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July 14, 2012
Scootaloo's Personal Diary - Entry 1 by ~Tails-155 weaves a story in-and-out through its source material, getting deep into the head of an adolescent girl.
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{[(Author's note for the readers: The pages are linked as "Next" and "Previous" in the comments. There is more than one section! No need to dig through my thousands of deviations to find where the pieces are!)]}

Scootaloo's Diary is a leather-bound "Forever Pages" enchanted diary with her name hoofwritten in smudged permanent ink. It is hoofwritten by what looks to be a fairly young pony. The edges of the pages are all warped as if it has been dropped in a puddle or left out in the rain. Various pages appear to have things tucked within.


Auntie Raincloud said I should start writing a diary with my memories of my parents. She bought me this special notebook that has lots and lots of paper, even though it's not very big.

Mama and Papa have become very sick, she says. She tells me I may want to remember these things someday. I don't know what she means. They just seem sick from some food, it's nothing too odd, is it?

Anyway, I feel like I might give this a try. I do like to write. Mama and Papa are in the hospital right now. Mama said she'd be fine, she's just a bit sick. Just like I was thinking, nothing strange there.

Whatever, I'll give this a shot, but I don't see myself being one of those girly girls who writes in her diary all the time. I hate to waste such a nice gift, especially from Auntie Raincloud.

Last week we were out at the park and Mama and Papa seemed fine. Papa and I were playing and he was holding me up like I was flying, telling me one day I would be a talented flyer like the Wonderbolts.

Mama was watching from under a tree. She was just resting. We had been walking around the town for a long time. She bought me strawberries. They're my favorite. There wasn't really anything that happened since then, except Mama and Papa going out to dinner last weekend. We think that's where they got sick, other ponies in the hospital went there, too. Some restaurant.

I can't really remember anything else right now. Maybe that's why Auntie Raincloud said I should do this. I know my parents have done a lot of fun things with me, but I can't remember them right now. Small drawing of a frowning pony

Oh, also, the strawberries were great! I hope that once Mama and Papa get better we'll be able to go get more!


Auntie Raincloud moved into Mama and Papa's house the other day. She said she would have to take care of me from now on. I'm kind of nervous. We visit the hospital every day after school. Mama and Papa always look so tired when we go in there. They always make sure to give me a hug no matter how tired they are, though. They tell me they love me and ask me how school is going.

I don't really talk to anyone in my class except the teacher. I only talk to her because I have to answer questions sometimes. Within the page is a small drawing of an adult pony using a pointer to point at a chalkboard with the word "boring" scribbled underneath.

I tell Mama and Papa it's good, though. I don't want them worried and sick. They really should get some sleep.

I showed Auntie Raincloud that I started writing a diary. She told me I should write down some of the simple things so I would remember them when I got older. I don't know why, I think I'd I remember them just fine! I guess I'll try, though.

Papa's name is Thunderclap and he works as a weatherpony with Auntie Raincloud. He gets to push around the clouds and cause the rain. I always thought that was pretty cool. If someone made me mad I could just stomp down rain on them. Within the margins is a small "ha ha" It's cooler than that, though. Without Papa and other weatherponies doing their jobs, we wouldn't have any food! Drawn here is a little scared face

Mama's name is Rosy Fields and she works in town as a florist. When I go to visit her it always smells so good, and all the flowers look so nice. My favorites are the tulips. They're so bright, and there's so many colors, any color you can name. Beside this is a little drawing of a tulip with a heart by it. Maybe I'll bring Mama some tulips when we go visit tomorrow. I think she would like that.

Oh! And I remembered another story!

A couple of months ago we went to see the Wonderbolts in a town close by called Ponyville. They were so awesome! I wish I could do flips and stuff like that! I mean, I wish I could even fly. I hope Papa's right about me, I want to be able to do cool stuff like that! Everybody likes them, too! That must be so cool!

Papa bought me a poster of Fleetfoot. She's amazing, and so fast! Papa said I'll be able to fly soon, I just need to keep exercising my wings and when I'm old enough I will get lessons.


I brought Mama tulips today. She and Papa looked very tired, so we didn't stay long. She was very happy about the flowers, though. She and Papa both gave me a hug and told me that they were sorry if they can't always give me a hug. I don't know why they couldn't. They'll be fine in a few days. Food sickness just feels terrible, but ponies deal with it and move on.

Auntie Raincloud and I left Port Mane earlier today to go for a hike. She told me that things aren't looking good for my parents. I don't know what she means. They're just sick. They've been sick before. I don't know if it's some kind of mean joke she's playing, but I won't fall for it.

Another story. When I was really little, I used to go to work with Mama. She used to tell me she always had to keep an eye on me or I'd eat all the flowers. I do love daffodils, they're tasty. Below this is a small drawing of a daffodil, with "Delicious!" written underneath.

When I got a bit older, I used to help her cut the flowers. I usually cut them too short, but it's not so easy. I'm not a unicorn! They have it so easy, they can carry things without their hooves getting in the way. They don't have to taste the handles of tools and stuff. Not to mention everypony has to clean tools all the time so you're not chewing on someone else's spit. Gross.

When I went in to get the tulips yesterday, Miss Golden Posey was running the shop. When I told her my parents were looking tired she gave me a hug and started to cry. I don't understand what got her so upset.


Tucked into the page is a card that says "get well soon" tucked into it. Clearly drawn by a younger pony. It shows two adult ponies and a little pegasus pony on the front inside a heart. Inside the card it says "I love you Mama and Papa, when you get better, we should go to the park. I've been exercising my wings and can't wait to start flying training! Love, Scootaloo". The back has another heart drawn on it.

Auntie Raincloud made me really mad. She said we couldn't go see Mama and Papa today. She said they weren't in any condition to see me. What could she mean? I'm their daughter! I should be able to see them whenever I want! I almost thought about sneaking out to see them myself.

I was going to give them a get well soon card. I drew it myself. I told them how I have been exercising my wings. I can move myself around on my scooter with my wings now. I think that means I should be able to fly any time now.

This afternoon Auntie Raincloud says we're going to Ponyville. She has a friend who lives there. Her friend, Granny Smith, works at an apple orchard. I do like to visit her because we always get fantastic apple pie! Beside this is a small drawing of a pie.

I can't wait to see Mama and Papa again. I hope they like my card. I worked really hard on it. It's hard to draw Mama's mane.


An angry face is drawn in the margins. We didn't get to see Mama and Papa again today! I'm so mad at Auntie Raincloud. What if they don't get better because I didn't get to see them? What if they feel bad because I didn't get to give them a hug? I don't want them to stay sick because of me! A frown is drawn beside the exclamation mark.

The pie was great, but I wish Mama and Papa could have had some of it. Papa loves apple pie. When I was younger, we'd go with Auntie Raincloud to visit Granny Smith, and Papa would eat half an apple pie while we were still there. Mama would always tell him he was rude, but I understand why he would eat the pie, it is so good!

While we were visiting Granny Smith she said she had a filly about the same age as me. She said that the filly, Apple Bloom, was out with her sister, Applejack, so I didn't get to meet her.

I'm thinking about running off and finding somewhere I can live on my own. Then I'll be able to visit my parents whenever I want. Nobody can tell me I can't.


The pages are wrinkled from being wet. There are smudges on the pages and they appear tear-stained.

Mama and Papa are gone... they're not in the hospital anymore, but they're not home either. They're gone. Gone forever. Auntie Raincloud says that she has to take me to pick out a dress for the funeral... how could Mama and Papa leave me? Did I do this? Is it because I didn't go give them a hug? Auntie Raincloud wouldn't let me! I wanted to go see them! They didn't even get my card!

