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Cassandra' Webcam Show Pt. Scrap

Scrapped because I hate how this looks.

Orig description:
Is she yawning, moaning, teasing? Who knows! :'3

Cassandra returns in another picture for the Webcam series :3 She once again teases the viewers with her provocative foxiness. She also has a new Vixen shirt. I did most of this image from scratch in one livestream, which was about 6 hours long. This image was just a quick sketch that I liked and decided to roll with it, since Cassandra hasn't been seen lately.

I love the colors on my desktop monitor, but I think it looks terrible on my laptop monitor. So if it looks bad, look at it on a desktop :V

PSP7/9, 7-8 hours, 400 DPI, Cassandra/Art is mine
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SilverOrGold12's avatar
pull them panties off and let me drill into you
XxFlightlessxX's avatar
nice colors. but i dont like furries
Thegreenpoo's avatar
Nien!!!! Furrys rule!!!
DestinySpider's avatar
Lol. All you do is say you don't like furries and there are instantly two assholes shitting on you...
SILVERBRO13's avatar
Aye ye best be outta here laddy/lassy. This place ain't fer yer kind
sonic10122's avatar
ahh how dare you say that there hella sexy 
TheDogFront66's avatar
Ummm... I'm gonna go for moaning and teasing for $200.
SILVERBRO13's avatar
I'ma say the same
Roxas1903's avatar
please make a part 3 T_T
spacecoloniie's avatar
You submitted this on my Birthday :'O
RarityThePony's avatar
Cassandra is on Facebook right
xLikeAFox's avatar
i have 2 say pt. 1 was better :\ srybut i still love this cant wait for pt. 3
ClawzIzKing's avatar
this is the third one in a row i'm not really sure about :l i think it's a combination of three things (which for me finding any fault in your work at ask is a rarity) the facial expression is missing something and i can't quite pick it out. i'm not a fan of where the hip meets the midsection because the fur doesn't seem right there. and the leg closest the foreground doesn't seem like the shading came out right and i really don't like being picky it's just i usually live everything about your art and lately out doesn't seem the same to me :'l
RarityThePony's avatar
Hey :iconsergeantbuck: what's Cassandra doing?
Gamerela's avatar
dont you guys think her face expreation is a little weard
thecoolkid-speaking's avatar
hmmmmm.................. pretty good for a rookie
TrollingGamerZ's avatar
How many ways can I kill you....let me count the ways....1....2....3.....4......5.....6....7...8..9..10.
Slink-the-Ferret's avatar
Oh dear god, you actually actually posted a comment here, you art thief? You've got some balls, when you have been stealing Tailsrulz/Mark's art and claiming it as your art
TrollingGamerZ's avatar
Hey slinky!! Just do I report people....wait....douchebags?
Demon2223's avatar
She must be moaning if you ask me
Emokat87's avatar
Please let the show go on.:D
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