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A Busy Day for The Editor In Chief

I wanted to try and get an actual scene into a drawing I did. Also, REALLY big image apparently.


My Fanfic:…
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I think you can definitely improve on the perspective. For example the table leg should be vertical in almost every situation. Also, try to image a horizon line so you can try the table accordingly. currently it is too slanted so you see more of the top than what is realistic.

When you feel comfortable, you should start shading things to give more realism and depth to your art. It is important to keep contrast between subjects and to lead the viewer's eye with the brightest/dimmest thing being the focus of your drawing.

You have good ideas for your art, and I hope you keep improving!
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That table leg has given me nothing but trouble. Lol.

I've been trying. I spent 5 hours so far. I'll probably light box whatever the final version is before I color and shade, just so I don't totally bork the original if I color it wrong, since I haven't done many colorizations or shading.

I also may need to move my signature, because I, too, noticed the table was too long
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Try to make the table a lot shorter. Here's a ref image:…
Do you notice how the table looks as thin as a ruler? But you know that it's really wide because your brain corrects your perception. Vertical legs and a "short" table will do the trick, though it means you will have to foreshorten everything else on the table, as well.
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yeah, I know XP I just gotta move the sig, and I'll crop it to that width, since there's not anything over there, anyway
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Is cute and adorable, nice work.