When Auntie Raincloud goes out to work later, I'm going to run away. I don't want to go to Mama and Papa's funeral! I can't! I can't see them... like that... I miss them so much. I can't stay here. Every time I walk into the house I feel like they're going to be home soon. I can't keep remembering them every time I walk in. I have to go somewhere else.


The following is written on the same page as the previous entry, separated by a few spaces.

I just made it into Ponyville. I hope Auntie Raincloud doesn't worry about me. I'll be okay. I can make it just fine on my own!

I really miss Papa. Who is going to teach me to fly, now? Mama can't. She's gone, too. Why did they have to go? I still feel like I should have given them another hug. I didn't get to tell them goodbye. I told them I would see them tomorrow the last time I saw them. Then I didn't go see them the next day. I basically lied to them. I didn't get to see them. It wasn't my fault, though! Auntie Raincloud wouldn't let me go. I didn't mean to lie. I didn't know!

I don't really have anywhere to live here... I've been walking around pretending I'm here visiting. Everyone keeps asking if I lost my parents. How did they know? I tell them I didn't. I don't want them to send me back to Auntie Raincloud. I can't go back home. I miss them too much.

I don't know where I'm going to sleep tonight. Maybe I'll go sleep at Granny Smith's gazebo.


I finally stopped crying at night the other day. I still miss my parents a lot, but I just can't cry anymore. My face, eyes, and throat hurt too much. I also feel a bit sick in my stomach from crying. I wonder how Auntie Raincloud is doing.

I almost got caught at the gazebo yesterday. A big red pony came walking by around sunset. I ran to hide in the trees. I don't know if he saw me or not. He called out like he heard something, but after a minute he just kept going.

I may try to go to the schoolhouse today. Mama always said I should take school seriously so I can become a successful pony. I guess I'll start going to school here. I already have a plan on what to tell the teacher if she asks about my parents. I'll tell them that they're very busy ponies, but that we just moved to town. That should work just fine, I think.

I've been eating the apples that get left behind when the Apple family bucks the trees. I've seen them while I hide in the bushes. They leave all the bruised apples on the ground, but at least I get to eat something.

I hide from the Apple family because I don't want to get in trouble if they find me. I really don't know what I'm going to do.


My teacher, Miss Cheerilee was very nice when I said I had just moved into town. She said she hoped to see my parents really soon. This may be a really big problem. I almost broke down when she told me that. I told her they were very busy, and it may be a while, maybe months. That will hopefully buy me some time. She wrote a note for my "parents" about when she was available.

I sit in the front row by a unicorn named Sweetie Belle. Her sister, Rarity, came in for show and tell today. She designs clothing. Some of the clothes she had in the pictures she brought were amazing. She draws so well. Some of them were like puffy and fluffy and fancy and ick, but others were really neat.

I don't know what I think about school so far. Sweetie Belle seems very nice, she told me I'll get used to the class eventually. I can't tell her why I'm so upset. I don't really feel like I want to talk to anypony else in the class. I really don't know what I'd say. I don't want to get caught, especially by these ponies who might make fun of me. I only kind of talked to Sweetie Belle because I think I'm really going to need a friend to get me through this, even if I don't talk to them about what happened with my parents.

I don't know what I am going to do about where I stay. It gets cold some nights but I don't have anything else to do. I may need to start looking for money to buy a blanket or something. I tend to look at the ground when I am walking around town, just in case I find some money. I've already found two or three bits.


There are these two fillies in the class, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. They're horrible brats! They send me these notes. Mean things. They'd tell me "Go home, new kid!" and "Go back to where you came from." They pick on me on the playground. Maybe they're right. Maybe I really am a stupid filly. I couldn't help my Mama and Papa. They don't have to be so mean, though.

I talked with Sweetie Belle today after school. She lives with her parents in town, but is usually with her sister during the day. She says she loves her sister, but feels like she's always in her sister's way. She tries to be helpful, but she always seems to cause problems. I asked her about her parents. She said they're nice, but didn't really say anything else. She kept saying how much she wants to be like her sister. She really has an obsession, too. She is ALWAYS talking about her sister. I guess that's okay, but why would you want to be just like somepony who always tells you you're doing things wrong?

