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Beware the Quiet Ones

A scene from my fic. Don't make Featherweight mad. When he snaps he's a firecracker.


My Fanfic:…
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Cool and nice

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Goofy teeth, tiny stature AND weird hair?! Come on... Cut DT some slack... The temptation MUST have been too great!!
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Featherweight is a sweetheart.
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Yeah, but what you've got to understand is DT lives in a very image based world... And somehow like FW could NEVER live up to her lofty expectations. Therefore, he should be expecting to get a bit of teasing every now and then. What he's done here if actually far WORST than anything DT has ever done... She's never used violence, but here he has... On a FILLY, as well. I know who's side I'm on. Let's hope Cheerilee sees it the same way...
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Well, there's more context to this within its story. This is a pic related to my fic.
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Well, perhaps if you put a more detailed explanation under your picture ( I DO like it BTW) then I wouldn't have to speculate. Not all of us have the time to read your magnum opus, ya know...
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It's only the length of a novel... <<

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