This journal is meant to explain the various effects and changes a Tail can have on a person's life.  As it compiles a lot of information from the research done in the lab that first created them, it mostly centers on human hosts.  A document similar to this is required reading by some labs for those choosing to get Tails of their own, so they know what they're getting into.  (In other words, use this as a reference for a choice origin's backstory if you want)

Physical Changes

The most obvious physical change experienced by a new Monster is the sudden growth of a large tail.  There are a lot of other things that the sudden acquisition of a Tail can change in one's life.  In addition, there are a lot of other effects that can occur because Tails often make changes to their host's body in order to ensure their mutual survival.

Major Changes

First of all, the host will have a large, sapient tail permanently attached to their spine.  It is impossible for the host to remove the Tail through any means.  In addition, the tail will be able to eat a certain diet and will change the host's digestive system and physical form if necessary to aid in obtaining food for that diet.  Tails are somehow able to hold themselves up even if there's no way the host should be able to hold that much weight, but they will still feel some of the Tail's weight, which can be disconcerting.  Due to the large size of most Tails, it would likely be necessary to either buy new clothes or alter old ones so that it wouldn't be restricted in its movement.  Acquiring a Tail may also cause the host to grow other appendages or have their current ones altered.  For instance, a tail that mostly eats sea creatures may cause the host to grow webbing between their fingers and toes.  The traits of having tails are also passed from parent to offspring, and the offspring must each be given a special object so their tails don't become unstable.

Minor Changes

Tails can cause a variety of other things about the host to change, from their hair or eye color, to their height.  These are less life-altering, but still change their life.

Mental Changes

Having a Tail changes a lot of things about the host mentally, too, even though there is generally no mental connection between the two.  This is also done for survival.

Major Changes

Since damaging/destroying the Tail would be problematic for both parties, no Monster is actually able to do anything to attack, injure, or remove their Tail.  Even if the Tail and monster hate each other, they can't actually physically damage each other much.  The Tail can still bite the Monster painfully, though, so human Monsters often muzzle overly aggressive tails.  Additionally, a Tail's special ability can also show up in the host, especially if their Core is near or within the Monster.  This causes mental changes that depend on what the ability is.

Minor Changes

There are likely other mental changes caused by the acquisition of a Tail, but there is little known about them.

Other Changes

Major Changes

Having a sapient Tail can cause other things in the host's life to change, since they are a permanent part of their body.  One of the biggest things is that the host has to figure out how to communicate and get along with a creature that is capable of complex reasoning without the ability for the two to talk in any way.  Tails are usually only capable of animalistic noises, so this provides a significant barrier to communication.  Sometimes the Tail doesn't like the host, so they have to figure something out so they can live.

Also, sitting on certain types of chairs might annoy the Tail because it hurts them.  So the host may need to replace some of their furniture.

Minor Changes

There have been a few attempts made to look into other lifestyle changes caused by Tails, but results have been inconclusive.

Unstable Tails

If a Tail's internal Core is damaged or destroyed, or if the Tail was created without a Core, the Tail is likely to become unstable without timely replacement of the Core.  This can created a variety of additional changes, which can cause extra stress if not properly understood.

Major Changes

Unstable Tails can generally only eat either Strange Crystals or Strange Liquids to keep them more stable.  Most hosts' bodies require significant modification to be able to eat these objects, so they often have much more significant changes than stable Tail hosts do.  Unstable Tails also tend to take on Strange characteristics, such as crystal teeth or strange saliva.  Tails with the latter may sometimes want to attack other living creatures, which will generally gain their own Tails shortly after.  As a result, these Tail Monsters are often ostracized from most societies.

Minor Changes

Unstable Tails tend to have a slightly higher chance to have more special abilities, due to an increased exposure to Strange Objects.

Multiple Tails

While it is theorized that it is possible for a Tail Monster to be born with or obtain more than one Tail, it is extremely unlikely and so far has never happened.
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