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Commission- notveryathletic

overdue commission for he gets fullsize omg
OMFG male O: YA RLY. Anyways, I can't really comment on appearance, but I'd say that I've improved well on male anatomy :3 This is teh Omega form of the character Tempest, with wings O: !!! I had to completely redo this picture due to the worse (?) anatomy on the previous one.
PSP7/9, 4 hours, 300DPI, 9 layers, Tempest is *notveryathletic
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Excellent work, as always. If there's one thing that needs improvement, it's his face. Try to make the face look a little more masculine. (I know you're used to drawing females by now, and that's okay, but it kinda shows here.) Everything else is awesome. :boogie:
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... Tempest? The Same one that Amanda Payne also did a Commish for? [link] <right here? If so, cool deal!
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Not very athletic my ass!
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Thats awesome
The rain looks very good and he is cool looking

really cool face :D
great job! :+fav:
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This pic is amazing!!! ^_^ *Drools* I love his muscles and wings.
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Dude this is awesome. :D I love the pose.
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wow ausome u did a male in this one love the colors
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Dude, sweet, love the detail and the colors, great job.:D
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Not athletic at all. No way. Probly can't run more'n 5 feet. :P
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Rawr your males are hot as well ^^ :nod:
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Wowo that to cool =)
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Great anatomy again! I like how you did the shading and the background! Keep it up.
omfg that is amaising I think im in love
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I see you're very excited. :XD: Sick job, especially with the storm, but for some reason his legs look a little funny.
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I totally love how you stress the whole 'MALE' thing.
Like, let's not confuse him with a female, like I do with my guys >.>
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Not very athletic? :lmao:
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always liked his char, sweet art man
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Poochyena on steroids... bad puppy!
Nice work!
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