Maybe that was my problem when I was at home. Maybe I just caused problems. At least now that I live by myself, I can't get in anypony's way. Maybe I'm the reason Mama and Papa got sick. I should have told them to stay home, or found somewhere else to go. Maybe if I had said something, they wouldn't have gone there and gotten sick.

Two policeponies found me today. They brought me back to Port Mane. I hate this. I hate being stuck here. I hate this house. I hate this town. I want to get out of here. This isn't my home anymore. Home disappeared with Mama and Papa. I have to leave.

Auntie Raincloud is so happy to see me, and I'm happy she's okay, but it hurts to sit here. It hurts to stare at the door and know Papa should be home by now. We would go to the park, or to the grocery store. This isn't the life I knew. I can't stay here. Auntie Raincloud tells me that the pain will go away with time, but it won't. Mama and Papa, if you're out there, somewhere, somehow, I miss you so much. I am sorry I missed your funeral, but I couldn't go. I hurt even thinking about it. Auntie Raincloud has kept me close all day. She's all I have left.


Auntie Raincloud and I are going to Ponyville to meet Granny Smith. Auntie Raincloud only has a couple of friends, and Granny Smith is her closest, oldest friend. They met at a rodeo that Auntie Raincloud was working as a cloudbreaker for.

While we were in town, Granny Smith told Auntie Raincloud to move to town. She said that in their retirement they should spend time closer. I hope Auntie Raincloud thinks about it. I can't live in that house anymore. I mean, I hate to see it go, but I can't live there. I can't. Every night I lay awake, looking at the ceiling. Papa doesn't tell me stories until I sleep. Mama isn't downstairs watering the plants. It's not the same place.

I met this cool pony named Rainbow Dash today. She's a weatherpony just like Papa is was. She's super fast and says one day she's going to be part of the Wonderbolts! That is so cool!

There was another pegasus I met, named Fluttershy, but she didn't say much. She squeaked out a hello, I think. I couldn't really tell. Rainbow Dash introduced me to her when I bumped into them by accident downtown. I told her I visiting with my Auntie Raincloud, and didn't know many ponies. She asked me what my parents did. I told her the jobs they used to do, but I didn't tell her that they're gone.

Rainbow Dash asked me Papa's name when I said he worked as a weatherpony. I said that he didn't work here in town and decided to talk about something else. She kept pushing, and I finally broke down and told them what happened. They both seemed really upset. I didn't want to bother them with my problems. I'll probably never see them, again, anyway.

Sweetie Belle saw me while Auntie Raincloud and I were in town. She asked why I looked so upset. Auntie Raincloud explained what was going on, and Sweetie Belle seemed shocked. I don't want everypony knowing about my stupid problems. It's not like it matters to them, anyway. It just makes me feel weird around them, and I feel like I just make them upset for no reason.

Sweetie Belle says that the Summer Sun Celebration is happening in Ponyville this year. I haven't seen the Summer Sun Celebration since Mama and Papa took me when I was really little. That year it was in Fillydelphia. It really was exciting, and I got to stay up all night, partying with the other ponies. I wish Mama and Papa could see this one, it's so much closer.

Sweetie Belle tells me that Rarity is in charge of decorations for the Celebration. She asked Auntie Raincloud if I could stay and hang out with her, and Auntie Raincloud said it may be good for me to get away from everything that happened. I'm glad she said that, because I really don't want to go back home. I'll be spending a lot of time with Sweetie Belle up until the big day. Auntie Raincloud will be staying at the Apples' house.

We're supposed to stay in Sweetie Belle's room unless called out for food. Sweetie Belle said "My sister just thinks I'm a walking disaster. She wants me as far away from her work as I can get. It's like I can't do anything right." I feel bad for her, but at least she has a sister. At least she has a family. I mean, I have Auntie Raincloud, and I wouldn't want to lose her, but I still hurt all over.


