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My Little Pony Friendship Is Pixel Art

This took about 3 days off and on.

14.5 hours according to my save history.

This is pixel art, not a scaled image.

I didn't use the eyedropper to get the colors, I did the colors by eye.

My mouse was faulty.

But I ENDURED! :iconvictoryplz:

So here is an 80x60 version of the picture during the title screen. That's 4800 pixels almost all done one by one (with a couple paint fills.) Done in MSPaint 7.

Whew. Why do I do this to myself? :faint:

I rarely say this but this was quite a chore PLEASE do not use without permission. (I always want to know at least so I can see it, but I really want to know how this is used before it is used, and I do want credit.)

11/20-23/2012 1000 views :la:
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I Really like it, even though it is a tad hard ta see, I Really like it, Is it like an Icon? for like a profile picture? because if it is that is AWESOME
Its awesome either way. I still Really like it Either way, You know its people Like you that make me want to strive to make better pixel art of ponies, becuase "Red Rum" Hell that was a one time thing, I could never do something like that Twice!
But you. You just Rub my face in it, I Love love it LOVE IT LOVE IT!

~Love, The Buff duck, Iggy Gunderson