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PSA from AJ Ferret

By TailSideUp
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Trying out a deviantart ID. AJ Ferret is my personal fursona! She's a fantasy species or color edit I call, "Golden Hooded Ferrets".

I really love designing dumb apparel. lmao I really love her love-cannabis sweater. Now that the weather is cooling down I could really use a pull over!

But yeah, message here is extremely important. Cannabis needs to be fully legal for medical AND recreational use. We need to expunge the crimes against families and people who use cannabis. Don't at me. Don't fight me. I'm tired to rolling over and telling people it's okay to want the worst possible things to happen to me just because I am disabled with severe chronic pain (every single day) and need it in order to get out of bed. to be able to do chores. To be able to ignore the pain and allow my brain time to rest and recover from the constant nerve flares. Cannabis isn't wrong or evil by any standard. The stigma against it and "stoners" is the fakest shit I ever fell for as a child.

Please educate yourselves if you're curious. Please google and look up how cannabis can help disabled people and so many more. We need legalization so people can finally get regulations and make consuming cannabis SAFE. I'm so sick of not being able to go to a store or a nice pharmacy and ask for what THC treatments they have. Consuming cannabis illegally is very dangerous not only because of legality but you have no idea how people are growing the plants or making concentrates when people need it medically... it's incredibly important.

anywho.... please help if you're in the USA. please vote for legalization, please tell others about it HELPS people. My biggest goals is to remove the negative stigma of cannabis and it's uses. (for literally any reason. If people get to smoke nicotine and drink alcohol, I should be able to get my fucking medication without hesitation. ty america...)

Hey I'm AJ, a disabled creative. Don't be a hostile jerk or else get blocked. THIS IS A NSFW ACCOUNT. Prefer to keep this a minor free zone/21+ space for my mental sanity.

Most active on NSFW Twitter, ToyHouse for character logging and collecting, and CloverCoin Patreon Discord for my artwork wips, creative writing, and photography. 

Want only SFW artowrk and minor friendly content? Follow the brand CloverCoin !

If you like my work and want me to keep going, consider checking out my ko-fi for tips! ❤ 
I'm in medical debt forever thanks to USA. Tips are never expected, but desperately appreciated. Plus I will draw a shit ton of magikarps.
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Pretty much the worst thing weed does is make Adult Swim seem funnier than it actually is.
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this is SUCH a cute sweater design omg i'd love to have something like this........weed snowflake