've taken all the screenshots I need for the lineart tutorial but I still have to write up the page. I also want to update my character bios and possibly update my logo. I'm also going to go back to Livestreaming, probably a few times a week.

There's been a few pics I've been working on despite my gallery being pretty slim lately.

One in particular is of Renamon undergoing her evolution to Sakuyamon which is one of my favorite sketches I've ever done (and is akin to the Renamon pic where she's looking into the mirror, one of my most-viewed pictures of all time):…

On the subject of Renamon, I finally decided to give some massive fanservice and have a pic of her and Krystal together, although the picture still needs a lot of tweaks in the sketch phase:…

Aside from that, I have another Krystal picture that is a big departure from what I usually draw, a new pic for the Cassandra webcam series, a 3-character commission (… ), and a Valencia picture that I'm basing my new tutorials off of.


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Merry Christmas all :3

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 25, 2010, 1:10 PM

Yeah, that's right, I'm edgy enough to say "Merry Christmas" instead of the politically correct "Happy Holidays".
Hope everyone is having a good one o:
I was going to make a Christmas picture, but I didn't x:
What did everyone get? For disks, I got some games (NFS: Hot Pursuit, Bioshock 2, Kirby's Epic Yarn if you're curious), Inception, and season 3 of Home Movies. I also got a 660W surround sound system (which I can't set up till I'm back in my apartment :c) and a vacuum cleaner :3

Also, I got my final grades for this semester of college a few days ago. Straight A's with a 19-credit hour load. I was happy c:



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Patience I:

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 7, 2010, 7:35 PM

Yeah, I haven't posted anything lately. I have lots of things happening at once, especially with college. My classes are getting close to the end and down-to-wire so I've had to devote a lot of time to making sure I get the grades I want. My last class is next Wednesday and after that I'll be free for a month to work on stuff.



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Commission slot auction

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 14, 2010, 2:57 PM

~FurBuy auction up-and-running!~
Yes, almost 2 years since my previous public offering, I am putting another commission slot on the market. I will be auctioning off the slot on FurBuy. These slots are historically extremely rare so don't pass it up! D: You can read more about it on the auction page. But of course, it's going to be a general-audience digital art commission.
The auction closes around midnight EST on the 21st.
(yay, CSS :D)


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Differentiation, thoughts on future and POLLERAMA

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 22, 2010, 3:10 PM

So I've been thinking about how I could start to differentiate myself a little from the female pin-up genre that I've been doing all this time. You know, get some more variety in here. AC 2010 and online sales were/are solid but have stagnated a little bit and I've been pondering on how to freshen things up. I was thinking that doing some images with multiple characters would be helpful, such as male/female "couple" pics or pics like Cassandra and Valencia together or something. Also, back before I used to draw anthro art (which started in 6th or 7th grade) I drew cars alllll the time. I was drawing cars in 3-D (albeit badly) in first grade. I could try to implement cars into some future drawings as well.

More radically, I could do a webcomic but a lot of people these days seem to be doing one. However, because I like to try and take the road less traveled and one day want to be an animator, I could one-up a webcomic and do an online Flash series, with voice actors and everything. Either way I don't really have a concrete idea on what I'd do it on (it would obviously use my characters either way) but it would probably be a collection of stories set at different times and locations that sometimes end up linking to one another (kind of like a typical Tarantino flick). Whether webcomic or Flash series, it would be a lot of work and require constant effort, and I have yet to see if I could really pull it off. But other people have managed to do it and it would certainly help set me apart.

Tell me your thoughts :3

Commission slots are currently empty but I'm not quite ready to take any new slots.

[UPDATE: July 22nd]
POLLERAMA! Yep, its poll week here on my DA page. :3 It's pretty fun to see what people are wanting me to draw.
Poll #1 (Sonic females Pt. 1): Looks like Blaze the Cat had a decisive victory, with Amy Rose in 2nd and essentially a tie between Fiona Fox and Bunnie Rabbot for 3rd. I figured Amy would have taken this easily but it seems that there are more Blaze fans than I expected.
Poll #2 (Sonic females Pt. 2): Tails as a female had a surprise upset victory over the likes of Rouge the Bat (2nd) and Sally Acorn (3rd). Because the poll had a couple extra slots I tossed in female Tails as a choice just for laughs but I didn't expect it to actually win xD
Poll #3 (Pokemorphs Pt. 1): Still ongoing but it's currently a close fight D:
Poll #4 (Pokemorphs Pt. 2): More "obscure" morph-able Pokemon. (July 23rd)
Poll #5 (Uncommon anthro characters): Lesser-drawn female anthros from outside of Pokemon or Sonic. (July 24th)
Poll #6 (My common anthro characters): My frequently-drawn characters, some OC's. (July 25th)
Poll #7 (Grand Finale): All of the main winners put against one another. (July 26th)

I will not reply to notes asking for requests/trades, nor will I to vague notes asking "how do u draw" or "how do i use PSP7"
Thanks to salolwut for the subscription D:
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AC 2010 Youtube vid, CD3/prints for sale online

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 30, 2010, 12:19 PM

EDIT: Youtube video was made! :3 Here's the link:…

I'm back home from AC'10, no real troubles to speak of. Sales were pretty slow at times and didn't reach what I expected, but still exceeded what I made back in 2008. CD sales were surprisingly low compared to the amount I sold last year, but a lot of my 22x34 posters sold.
In the dealer's area, to the right of me was Eric Schwartz (guy who does Sabrina Online and those old Amiga animations) which wasn't too bad aside from some fanboyism, and to the left of me was a nerdy tee-shirt place where some passer-by pointed out OMG DR. WHO REFERENCE OLOLOL every 15-30 minutes. It was annoying.
Also, driving in downtown Pittsburgh during rush hour isn't fun. Especially when you don't exactly know how to get to your hotel.
With the sales revenue, my treat was going to Target and buying the last remaining "Slim" X-Box 360 and a few games for it (up to now all I had was a Wii). I'm putting the rest of the money in the bank.

