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KiT-Rex and Kora

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Published: May 31, 2018
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The reason he looks like Rex from We're Back is deliberate.

*Kit just sits behind the bar, Kora pulls his tail, he squeaks with pain* come on, you. I'll make you have fun if I have to make you have fun.
Turn him into a dinosaur! *she chuckles*

if he resist its tougher but hes not very strong, should work out
*casts polymorph on Kit (make a strength saving throw or be a t-rex)*

Kit (!1d20-1)
ROLL: 14

*standing In the middle of the street* my god a dinosaur.

(and a poorly imagined one, as Sullivan would have no idea what actual t-rexes look like at this time period)
(hes seen skeletons and probably assumes big lizard)
(would not know about feathers)
(oh t-rex was not until 1902, let's ignore it for fun?)
(how are the crowds reacting?)

(T-rex in real life wasn't until 1902, exploration is different here)
(Oh god the Cannibals are likely laughing and cheering)

Kit don't freak out. it makes it worse.

(At this point i Assume the crowd is enjoying the show, seeing as Sullivan spends that much time here)

We need to see if he could eat a whole cow.
does anyone know where we could get a cow.

Kit very much freaks out as he looks like a garish, squirrely version of Rex from We're Back, with an absurd teal and yellow colorscheme that clashes awfully [ASIDE: It didn't clash as much as I expected]
*Kora is ROLLING*

Kora what do you think? Young kit is quite dashing yes?
Kit give Kora a ride.
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