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USF - Saber
Name: Artoria Pendragon (Kari Wahlgren/Ayako Kawasumi)
Alternate skins:
Card - Based on the Saber Class Card
Ascension - Various stages of Servant Ascension
Casual - Wears a white blouse with blue skirt during downtime
Lily - Wears a white dress and platinum armor, Artoria's voice becomes more upbeat and bubbly, reflecting her age
Alter - Wears a goth-loli outfit with yellow eyes and patinum-blonde hair, Artoria's voice becomes more domineering, reflecting her corruption
Assassin - Based on her appearance as Mysterious Heroine X
Zero - Artoria wears a dark blue dress shirt and necktie with a French continental dark suit.
Santa - Artoria wears a black Santa outfit, her voice alternates between sounding comforting or stern
Ataraxia - Various costumes from Fate/hollow ataraxia
Raincoat - Based on a scene in Fate/hollow ataraxia
Swimsuit - Based on the pool sequence from Fate/hollow ataraxi
Lion - Wears a lion onesie, Excalibur is replaced by a piece of meat
Maid - Based on a segment from
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 4 6
I always wanted a twin! by Tailikku1 I always wanted a twin! :icontailikku1:Tailikku1 7 1
USF: Dracula
Name:  Dracula (Patrick Seitz/Norio Wakamoto)
Alternate Skins:
Cronqvist – Resembles his former identity as Mathias Cronqvist
Warlord – Based on a painting of the historic Vlad Tepes
Judgment – Wears the outfit from the Wii game
Age – Various changes in age ranging from young as seen in Rondo of Blood to old as seen in Curse of Darkness
Shadow – Resembles Gabriel Belmont from the Lords of Shadows series
Novel – Dracula as he was described by Bram Stoker and Freda Warrington in the original book and its sequel.
Gentleman – Dracula as described by Ian Holt and Dacre Stoker in the "authorized" sequel.
Hungary – Resembles the poster of the lost Hungarian film "Dracula's Death"
1930's – Resembles Béla Lugosi from the original Universal film
Hammer – Resembles Christopher Lee from the films from the 1950's through 1975.
Oldman – Based on Gary Oldman's portrayal from the 1992 film
Marvel – Resembles the Marvel v
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 8 3
USF: Shion
Name: Shion (Lani Minella/Hekiru Shiina)
Alternate Skins:
Box – Based on the Japanese box art for the game
Punk – Based on the Western box art for the game
Book – Based on Bocke Lee Temjin from the previous game
Leo – Based on Leo from Monster Lair
Dyna – Shion wears armor patterned after a Rhino Beetle
Two-faced – The left-half of Shion's body is now that of a demon
Five – Resembles Jimmy Five from the Monica's Gang comics
Yusha – Resembles a character cut from Monster World IV
Jin – Resembles the hero from Monster Boy
Alien – Resembles the Plaxx from Sonic the Comic
Prince – Based on the Dark World Prince
Higgins – Resembles the hero of Adventure Island
Surprise - Based on Head Rococo from  Bikkuriman World
Intro Quotes:
"Before me lies my next challenge!"
"Please, don't call me Wonder Boy..."
"Where have I ended up now?"
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
Vs. Self: "Wait... Are the aliens attacking Monster Wo
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 4 3
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overlordbobwebcomic page339 by imric1251 overlordbobwebcomic page339 :iconimric1251:imric1251 14 2 Board Blocking Bulk by LuckyJack020
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Board Blocking Bulk :iconluckyjack020:LuckyJack020 77 4
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Valentina by DKDevil :iconunski11ed:Unski11ed 55 2
Extraordinary Sheba by David3X Extraordinary Sheba :icondavid3x:David3X 26 3
Hordak Triumphant
The Crimson Waste
Hordak looked at the forces amassed
“For you own sake i hope your plan work , *snort* , Many of our troops are going to be wasted why the rebellion while we wait for your so called dragon to be summoned “
Shadow Weaver  looked at a crystal ball in her hand
“The legend spoke of a great dragon , with jaws of steel and chest with scales made of metal “
Hordak replied
“ *snort* my kind of guy “
She points to a horde trooper who take the orb to place it on a pedestal in the distance , and she starts incanting
Mojave Desert
The aftermath of an alien invasion
Well we can’t call it an invasion, couple of Kree rebels who were routed by the avengers
Shield field commander shaking captain America hands
“Thanks for the help, but I still think you didn’t need to intervene captain America “
Captain America
“nonsense, we always help “
The field commander points to the shacked Kree warriors led
:iconsingory:singory 10 0
COMMISSION FLAT COLORED by Martyna-Chan COMMISSION FLAT COLORED :iconmartyna-chan:Martyna-Chan 6 0 Martha Lee Jackson by eKarasz Martha Lee Jackson :iconekarasz:eKarasz 4 0 [c] Rapid Changes by TheRecurrent [c] Rapid Changes :icontherecurrent:TheRecurrent 28 1 Chie, Yukiko, Naoto and Rise Reprogrammed by HypnolordX Chie, Yukiko, Naoto and Rise Reprogrammed :iconhypnolordx:HypnolordX 27 0 Tori Bio by HypnolordX Tori Bio :iconhypnolordx:HypnolordX 10 1 Sophie Goes Hawaiian by HypnolordX Sophie Goes Hawaiian :iconhypnolordx:HypnolordX 25 2 Calling all kitty Maids pt 4 by TGDJ
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Calling all kitty Maids pt 4 :icontgdj:TGDJ 11 0


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Current Residence: Crown Point
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Skin of choice: The type that Dwight suggested in "The Injury"
Favourite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse
Personal Quote: Let's do it to it!
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Considering my most recent sprite collage of sorts for :iconomegamorph:'s Ultimate Sonic Fighter, involving the non-Sonic strips in the comic's run, I think I should pay tribute to the top 5 best and worst of the non-Sonic strips.

