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CloverCoin 2019 November Art Pack

By TailSideUp
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Hey everyone, thanks for all your patience! I've been pretty much asleep since the beginning of December. Just chronic fatigue is devouring me alive.

Patreon Post:

General Updates from the Clover Crew! (Almost forgot, christmas wishlist too!)

Things have been pretty hectic over the past month or two now that winter is settling in. Lot of new aches and pains to deal with and oof! That fatigue has really ruined me. I think I'm regularly only awake for about 6 or so hours a day with how often I need to lie down nap.

Thanks Giving came and went super fast, we did a small roasted chicken dinner to practice our gravy and prep skills. Went ok and loved feeding my friends! 

We just celebrated the turkey-day on Dec 6th since we had a friend coming from out of state to visit us. We're very excited to have them here for Prov's birthday on the 7th! We're going to be taking him to see Hamilton and I am very excited to see my very first musical in person. We don't have the greatest seats, but the experience I hope will be super worth it! Prov has been lighting up with musicals lately and I really want to indulge him. C: He always works so hard to watch all of my content and animated stuff, bout time I returned the favor! haha.

Due to unfortunate circumstances of misinformation, I've received a lot of harassment and various amounts of hate spam. Being already exhausted with the cold weather I am barely able to communicate in person, let alone type essays to bad faith strangers. So I have decided to withdraw and take leave of social media and online galleries. A break if anything. This is coming at a very poor time for our family and financial situation since taxes are just around the corner. I'm afraid to cross that bridge, so I'm deciding to deal with it later when it comes up. Not entirely the most adult thing, but I honestly no longer have the capacity for all of our daily stress, plus the harassment I am facing in my only social/friend circles.

I honestly feel real beat up. I know that this will pass, I will feel better later. But right now I do not feel as if I will recover. The cruelty I witnessed from those who I considered friends even long after we stop speaking... was astounding to me. Worst being they weren't even correct, they just.. had assumptions about me, decided I wasn't worth speaking with, and carried on to publicly smear about the person they think I am. Even though they haven't spoken with me in literally years...?

Despite all of the bad, I have seen a lot of the good. A lot of my friends and fans, even total strangers, came and stood up for me and my character. I am entirely grateful and feel so much relief to know there are people out there willing to hear me. I have received lots of wonderful PM's I would like to personally reply to soon as I have a day to myself to just sit and rest at my desktop.

Right now I am still too weak and hurt to really be back online. I will however be continuing to work strictly on my patreon uploads and showing all my personal artwork in the patreon discord channels.

Clover Coin Patreon chat can be found in the Pillowing-Pile server! 

For now I'm not posting to DA or Twitter, (I might consider posting to FA only at this time since there seems to be a more adult audience there that makes me a lot more comfortable.)  BUT Don't worry! You'll still be getting regular uploads to the patreon page and the patreon discord chats. Always post wips there, hires finals right away, adopt giveaways, adopt sales, and commission slots!

At this time I'm still in pretty bad fatigue state and working on recovering from that. I have a feeling after prov's friend leaves and the holidays are OVER I'll probably finally relax a pinch. Just the cold and this time of year really stresses me out, was never a happy family experience for me so I just dread christmas every year. TTwTT; Even after all these years it really makes my skin crawl.

Thanks for reading everyone, thank you so much for all your amazing support. The posts you shared about me, the private messages you left me and supporting me, thank you so much for all of it. it really helped me when I needed it and I'm very grateful. thanks for being amazing and supporting clovercoin and pillowings. Your kindness shines through and keeps the dark away. And that gives me hope.


Hey I'm AJ, a disabled creative. Don't be a hostile jerk or else get blocked. THIS IS A NSFW ACCOUNT. Prefer to keep this a minor free zone/21+ space for my mental sanity.

Most active on NSFW Twitter, ToyHouse for character logging and collecting, and CloverCoin Patreon Discord for my artwork wips, creative writing, and photography. 

Want only SFW artowrk and minor friendly content? Follow the brand CloverCoin !

If you like my work and want me to keep going, consider checking out my ko-fi for tips! ❤ 
I'm in medical debt forever thanks to USA. Tips are never expected, but desperately appreciated. Plus I will draw a shit ton of magikarps.

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AHHH AJ! I'm happy to hear you're doing ok, even if it's not the best time of year ;; I completely understand, not feelin the best physically or mentally this time of year myself either. I hope eventually you do come back to dA and Twitter, when you're comfortable with it - as personally the FA layout suuuuuckkkkkssss lol. So glad you're alright, AJ!!! <3