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Blissful Cassandra -CD3-


A taste of what will be on my Art CD 3 D: (see my journal for more info).
Basically, imagine this without all the writing in a higher resolution and as a .png file instead of a compressed .jpg and then multiply that by 30 :V and that is the awesomeness of CD3.

I'm still tirelessly working on the CD, its going to be difficult to reach the deadline of AC10 but I'm still trying for it (and I'm NOT rushing, I'm simply spending my entire day on it)

This Cassandra picture actually was on my Livestream a while back and will be the poster child for CD3, being the cover image. A print is also being made of it. I like the "Vixen" shirt xD its like the idiots who get "MUSTANG" vanity plates for cars that are clearly Mustangs but in this case its just awesome. I have really went in and fixed up this image a LOT, especially her face and chest and adding in her thighs somewhat. Her colors came out great, I especially like how her hair looks here.

CD3 will hopefully be out soon, this along with 29 other new images will be on it. And no, none of the other 29 images will be posted by me online. After AC'10 it will be available online on my website.

PSP7/9, ?? hours, ~15 layers, 400 DPI, Cassandra is mine
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Baby I'm fucking you tonight, pump you down, eat your pussy alive. Just like animals, animals, like animals woah!!
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And who is this pretty girl hanging out in this glorious hot weather. ;)
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nailed it. i like how you went for simple and beautiful rather than explicit or 18+. my favorite of cassandra, i really think the expression is perfect. great work
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It doesn't have to be L00d to be beautiful. Just simple and gorgeous.
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This is a very charming piece! It is well done overall, and it is both sensual and comical. This is made possible by the well-done facial and bodily expressions and the use of different perspectives. I particularly adore panel 6 and the panels that lead up to that climax, where both the expression and position of the lil' guy perfectly denote that he is now at an inescapable fate. I find this to be both macabre and pleasing. Also, panel 10 effectively shares with me, the reader, that feeling of claustrophobia. The flow continues very smoothly right through till the end, where I find myself very satisfied at having read this. :D
I find it difficult to point out places that this could improve. One thing that comes to mind after intense thought is that the end panels feel like some of the scale and dimensions are overly distorted a bit in favor of enlarging the little furry, and that maybe he is larger here than in other panels. However, this I understand may have been done for comedic effect. This gripe is really the only thing I can think of, and even then only for the sake of trying to find something sub-par about this piece at all.
I would give it less than five in originality only because a lot of this has been done before, however I can't resist giving it five because the dramatic opening panel and the satisfied jowls going "AH!" at panel 11 are both really unique here. It opens on both a literal and figurative cliffhanger, which drives the rest of this story well. And seeing the jowls sighing without any eyes or other bodily expression... that is just refreshing to me, especially as it is set directly after the dark throat panel, which perfectly contrasts it with the perfect timing.
This whole comic is superb, well polished with a variety of dynamic and dark perspectives. I totally love it. Keep making these, you are doing something you are obviously very skilled at.
RIP tailsrulz i did some work on this. removed the letters, added in some blue to make it 1280x800 now its my wallpaper for my nextbook! people give me funny looks. this one time this girl was angry at me for it. (weird religious nut cant fucking stand them)
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Can you link it to me or something? Send me a note
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hey, I was wondering if I could write a fanfic where Mordecai meets this character and falls in love? I really like your character she's so hot :D
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i officialy adore her.
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I gotta find a checklist of attractive female features, 'cause this gal hits damn near all of 'em! Now where'd I leave my Animal Behavior textbook...?
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I love her facial expression in this picture. And holy shit, those are the hottest and longest (in a good way) legs that I have ever fudging seen!

Can I date her? :3

But yeah, I love how her eyes are glowing blue as the sky in the background. Looks great!
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Again with the black x's on the tits. But i could careless about that cause this pic of Cassandra looks awesome
<3 she is so cuuuute!!!!!! :3 ^.^

And WOW!! those are some LONG legs!! ;)
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My opinion: Cassandra is the best Vixen

This art came out very well and perfect for a Art CD cover!
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*Slips of the shirt and tapes.* OH SORRY! I didn't mean to! *drool*
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Ok... It's official... I'm in love with Cassandra...
can i have your permition to post this pic in facebook cus they are juts awsome
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very niccccccccccccce
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