Auntie Raincloud found a house not too far from Sweet Apple Acres.  She also gave me something to remind me of my parents. It kind of makes me both happy and sad: I got a locket with a picture of my parents in it. I will probably leave it on my dresser. I look at it every night before I go to bed. Sometimes it makes me cry, other days it makes me happy to see their faces again.

Sweetie Belle and I went downtown today. We ran into Rarity again. She gave Sweetie Belle some money to go "stay out of her mane" as Sweetie Bell put it. We went to a place called Sugarcube Corner. It’s also the house of a couple ponies called the Cakes. I didn't know it was their house until they told me. Why would you want to live where you have to work? Seems like it'd be annoying.

I met this crazy pony named Pinkie Pie there. I've never met someone so hungry and so obsessed with partying in my life. She also just won't shut up! She talks so fast that I can't even understand what she says half the time, and the other half she's talking about absolute nonsense anyway. She's friendly, but I gave up listening to her. It didn't stop her from talking, though.

We also ran into Fluttershy while we were downtown. She didn't say anything other than greeting Sweetie Belle. Does she not like me? What'd I do? Did I bother her that much, telling her about Mama and Papa? Was it because I ran into her? Is she that stuck up?

At first I thought Rarity was a nice pony, and that Sweetie Belle was eggsexaggerating, but she is so mean to her sister. She basically said exactly what Sweetie Belle has been saying when we got back. Sweetie Belle didn't mean to knock down the banner Rarity was working on, but Rarity called her a "klutzy filly" and said that she always makes a mess. I told Sweetie Belle that it wasn't her fault, but she was almost crying.


Sweetie Belle and I ran into this pony named Applejack today. I wonder if that was the one Granny Smith mentioned a couple of months ago. I knew she was part of the Apple Family, because I'd seen her when I was hiding at Sweet Apple Acres a few times. She has a really twangy accent and sounds out of place from the other ponies in town. I wonder if the family isn't from around here.

Granny Smith said she thought she had seen me before, and eyed me like I was in trouble. She asked if I had met her before when I was very young or if I had been to Sweet Apple Acres before. I literally saw her yesterday. She's definitely a bit on the old side. Whatever.

Applejack seems really nice. She said she had a sister about my age. She talked about her like they were very close. Sweetie Belle and I both said we wished we had sisters like that. I love having Auntie Raincloud, but I'm worried for her, she's older in age, and if Mama and Papa... Never mind.

I had a really hard time tonight. I feel so embarrassed crying in front of Sweetie Belle, but I just can't help it. Some nights are hard. Tonight definitely was hard. I have this locket with me, and I love it, but sometimes it really hurts to see Mama and Papa's faces and know I can never hug them again. I can never practice trying to fly with them again. I just hate everything about this.Fillies my age aren't supposed to deal with this.


The Summer Sun Celebration is this week. Rarity has been really busy decorating the town for Princess Celestia, so I've been spending a lot of time with Sweetie Belle. Sweetie Belle and I have been trying to get our cutie marks. We don't really know what we're good at, though. Sweetie Belle said she'll probably get her mark in "getting in the way" since she always seems to be causing problems with her sister.

I don't know what I'm good at. Is there a cutie mark for being all mopey? I seem to be pretty good at that. Sweetie Belle acts like I'm not bothering her, but I annoy even myself with how upset I get. You'd think by now I'd be over this, move on or something. Everypony loses somepony at some point. I am nothing special. I still hate this.

I've had so much trouble sleeping. I have been the stars for a while, and I thought I saw some stars moving straight toward the moon. It was really strange. Whatever. I really like the stars, they're pretty. Sometimes while I am looking up there I wonder if Mama and Papa can still see me, somewhere. I know they can't, but every once in a while, I just get to thinking.