Anyway, if you want to order either the new CD3 or the CD1&2 combo go here:…
If you want to browse the restocked prints or the last remaining posters go here:…

I will not reply to notes asking for requests/trades, nor will I to vague notes asking "how do u draw" or "how do i use PSP7"
Thanks to salolwut for the subscription D:
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Off to Anthrocon

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 24, 2010, 6:42 AM

Departing in a couple hours D:
Had to pop a couple Tylenol this morning, probably from stress/poor sleeping.
CD3 is 100% done and I just started burning copies. I just gotta burn those and pack everything up, and then its a 3-4 hour trip to Pittsburgh. I bought an 8GB card for my camera the other day for shooting some video of the trip, which I may upload to Youtube later.
Here's hoping my sales exceed my expectations.

I will not reply to notes asking for requests/trades, nor will I to vague notes asking "how do u draw" or "how do i use PSP7"
Thanks to salolwut for the subscription D:
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A closer look at CD3, Anthrocon '10, CD12

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 12, 2010, 6:39 PM

I'm a busy bee on getting CD3 done for Anthrocon 2010. I have been working hours and hours each day to get it done. Right now I'm going through all my pics and fixing them up in the lineart stage so the shading stage can go a lot faster (because I'm not going back through and fixing a bunch of problems). You can see all the in-progress CD3 teaser images at…

Seeing as how CD1 and CD2 have been out for 3 and 4 years now and sales have slowed to a crawl, CD's 1&2 will be combined onto one CD and sold for the same price (25$ with shipping included) for now on. This will be reflected in the store soon. CD3 will also be sold for this price. CD3 will be available for sale right after AC'10 is over (June 27).

3 of: Cassandra, Felicia
2 of: Valencia, Renamon, Krystal, arctic fox (new)
1 of: Carrisa, Catrina, Roxanna, Ariana, Elektra (new), Blaziken (new), Amaterasu, Amy, Sally, raccoon, dragon (from CD 2), orca (from CD 1&2), kitsune (from CD 1&2), cow (new), wolf (from CD 1&2), gazelle (from CD 2)

Annnnd here's an in-depth view of some of the characters that will be on CD3:
  • Catrina's last appearance was all the way back in January 2005. As you can see, she's changed a little bit between the years, from… to this:…
  • Elektra is a new anthro Pikachu character whose personality is a lot different from the naive Luminara.
  • Blaziken has been a notorious pokemorph for a while so I finally hopped on that bandwagon and did a picture of her as well. I mean, what's next? Gardevoir? [/hint]
  • With people's admiration of Cassandra and (especially) Felicia I gave them both the most "screentime" out of all the characters with 3 images each. The Cassandra teaser pic I'll submit soon will also be the cover image for CD3 and there is also a print being made of it.
  • Amy and Sally will be making appearances. With CD3 not bound to DA, hopefully the Sally image won't be removed because it "appears" underage (insider :v). Although other Sonic females didn't make the cut, I will likely be doing images of them in the future for DA/FA, such as Blaze, Rouge, etc.
  • A new arctic fox and cow character debut on CD3, as I've always wanted to make these characters and just never got around to it.
  • The orca and dragon characters return to CD3. For some reason I remember a lot of people interested in the dragon character from Art CD2 so I brought her back for 3, and this time she's fullbody. I have a lot of fun drawing both the dragon and orca characters and giving them longer, more slender frames. They will likely start appearing outside of the CDs.

I've also submitted the new prints for 2010 which will be at Anthrocon 2010. New prints are: "Meet Roxanna", "Blissful Cassandra" (CD3 image), and "Nighttime Krystal 2" for the 11"x17" prints; "Thoughtful Ariana", "A Breath of Fresh Air", and "Moonlit Felicia 2" for the 8.5"x11" prints. I'm also getting some of the 2009/2008 prints restocked.

So yeah, been working hard lately. This is saying something for me because I have been in a slump and something of a "hiatus" for like a year now. I'm stressed but I'm working through it. Through working on CD3 I have somewhat "rekindled" my enjoyment of making anthro art and hopefully once CD3 comes out I'll be back up and posting art on a regular basis. Hell, I've been churning out flat coloring for 3-4 images a DAY while I've been working on this CD.

Hopefully Anthrocon 2010 will go well for me. I finally got out of that nightmare of a dorm and rented an apartment for this year of college. I will be streaming a lot more once I'm in my apartment (as I've been working on CD3 I have REALLY missed being able to use Livestream). And, rent costs money :v so hopefully I'll get good sales so I can use it to help pay my rent.

I will not reply to notes asking for requests/trades, nor will I to vague notes asking "how do u draw" or "how do i use PSP7"
Thanks to salolwut for the subscription D:
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