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Cracking the Shell

COLLECTION - A Little Learning

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It is 2:35 PM, the sky has a distinct cyan glow. Long expired cigarettes and the chlorine from the pool waft through the air. Some indistinct basic hip hop rhythm and synthesized bells and piano ring in your ears. You walk down well lit hallways with windows showing beach and palm trees not far from the exterior. You feel lighter than usual; perhaps you could jump and never return to the ground. Colorful neon fills the main foyer of the building, decorated with replica Roman statues and irregularly shaped mirrors. Then you wake up.

2:35 - Somewhere Between a Dream and a Memory

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I'm a Little Glowing Friend

Original Characters

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Famicom Disk TV (198X)


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Starstruck Tails

Fan Art

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shopping time!

vaporwave inspired

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Sharp Focus

COLLECTION - The Autobiography of Scootaloo

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Favorites of My Own

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The Most Intergenerational Media Phenomenon

Your childhood is fading away, and only fragments of it will survive. The adage that “nothing is ever truly deleted on the internet” is not a guarantee. Peculiarly, one of the things that seem to be missing, en masse, are national and global-scale media releases through the years. Part of that loss comes from plenty of that media never arriving online, but even various things that were posted to the internet at one point are now missing. Lost media is definitely an intergenerational struggle due to the sometimes fleeting access to various productions, and natural decay of past generations of media especially. While this extends eternally into the past, we have a clearer record of what things existed in the past hundred years than we do of missing data in older history. It’s odd how the things we once found banal and even obnoxious become compelling and comforting, years later. I’ve spent hours reconsuming ads from my childhood, or even absorbing media in veins I would’ve probably

COLLECTION - Life Is Beautiful.

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Collection - Not Surprised, I'm Just Disappointed

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The Games - Text 0 - Overview

What Reality – The Game! and cousin project Game – The Game! are, exactly, is still hazy. At this point, both R-TG! and G-TG! are merely ideas on a page, as suggestions to people interested in making games. The original idea was to make an art project of general life in isometric images, as if it were some sort of game, from that, ideas of how to make a game system came to mind, and then some interest in making a more fantasy-inspired game concept arose. These ideas are not being made into anything more than suggestions by the creator. If you choose to use these ideas in something you make, please inform me, and maybe give a little

COLLECTION - The Game Files

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Fantastic Mr. Fox Miniature

Other Media

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Field of Angels


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Field of Angels


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Twin Spinners


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Chapter 31 - High Hopes

To Chapter 1 From stress to excitement and back to stress, everyone from the band as well as Scales and Marty spent nearly every night approaching Finals in one library or another. Terri also kept his study technique with Royce up. Nobody felt any sense of true free time throughout May with class, studying, work and, in Marty’s case, Student Senate. By midway through May, Royce believed his circulatory system was more WOLFHOUND than blood. Royce was more cautiously optimistic for Finals than he was for Midterms. Terri was still nervous, but hopeful–something unfamiliar to the rabbit. Prongs was going with the flow, not particularly worried. Helen was unintimidated; she knew her notes covered everything. Scales and Marty felt fine, but were happy to hang around Royce and Prongs and the rest. Work wasn’t much more relaxed with both spring and summer fashion shipments, more customers than the winter months and one fewer manager. Staying sane was a difficult process. The second Sunday


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Upside Down V2


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Robin Eggs

A Robin's Story

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Chalkboard Invasion - Violin

Board Invasion

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Eye October 30, 2021


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Not Good Enough

You can do whatever you want, The only person who can honestly tell you “you can’t” Is yourself If people say you aren’t good enough, Skilled enough to live your dreams, Prove them wrong. Living the life you want on a foundation of demotivation Makes life all the sweeter Feel free to prove them wrong Do your best, and leave them With a face of shock you won’t forget “You can’t” means “You can, but I don’t want you beating me.” “You can’t” means I’m convinced I can’t, so I don’t want anyone else doing it.” “You can’t” should me


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Losing Is Never Easy.

Losing is never easy. No matter the age, No matter the cause, Losing is never easy. But when you're young, Forever seems so long, When your first friend, Falls victim to age, It's hard to accept it. Sage eyes, gray beard, Big heart, warm presence, Losing is never easy. No matter the age, No matter the cause, Losing is never easy. Denial pushes beyond reason, Thinking "he'll always be there" Shutting the door to have Time to oneself Alas, life isn't the type To forgive. Those hours separated Never return. Guilt sinks in. Losing is never easy. No matter the age, No matter the cause, Losing is never easy. When you're


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Into the Distance

Inexplicably Fantastic

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Concert Stage: RTG - WIP

JV Allstars

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Low Burn


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