Tomorrow's the day. The Summer Sun Celebration. I hope everything goes well. At least Auntie Raincloud and I can spend it together. I can't wait to get some tasty treats, maybe something delicious can distract me  bit.  The page is decorated with various sketches of treats: candies, strawberries, cakes, pies, and other delicious goodies.

This really snooty purple unicorn came into town today. She seems really stuck up. She walks around like she's in charge of everything and she has this little purple dragon who doesn't always seem like he wants to be with her.

I saw Rainbow Dash clear the WHOLE sky today. She was super, super fast, and she did it like it was nothing! It must have been only a few seconds and the skies were totally clear! It was AMAZING! I hope one day I can fly like that! Maybe SHE can teach me!

Sweetie Belle was really upset this afternoon. Apparently, Rarity told her that she has done nothing but get in the way all week. She came to me telling me she was nothing but trouble. I sat with her on the playground and told her she's a sweet pony and that Rarity is just really stressed. I don't know if that was a lie or not. Rarity may just be a really mean pony. She sure can be stuck up, and it seems like everything is somepony else's fault.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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Critique Over Entire Story:

I think your story is awesome, and I can't wait to see how it ends! The story line is compelling, it has great character development, and It was a cute idea to put Scootaloo and Featherweight together!
Another thing I like about this story is how you came up with three elements of their own that fit the crusaders, although the it doesn't fit in with the MLP timeline at all.
I don't, however, like how you added Lucky Buck and Shooting Star to the story, because they don't seem like they would be worth adding something that couldn't possibly be part of MLP based on the little detail of their personality and how important it would be as part of MLP if Rainbowdash and Fluttershy actually had coltfriends. In other words, although I can't find anything out of place with their character, there isn't enough IN place to make them a worthwhile part of the story.
Also, you should be aware that Diamond Tiara's parents likely aren't actually the way you wrote them, as shown in Season 5 Episode 18. Her father is most likely much like her mother for her to be entirely raised the way she was.
Although these seemingly negative statements seem to cloud the actual wonder behind this story, my claim still stands. This is an amazing story, so keep up the good work!!!
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There are many things that I have an intention of re-polishing if I have time. I intend to add more FFP articles, hopefully flesh out both SS and LB, and possibly address the Riches more. Though the Zap Apple episode and the end of S5E18 showing that DT can control her father show a lot about just how different Filthy is from Spoiled. Keep in mind that while this story is "finished" I come back to it constantly, and these things may very well be considered if I do future updates. I will say I update the FIMFiction version a lot more often, because the system is easier to edit. If there are updates, now that you've read so much here, it may be easier to view them over there. If I update I may link you it, first, for that reason.

You'll see that there are several changes if you are or have reread(ing) the story.
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It is a piece that connects to anyone who has had someone get sick and to write down a memory of that person in a diary or Journal. I like how you describe what the journal looks like and how there are things in the book besides pages of the original journal. The emotion in the writing is strong and give a sense of what she is feeling as she writes in the journal. You might want to elaborate what her parents look like so the reader gets a sense of what her parents look like. It would make the story seem like she wants to remember how her parents looked that day. It would probably give the readers something more to relate to. The story is good and keep up the good work.
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The writing is very good. Congrats on the DD.
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I don't know too much about Scootaloo (other than the fact some people has debated whether she is a chicken or not for some reason) as I haven't watched a single MLP episode. It really seems that she is close to her family and there seems to be a child-like innocence to her character that is kinda endearing. Very good so far.
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The child-like ignorance of this makes it perfect and tragic....
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I'm glad you appreciate it! :tighthug:
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Very nice! You did a great work with this writing :)
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Thanks C: How far have you read?
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Very good! Keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next part! ^^
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There's many right now :giggle:
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This is cool, I love it :)
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Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(etc, etc, etc.)aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!
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Aww :'( This is really moving and I can't wait to read more xx
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Just as a note, if you haven't followed, there's several new parts out now :aww:
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Really nicely written, emotional work.
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finally, a fanfic that doesn't involve scoots being an orphan
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