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Merciless Amy

A sequel of sorts to that sassy thicc Amy pic from last month! She's quite a vengeful one, it seems.

A slightly different look for my work, but I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm trying to challenge myself by doing different angles and such. This is actually a pretty old picture and I completely redid the lineart 3 times before it was finally completed.

HD/PSD/Alts (including a fluffy sling!!!) on my Patreon.

Clip Studio Paint w/ Wacom Cintiq Pro 24, 15-20 hours
[Unsurprisingly, this is not a canonical depiction of her and she is an adult here]
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© 2021 tailsrulz
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This is why I think Sally acorn's better for sonic, she's more open with him not not to mention she wants him to be more open with her.

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This picture you've done of Amy from such an angle looks quite sexy and lovely for sure! ;)

sdkfz171's avatar

sorry to say, that zipper dosent go down far enough. Great pic

Fosjac22's avatar

That’s just cruel.

Also, Amy, you’ve been trying to get Sonic to give you the D for how long, and when you finally look like a cover girl instead of jail bait, you tease him like this. Honestly, her not putting out when she looks like this is extremely out of character.

Great art though. Sexy as hell!

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This is refreshing

SIEGFRIED98's avatar

Best girls, Best view 😍

Mekarm's avatar

hot dam. i wouldn't leave Amy alone at all.

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