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Morning Cassandra 2

Originally planned for Art CD 2, but I needed to submit something so here you go P:
The picture seemed too boring so I added a blinds effect to the picture, looks decent... Cassandra just waking up in the morning x:
PSP7/9,? hours,8 layers,400DPI,Cassandra is mine
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TOTALLY PERFECT & DELICIOUSHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Morning sleepyhead.
Wants to cuddle with Cassandra.
Cuddles with her.
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i wanna wake next to her every day :P
Timocool's avatar
amazing piece of work Love
Emokat87's avatar
Oh god. Excellent work
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soo cute xDDD
I wanna cuddle her *-*
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I love your art its fantastic <33
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great job, just amazing the pose is awesome
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...Is that cameltoe in there on purpose?
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I think the lighting, shadows and colouring is amazing in this picture, very nice work!
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this picture is very nice on wallpaper PC :D
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really beautiful)
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The blind idea was brilliant! Love your work! Keep it up!
so she just woke up huh? I love the fact she sleeps in know
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She finds that many eyes begin to peer at her through the blinds. :ohnoes:
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I'm very impressed with this. i love how you get the pose down so well!
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This is so...seductive! really nice work :)
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she wakes up and alot of people are watching her XD
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