The worst:

5)  Wonder Boy - Now don't get me wrong.  I like the Wonder Boy series, but this doesn't seem to be a step in the right direction for Shion to go.  The comic also makes little mention to Shion's previous adventure (Wonder Boy in Monster World) instead sending the boy hero to fight demons and ghosts in completely different kingdoms.  Perhaps this is the reason why Monster World IV mentioned that he was swallowed up by a sinkhole?
4)  Marko - Nothing too special.  Just a loose adaptation of the game.  Also the only one to be based on... a Nintendo game?!  Yeah, believe it or not, Marko is actually a multi-platform game, appearing on the SNES and Mega Drive as well as the Game Gear.
3)  Ecco the Dolphin - Maybe it's just the fact that the idea of constantly searching for air pockets as a bottlenose turns me off, but I'm none too keen on this comic adaptation of Ecco's debut game.  The artwork is impressive, mimicking Novotrade's artstyle for the game to a T.
2)  Ristar - When I learned that Ristar was going to be added to StC Online, I was excited.  But when I read the comic, I was very disappointed.  All canon established by the game was defied, presenting Ristar as more of a dork than the Chosen One that the intro to the game presents him as.  For that matter, where is Oluto and where is Tyrant Greedy?
1)  Pirate StC - To Stephen Bliss, this seamed like the most logical conclusion for Sega Fans who subscribed to StC: Bring Sega TV to pages and emulate the style of the advertisements, including the Sega Pirate and Steve O'Donnell as characters.  And then everything just went wrong.  The art-style is incredibly grotesque, none of the jokes make any sense, and there is very little in the way of character development for the "characters".  The whole thing just seems like a mind-fuck that makes Decap Attack look sane.

The best.  (Granted, #1 normally belongs to Decap Attack, as it should, and I agree.  But for the sake of this list, I will be excluding it for being in a league of its own)

5)  Revenge of Shinobi - Technically speaking, this is the very first non-Sonic strip in StC history, predating the actual comic.  The story actually begins in the Sonic Annual Yearbook 1991/1992.  The single story from there continues into StC Proper, following Joe Musashi in his journey across the world to defeat Xeed.
4)  Eternal Champions - Fleetway really knew what they were doing when they printed this strip.  The strip was brought to attention when the game was reviewed in issue 17 by Vincent Low, where it received a rating of 85%. Positives were gleamed from its great characters and huge variety of moves, but the sound was criticised. After an initial story, it soon recieved its own special covering many of the fighters in the game, as well as a final story focussing on Larcen Tyler.
3)  The Legend of the Golden Axe - Despite sharing its name with Axe Battler - Legend of Golden Axe, this strip is instead set after the events of Golden Axe 2, following Tarik, Tyris Flare, and Gilius Thunderhead in their travels across Yuria to protect the kingdom from whatever new threat arrises.  At the time of publication, the main threat was Dark Guld, the final boss of GA2.  After his defeat in the first strip, the story then turned to the heroes on their way back to the kingdom to return the Golden Axe to its resting place, along the way rescuing Gilius' sister Yuki and his fellow dwarves from the evil sorcerer Cobraxis.  Oddly enough, Cobraxis' method of transformation into a snakelike being was later employed by Death-Adder himself in Golden Axe - Beast Rider when the giant transforms into his snakelike Titan form.
2)  Streets of Rage - This one was legendary in terms of length, content, and appeal.  The story was written by future-Marvel writer Mark Millar, and set up the ongoing plot of Axel, Max, Skates, and Blaze toughing their way through the streets of the City, sweeping up criminal activity in its wake where no police would be able to clean up, and taking on the Syndicate originally led by Hawk from within the police department and later by Mr.  X.  There were at least 4 stories of Streets of Rage, with the last one by Kitching.  Millar has very recently written the Civil War stories for Marvel, later being adapted as part of the MCU as Captain America - Civil War.
1)  Sparkster - Admittingly, if I had Decap Attack on here, everything would be pushed back by one, making this #2.  But since this is not the case, this spot goes for the sole strip based on Konami's Sonic alike.  Kitching has stated that this was the easiest strip for him to do, because of how Sonic-like the source material was.  In this story, Sparkster has been branded as a public enemy and learns that it was not by the will of his beloved Princess Sherry, but rather by King Gedol, his old adversary.  Rushing to the Elhorn royal palace, Sparkster finds that Sherry is being controlled by Gedol.  She has been under a spell, just like the whole of Elhorn, that intensifies the badness in people. Sparkster guesses it is his enchanted armour that protects him and anyone near him. Unfortunately, he isn't near Sherry right now, and the brainwashed princess calls for guards. Worse still, Sherry is soon going to be married to Gedol. Sparkster soon breaks out of the dungeon and makes his way to the chapel to stop the wedding from taking place.  Along the way, Sparkster finds the source of the corruption, fighting against the evil gemstone and its reflections of him.  With the gem destroyed, the attendees at the wedding all announce their rejection of this marriage.  Sparkster chases after Gedol and his captive "bride" to the steeple where he plummets into the river below, with Sparkster rescuing the princess.  With Gedol gone, it is time to rebuild the world and Shelly's kingdom. Out of all the non-Sonic strips, this was the one other than Decap Attack that fans clamored for a new installment of, but Fleetway no longer had the lisence from Konami.  There are still plans for StC Online to visit Elhorn, but none have materialized yet.

Also, to anyone who is arriving back from the 25th anniverary meetup in Manchester, I hope you and the staffs of both the original and the continuation had fun!
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