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First Animation Practice

I seriously just did this. In an hour. I really suck. :iconimdeadplz: I'm trying out the Trial version of CS6 Flash and I've never animated before with it so this was so new to me. My gosh, everything was confusing and I TRIED to take a tutorial on youtube but I couldn't find any drawing tutorial, like re-drawing some bits, I only got like BONE ANIMATION or some other tool. :< I think I might ask someone to help me. I really want to learn how to animate.

I wanted to do something really simple so I did Danny pony.

Danny Phantom (c) Butch Hartman & Steve Marmel
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You know, there's an animation function in Photoshop... ;D
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I know but the Photoshop we have is old... :c Though, I am curious, how does the Photoshop animation function work? 
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Well, when you go to create a new thing, you open the drop-down menu that says 'preset', yeah? There's an option near the bottom of it that says 'Film and Video'. Once it's open, you need to open the 'Timeline' window and click 'create timeline'. As far as I know, it uses layers as frames. Again, as far as I know, 'cause I haven't actually used it yet XD
...I hope I make sense. :lmao:
fyi, I have CS6.
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Well, play around with it! You'll find out how to do more stuff eventually yeah?
I want to learn how to animate too! There's a group called First Steps Animation, and they might be able to help!

That ear twitch ish so cuuute! >w<!
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Thank you, I'll take a look at that group!
bdehkte's avatar CUTE!!!
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you're welcome!!
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Awesomeness my friend I love it keep up the excellent work :D
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You're welcome Danny looks cute as a pony :D
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DAT ANIMATION //so jelly *A*
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You can do it too! 8D
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btw..i might try to sketch some skull drawings and post them...^^

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Looks pretty good to me for your first time. :la:
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Blah, I bet I made it 10 times harder to do.
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