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2019, thanks for all the art

By TailSideUp
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It's been another whole year already??? Now that's just wild to me. It still feels only like a few months ago I moved to WI and was still trying to get situated. NOW??? Now I have local friends whom i love like family, a new puppy stirring up the routine, and a lot to look forward too!

2019 was a rough year with lots loss, but it had it's own gains as well. This is the year I finally started to hang up my own artwork on the walls. This is the year I learned my boundaries and how important they are to me. How fair-weather friends sadly do not suit me and that's okay. This is the year I feel confident about my cannabis treatments and how far they help me, how I want to continue to speak about thc and cannabis and beg the public to please vote for legalization.

I'm happy to get to know myself a little better with each year of living. Existing has always been a struggle for me, but it helps anchor the soul to know everyone is fighting similar battles and that by talking we can commiserate together. And maybe we help each other find new ways of living that we didn't even notice before.

I'm really happy with the artwork I've been making lately. Being able to put together my art board for the year was really amazing. I could remember trying this meme so many times before and not having enough artwork I remotely liked to fill a page. Now I have multiple illustrations that I can't seem to pick between.

You just have to keep trying. From me to me. Keep Going. Never be afraid to draw badly.

 I hope you all have a wonderful and happy new year. May 2020 bring us lots of new experiences and lots of joy!

Thank you patrons, watches, friends and family. And yes, even to you critical lot who hate-stalk me, thank you! Thank you for giving my artwork all the time and attention it deserves, because you're all right. I'm a fabulous and popular artist and I'm absolutely going to own it in 2020.  (≡^∇^≡)/ 

Hey I'm AJ, a disabled creative. Don't be a hostile jerk or else get blocked. THIS IS A NSFW ACCOUNT. Prefer to keep this a minor free zone/21+ space for my mental sanity.

Most active on NSFW Twitter, ToyHouse for character logging and collecting, and CloverCoin Patreon Discord for my artwork wips, creative writing, and photography. 

Want only SFW artowrk and minor friendly content? Follow the brand CloverCoin !

If you like my work and want me to keep going, consider checking out my ko-fi for tips! ❤ 
I'm in medical debt forever thanks to USA. Tips are never expected, but desperately appreciated. Plus I will draw a shit ton of magikarps.

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Heck yeah AJ, love you! :icongwompplz: