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Drake Mallard vs. Jim Starling (DT17 spoilers) by Tailikku1 Drake Mallard vs. Jim Starling (DT17 spoilers) :icontailikku1:Tailikku1 6 1
USF - Bathory
Name: Elizabeth Bathory (Kira Buckland/Rumi Ookubo)
Alternate skins:
Sweet Dream - Her summer outfit from Fate/Extella
Cheerleader - The eponymous costume from Fate/Extella
Ascension - Her stage 3 Ascension outfit from Fate/Grand Order
Witch - Her Halloween '15 outfit as a Caster
Brave - Her Halloween '16 outfit as a Saber
3D - Same as above, but rendered similar to 3D Dot Heroes
Turtler - Cosplays as Chichi in the original Dragon Ball Manga, uses the Brave NP
Wild? - Elizabeth is without her horns and wears the Tsukumihara Academy uniform
Dragon Magician Girl - Her alternate costume from Fate/Extella
Maid - Cosplays as Tohru
Edelfelt - Dresses similar to Luvia
Chibi - Her outfit from Chibichuki
Carmilla - Resembles her adult self summoned as an Assassin in Fate/Grand Order
Egos - Has aspects of the various Alter-Egos from Fate/Extra CCC
Cancer - Resembles BB from Fate/Extra CCC
Makai - Cosplays as Raspberyl from the Disgaea series.
Bloodlines - Resembles her counterpart from Castlevan
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 4 0
USF - Squall
Name: Squall Leonhart (Doug Erholtz/Hideo Ishikawa)
Alternate skins:
SeeD - His military uniform
Steely Blade - His alternate outfit from 012
Leon - His appearance in Kingdom Hearts (His healthbar name changes to "Leon Squallblade" to reflect this); Griever appears similar to Kovu in this outfit.
Balamb Mercenary - Alternate colors of his default outfit from Dissidia NT
Dollet - Wears the military uniform of Dollet Soldiers
Laguna - Wears his father's outfits from 012
Disciplinary - Wears his rival Seifer's jacket
Cop - Wears the NYPD uniform, similar to Aya Brea from Parasite Eve
Intro Quotes:
"This is gonna be easy."
"Just bring it!"
"I'll send you packin' in no time."
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
Vs. Self: "If you are me, then you understand."
Vs. Sonic: "You either got a magnetic personality... or you're annoying as hell..."
Vs. Super Forms: "That's...quite a shine you've got there."
Vs. Amy: "To tell you the truth...  I worry too much about what others think of me"
Vs. Sh
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 5 7
USF - Zack
Name: Zack Fair (Rick Gomez/Kenichi Suzumura)
Alternate skins:
2nd Class - Zack's hair is shorter and he wears the uniform of a 2nd Class SOLDIER
Angeal - Zack's hair and uniform are the same as his mentor, Angeal Hewley
Kunsel - Zack wears the uniform and helemet of his comrade from Crisis Core
Tsviet - Zack resembles Nero the Sable from Dirge of Cerberus
Hakusho - Zack cosplays as Yusuke Urameshi from Yuu Yuu Hakusho
Olympus - Zack wears his armor from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Puppy - Zack wears dog ears and a collar, based on Genesis' tongue in cheek nickname
Intro Quotes:
"SOLDIER 1st Class Zack, on the job!"
"Hello to you too!"
"Come and get it!"
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
Vs. Self: "Oh great... Hollander's experiments are getting out of hand..."
Vs. Sonic: "Fast one! This'll be fun then!"
Vs. Toon Sonic: "Well you're a talker. You ready?"
Vs. Amy/Boom Amy: "For a cute weapon you've got a lot of pride behind it."
Vs. Shadow: "Thing is... I knew a few guys like you."
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 6 4
USF - Yuffie
Name: Yuffie Kisaragi (Mae Whitman/Yumi Kakazu)
Alternate skins:
RWO - Wears her outfit from Dirge of Cerberus
Cloak - Her outfit during her introduction in Dirge of Cerberus
After Years - Wears her outfit from Advent Children
Spammer - Wears her outfit from Crisis Core
Wall Market - Wears a bee-themed uniform from Honeybee Manor
Sailor - Based on the Junon sequence
Nurse - Wears a Wutai-themed medical uniform, based on her occupation in On the Way to a Smile
Shinra - Wears her outfit from concept art
Gullwing - Resembles Rikku from FFX
Traverse - Wears her outfit from Kingdom Hearts
Restoration - Wears her outfit from KH2
Gaiden - Cosplays as Kasumi from Dead or Alive
Spy - Cosplays as Kim Possible (Christy Carlson Romano/Yumi Kakazu)
Ex - Cosplays as Roxanne Richter from Scott Pilgrim
Hoshido (Nintendo Exclusive Skin) - Cosplays as Oboro from Fire Emblem Fates
Hokage - Cosplays as Hinata from Naruto.
Intro Quotes:
"I am Wutai's strongest warrior!"
"I know you're all dyin' to talk to
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 5 1
USF - Aerith
Name: Aerith Gainsborough (Mandy Moore/Maaya Sakamoto)
Alternate skins:
Hussie - Her dress during the Don Corneo sequence
Youth - Based on her outfit from Elmyra's flashback
Crisis - Wears her outfit from Crisis Core
Turk - Wears her outfit from Before Crisis
Traverse - Wears her outfit from Kingdom Hearts, she removes her jacket
Restoration - Wears her outfit from Kingdom Hearts 2
Wanderer - Aerith's hair is undone, much like in her death sequence
Peddler - Based on her Ivalice counterpart from War of the Lions
Tranquility - Wears her alternate outfit from Dissidia 012
Mage - Wears the standard White Mage outfit from other Final Fantasy titles
Chemist - Based on ther Ivalice counterpart's job; wears Lenna's outfit as a Chemist in FFV
Shinra - Dresses as Lucretia Crescent from Dirge of Cerberus
Corona - Aerith cosplays as Rapunzel
Hyrule (Nintendo exclusive skin) - Aerith cosplays as Zelda as she appears in a Link to the Past
Ninja - Aerith cosplays as Helena Douglas from Dead or Alive
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 5 2
USF - Cloud
Name: Cloud Strife (Steve Burton/Takahiro Sakurai)
Alternate skins:
Infantry - Cloud during the Nibelheim Incident
Grunt - Cloud as a Shinra infantryman, similar to the above but with a helmet
Steady Light - Cloud as a Warrior of Chaos
Cloudy Wolf - Cloud as he appears in Advent Children
Torn - Cloudy Wolf outfit with a torn sleeve, showing a heart string tied to his arm. The Fusion Sword is wrapped in white bandages like in Kingdom Hearts 2
Dress - Based on the Don Corneo sequence in FFVII
l'Cie - Cloud crossplays as Lightning from FFXIII
Smash - Wears his alternate costumes from Super Smash Bros.
NT - Alternate colors for his default and Cloudy Wolf outfits from Dissidia NT
Hades Gear - Wears his outfit from Kingdom Hearts, Coded, and Chain of Memories. The Buster Sword is wrapped in white bandages.
Intro Quotes:
"Let's just... get this over with."
"Not interested."
"Let's mosey!"
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
Vs. Self: "Not you again."
Vs. Sonic/Smash Bros.: "It looks like we're
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 6 0
USF - Sephiroth
Name: Kadaj (Steve Staley/Showtaro Morikubo)
Alternate skins:
Yazoo - Resembles his brother (Dave Wittenberg/Yuuji Kishi; lines in bold)
Loz - Resembles his brother (Fred Tatasciore/Kenji Nomura; lines in italics)
Shattered - Resembles concept art for the Remnants
Lost Name - Resembles concept art for himself
Manikin - a hypothetical Manikin version of himself and his brothers
Copy - Appears as a black cloaked figure with an Al-bhed numeral on his shoulder.
Intro Quotes:
"All of you. You're in my way."
"Come here. Mother has a gift for you."
"The Reunion is coming soon."
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
Vs. Werehog: "Is the planet already calling to you?"
Vs. Super Forms: "Oh.~ Look at what you've been hiding."
Vs. Tails/Cream: "Ugh. Quit crying."
Vs. Shadow: "You're what we call a black sheep."
Vs. Eggman/Robotnik: "You wreck everything you’ve ever made then you start over like it’ll be any different the next time."
Vs. Eggman Empire: "I don't feel like talki
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 6 5
USF - Karna
Name: Karna (Chris Niosi (:iconKirbopher15:)/Koji Yusa)
Alternate skins:
Ascension - Various stages of Servant Ascension
Launcher - Wears his outfit from Fate/Extra CCC and Fate/Extella
Coordinator - Based on his alternate costume in Fate/Extella
Versus - Wears an outfit similar to his rival, Arjuna
Formal Dress - Based on a card from Fate/Grand Order
Farmer - Based on the April Fools Day 2015 art
TOME - Cosplays as Kirbopher15 from TOME
Rider - Cosplays as Urataros from Kamen Rider Den-O
India - Karna has a more "normal" skin color based on his appearance in the Mahabharata
Traveller - Based on a card from Fate/Grand Order
"Hmph, now this is something..."
"What a stupid karma. Just like risking your own life."
"If you have a wish, it is my job to grant it."
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
Vs. Self: "Karma is being very rough to me today..."
Vs. Shadow: "You and I seem to share a similar story."
Vs. Mephiles: "You call yourself the God of the Sun? Let's just see that!"
Vs. Eraz
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 3 2
USF - Mordred
Name: Mordred (Erica Lindbeck/Miyuki Sawashiro) [Kairi Sisigou: Patrick Seitz/Kenji Nomura]
Alternate skins:
Ascension - Various stages of Servant Ascension
Casual - Wears a tanktop, shorts, and red jeacket
Summer - Wears her outfit as a Rider from Fate/Grand Order
Bounty - Mordred appears wearing a cowboy outfit; Kairi cosplays as Dog the Bounty Hunter
Fate - Mordred resembles Artoria even more, based on her appearance in Fate/Stay Night; Kairi dresses similar to Hassan i-Sabbah's King appearance from Fate/Grand Order
Decepticon - A tongue in cheeck reference to Mordred's armor resembling Megatron
Badnik - Mordred wears armor that resembles Metal Sonic; Kairi cosplays as the Black Knight
Feline - Mordred is wearing a cat-themed onesie; Kairi's jacket is now patterened after a lion.
"There is no shame in running, because your opponent is Mordred."
"What a pain. I'll mow you down like the rabble you are!"
"It's a quest! Let's do it!"
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
Vs. Self: "Oh
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 4 3
USF - Nero
Name: Nero Claudia Caesar Augusta Germanica (Cassandra Morris/Sakura Tange)
Alternate skins:
Ascension - Various stages of Servant Ascension
Bride - Wears a white dress with zippers and collars
BDSM - Wears a black latex version of her wedding dress
Swimsuit - Wears a two-piece bikini
Mythology - Wears a decorative red uniform resembling that of Lu Bu
Sick - Based on the non-canon minigame
Harlot - Resembles the Whore of Babylon
Santa - Wears appropriate Christmas garb
Olympic Bloomers - Wears gym clothes
Romanus - Wears Amy's chiton from her visit to Romanus in StC
Wendy - Dresses similar to Wendy Thomas, made popular thanks to a Twitter PR thread
Form Change - One of her alternate forms in the Fate/Ex series
Type - Nero appears as Saber Venus.
"Let's show 'em how we dance!
"A glorious victory awaits!"
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
Vs. Self: "U-umu... Overdoing it a bit, eh?"
Vs. Sonic: "Well, you may be a star, but can you outshine this one?"
Vs. Excalibur Sonic: "So
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 5 0
USF - Gilles de Rais
Name: Gilles de Rais (Dan Woren/Satoshi Tsuruoka)
Alternate skins:
Caster - Based on the Caster Class Card
Ascension - Various stages of Servant Ascension
Marshall - Based on his sane appearance as a Saber
Clown - Based on a Halloween card in Fate/Grand Order
Bluebeard - Based on his alias as described by Robert Perrault and the Brothers Grimm
Vampire - Based on his counterpart from the Castlevania series
Ecclesia - Gilles cosplays as Barlowe from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Lovecraft - Gilles has transformed into a Lovecraftian entity
Warden - Gilles cosplays as Igor from the Persona series
Javert - Gilles cosplays as Inspecteur Javert from Les Misérables
Minister - Gilles cosplays as Claude Frollo as he appears in the 1996 animated adaptation of the Hunchback of Notre-Dame.
"Simply marvelous!"
"Welcome to our sacrilegious banquet!"
"Now, let's raise the curtain on this blasphemous comedy!"
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
Vs. Self: "You're good me, and I'm bad me!"
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 5 0
USF - Castlevania Villains
Name: Carmilla (Kari Wahlgren/Atsuko Tanaka) [Laura: Stephanie Sheh/Sayaka Ohara]
Alternate skins:
Novel - Based on her description in Sheridan Le Fanu's story.
Lunar - Wears her dress from Circle of the Moon
Bathory - Resembles the similar vampiress from the series as she appeared in Castlevania Bloodlines; Laura resembles the first phase of the Princess of Moths
Vampira - Wears a fancy mask with ruddy lines of dried blood appearing from the eyes.
Annette - Carmilla appears in the form of Annette Renard upon posession in Vampire's Kiss; Laura resembles a demonic version of Maria's SotN appearance
Catiche - Based on a painting of the historic Elizabeth Bathory
Bloodlust - Based on her appearance from Vampire Hunter D
Fate - Resembles her Fate/Grand Order counterpart.
Countess - Resembles the countess from the cancelled Dreamcast game
Witch - Resembles Actrice from the N64 games
Animation - Resembles her appearance in the Netflix series
Far East - Resembles the Asian vampiress from the
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 4 2
USF - Dracula X
Name: Alucard (Yuri Lowenthal/Ryotaro Okiayu)
Alternate skins:
Government - Alucard in his guise as Genya Arikado
Grimoire - Arikado's design in the 2019 mobile game, Grimoire of Souls
Shadows - Based on the Lords of Shadows version
Classic - Based on the original design from Castlevania III
Judgment – Wears the outfit from the Wii game
Messiah - a tongue in cheek reference to Trevor's comment from the Netflix series; Alucard wears white robes and sandals
Hellsing - Alucard cosplays as the "other" Alucard
Hunter - Alucard cosplays as D from Vampire Hunter D
Monstrous - Based on concept art for the movie-turned-Netflix series
Kid - Resembles the parody version, Kid Dracula, as well as the painting from the Netflix series
Juste - Resembles the identical looking Belmont from Harmony of Dissonance
Intro Quotes:
"You stand in my way. Move or die."
"Who calls me?"
"Very well. Come."
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
Vs. Self: "A twist of time...? But there's no need for two of me."
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 6 4
USF - Belmonts
Name: Simon Belmont (Keith Silverstein/Hideo Ishikawa)
Alternate skins:
Smash - Based on his alternate colors in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Chronicles - Based on official artwork for the PS1 version
Cursed - Simon as he appears in Castlevania II
Judgment – Wears the outfit from the Wii game
William - Based on the ingame graphics for Haunted Castle
MSX - Simon wears a velvet cape and maroon armor from the MSX version
Actor - Based on Simon's non-canon descendant from the gamebook and Waiwai World
Animated - Based on his appearance from Captain N
Fate - Based on the Lords of Shadows version
Mirror - Resembles Fake Simon
Graffiti - Based on the mirror drawing of the former
Retro - Simon is now orange and mahogany like his original sprite
Platinum - Simon cosplays as Joseph Joestar
Simondo - Resembles the secret boss from Contra the Hard Corps
Yagami - Simon cosplays as Light from Death Note
Intro Quotes:
"If you wish to fight, then stand resolute"
"I will show you the might of House
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 9 2
USF - Bloodlines
Name: Eric Lecard (Grant George/Kohei Fukuhara)
Alternate skins:
Blue - Eric's hair is dyed to match his original sprite
Wind - Eric resembles how he looks in Portrait of Ruin
Fancy - Eric wears a tux similar to his appearance in Judgment
Efrain - Eric resembles his ancestor
Zoro - Eric cosplays as the Latino hero
Gary - Eric cosplays as William Flemming from Metal Gear Ac!d
Bishie - Eric's face is more feminine (Stephanie Sheh/Yuko Sanpei)
Intro Quotes:
"Undrestimate me and pay the price."
"So, who am I fighting?"
"Care to try fighting me?"
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
Vs. Self: "Well, this is interesting... But my one lance is all this world needs!" "Whatever sorcery spawned you, it shall prove no match for the true me!"
Vs. Mecha Sonic: "What manner of curse is this?!"
Vs. Werehog: "Surprised you even have your sanity."
Vs. Rouge: "What? Some giant bat?!"
Vs. Fang: "Don't be so confident just because you're wielding a gun."
Vs. Infinite: "These portraits are illusions which I'll
:icontailikku1:Tailikku1 6 2


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Considering my most recent sprite collage of sorts for :iconomegamorph:'s Ultimate Sonic Fighter, involving the non-Sonic strips in the comic's run, I think I should pay tribute to the top 5 best and worst of the non-Sonic strips.

The worst:

5)  Wonder Boy - Now don't get me wrong.  I like the Wonder Boy series, but this doesn't seem to be a step in the right direction for Shion to go.  The comic also makes little mention to Shion's previous adventure (Wonder Boy in Monster World) instead sending the boy hero to fight demons and ghosts in completely different kingdoms.  Perhaps this is the reason why Monster World IV mentioned that he was swallowed up by a sinkhole?
4)  Marko - Nothing too special.  Just a loose adaptation of the game.  Also the only one to be based on... a Nintendo game?!  Yeah, believe it or not, Marko is actually a multi-platform game, appearing on the SNES and Mega Drive as well as the Game Gear.
3)  Ecco the Dolphin - Maybe it's just the fact that the idea of constantly searching for air pockets as a bottlenose turns me off, but I'm none too keen on this comic adaptation of Ecco's debut game.  The artwork is impressive, mimicking Novotrade's artstyle for the game to a T.
2)  Ristar - When I learned that Ristar was going to be added to StC Online, I was excited.  But when I read the comic, I was very disappointed.  All canon established by the game was defied, presenting Ristar as more of a dork than the Chosen One that the intro to the game presents him as.  For that matter, where is Oluto and where is Tyrant Greedy?
1)  Pirate StC - To Stephen Bliss, this seamed like the most logical conclusion for Sega Fans who subscribed to StC: Bring Sega TV to pages and emulate the style of the advertisements, including the Sega Pirate and Steve O'Donnell as characters.  And then everything just went wrong.  The art-style is incredibly grotesque, none of the jokes make any sense, and there is very little in the way of character development for the "characters".  The whole thing just seems like a mind-fuck that makes Decap Attack look sane.

The best.  (Granted, #1 normally belongs to Decap Attack, as it should, and I agree.  But for the sake of this list, I will be excluding it for being in a league of its own)

5)  Revenge of Shinobi - Technically speaking, this is the very first non-Sonic strip in StC history, predating the actual comic.  The story actually begins in the Sonic Annual Yearbook 1991/1992.  The single story from there continues into StC Proper, following Joe Musashi in his journey across the world to defeat Xeed.
4)  Eternal Champions - Fleetway really knew what they were doing when they printed this strip.  The strip was brought to attention when the game was reviewed in issue 17 by Vincent Low, where it received a rating of 85%. Positives were gleamed from its great characters and huge variety of moves, but the sound was criticised. After an initial story, it soon recieved its own special covering many of the fighters in the game, as well as a final story focussing on Larcen Tyler.
3)  The Legend of the Golden Axe - Despite sharing its name with Axe Battler - Legend of Golden Axe, this strip is instead set after the events of Golden Axe 2, following Tarik, Tyris Flare, and Gilius Thunderhead in their travels across Yuria to protect the kingdom from whatever new threat arrises.  At the time of publication, the main threat was Dark Guld, the final boss of GA2.  After his defeat in the first strip, the story then turned to the heroes on their way back to the kingdom to return the Golden Axe to its resting place, along the way rescuing Gilius' sister Yuki and his fellow dwarves from the evil sorcerer Cobraxis.  Oddly enough, Cobraxis' method of transformation into a snakelike being was later employed by Death-Adder himself in Golden Axe - Beast Rider when the giant transforms into his snakelike Titan form.
2)  Streets of Rage - This one was legendary in terms of length, content, and appeal.  The story was written by future-Marvel writer Mark Millar, and set up the ongoing plot of Axel, Max, Skates, and Blaze toughing their way through the streets of the City, sweeping up criminal activity in its wake where no police would be able to clean up, and taking on the Syndicate originally led by Hawk from within the police department and later by Mr.  X.  There were at least 4 stories of Streets of Rage, with the last one by Kitching.  Millar has very recently written the Civil War stories for Marvel, later being adapted as part of the MCU as Captain America - Civil War.
1)  Sparkster - Admittingly, if I had Decap Attack on here, everything would be pushed back by one, making this #2.  But since this is not the case, this spot goes for the sole strip based on Konami's Sonic alike.  Kitching has stated that this was the easiest strip for him to do, because of how Sonic-like the source material was.  In this story, Sparkster has been branded as a public enemy and learns that it was not by the will of his beloved Princess Sherry, but rather by King Gedol, his old adversary.  Rushing to the Elhorn royal palace, Sparkster finds that Sherry is being controlled by Gedol.  She has been under a spell, just like the whole of Elhorn, that intensifies the badness in people. Sparkster guesses it is his enchanted armour that protects him and anyone near him. Unfortunately, he isn't near Sherry right now, and the brainwashed princess calls for guards. Worse still, Sherry is soon going to be married to Gedol. Sparkster soon breaks out of the dungeon and makes his way to the chapel to stop the wedding from taking place.  Along the way, Sparkster finds the source of the corruption, fighting against the evil gemstone and its reflections of him.  With the gem destroyed, the attendees at the wedding all announce their rejection of this marriage.  Sparkster chases after Gedol and his captive "bride" to the steeple where he plummets into the river below, with Sparkster rescuing the princess.  With Gedol gone, it is time to rebuild the world and Shelly's kingdom. Out of all the non-Sonic strips, this was the one other than Decap Attack that fans clamored for a new installment of, but Fleetway no longer had the lisence from Konami.  There are still plans for StC Online to visit Elhorn, but none have materialized yet.

Also, to anyone who is arriving back from the 25th anniverary meetup in Manchester, I hope you and the staffs of both the original and the continuation had fun!
  • Listening to: Sparkster
  • Reading: Sonic the Comic
  • Watching: Extra Credits
  • Playing: Herc's Adventures
  • Eating: Domino's Pizza
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew

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