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Lost Memories Prolouge
That was all that Vertris could hear as her feet left and landed on the snow. That and the ringing in her head.
After a few more steps, the monster stumbled, blood dripping onto the white snow. 'Stay determined. Just a little more.' A voice whispered in her head. Vertris wasn't sure how long she would be able to last before her strength gave away.
Finding a nearby tree, she sat down, putting a hand over a large cut across her chest to stop the bleeding.
"Chara, you idiot. Why didn't you listen...? You foolish, foolish idiot..." She whispered, a single tear flowing down her check.
"Hey kiddo..."
Vertris' eyes snapped open in shock at the voice. Looking up, she noticed a skeleton with a blue jacket and black shorts walking towards her in a languid fashion.
"You look like you had a bad time, pal. Did that human cause it?" His voice sounded calm, but there was a hint of an icy tone melted into it.
"N.....not....human.....Determination Sans..." Vertris gasped
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Hawk's Destiny Page 52
Hawkpaw struggled vainly underneath the ShadowClan leader's weight. She had no idea what this 'Fallstar' was talking about.
"Let me go!" Hawkpaw hissed, her blue eyes glazed with anger, before lashing out an unsheathed paw at the dappled brown and black tom's face.
A sudden ferocious wind blew, causing the ShadowClan leader to be knocked of his paws. Hissing in fury, the dappled brown and black tom instantly twisted in midair to regain his balance before touching the ground.
"Impressive, but can you beat a cat that's mastered with the shadows?" Fallstar grinned at his response. "If you didn't already notice, I'm what others would call a 'Shadowstalker'. I can use the shadows to sneak up on others," he meowed, grinning, before fading into nothingness.
Or so Hawkpaw thought. Truth be told, it seemed like she was losing her mind. She hastily kept shaking her head, trying to fix her vision, but it only seemed to make it worse.
'Why...? What's happening..?' Groggily, Hawkpaw stumbled to whe
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Hawk's Destiny Page 51
Hawkpaw had no idea how long she'd been following the ShadowClan tom. It was still moon high, so it couldn't be that long.
Suddenly, the calico tom stopped, his yellow eyes glowing in the moonlight. A quiver of leaves made Hawkpaw duck into a bush, her blue eyes wide.
"It's good to see you, Fallstar." The calico tom meowed, dipping his head at a dappled brown and black tom with amber eyes.
Hawkpaw's eyes widened until it seemed her eyes would pop. What was Duskfall doing, talking with a Clan leader?
"Greetings, Duskfall, I assumed the plan went well?"
"Oh, it was as easy as if teaching a kit how to hunt a wad of moss! However...." The ShadowClan warrior trailed off, as if searching for something.
"'However?'" Fallstar echoed, his amber eyes narrowing in curiosity.
"Well....I guess you could say 'most' of them believed me, but this one she-cat kept giving me suspicious looks."
"Oh...?" The ShadowClan leader chuckled, his amber eyes gleaming. "And what did this she-cat look like?"
"She h
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Hawk's Destiny Page 50
Hawkpaw woke with a start, her vision fuzzy. She'd awakened quite early, for silverpelt was filling the sky, sparkling in the dark sky. She knew that she shouldn't be out of her nest at this time; Warriors didn't recommend a half nodding-off apprentice during an assessment, including training. A sudden movement caught her eye, and she noticed it was Duskfall. He seemed to be being cautious. What was he hiding? Now Hawkpaw knew that she' never be able to fall back asleep. The way that ShadowClan tom grinned....something definitely wasn't right, and this definitely proved her suspicions. She had to find out why. Careful not to awaken her clan mates, Hawkpaw quietly walked through the entrance. She was several steps away from the camp entrance, when a sudden meow came from behind her.
"Having trouble sleeping?"
Hawkpaw whirled her head around to notice Hailstar, his tail swishing.
"You don't have to explain. I know what's troubling you," The WindClan leader meowed, sitting next t
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Hawk's Destiny Page 49
Chaos broke out as the calico tom completed the words. Several of the apprentices dashed to their mentors. Warriors shrank in fear as the elders murmured fearfully. Then, above the clamor, Hawkpaw heard Hailstar's voice yowl, "Enough!"
The WindClan cats instantly fell silent at the white tom's command.
"I'll send a few warriors with you, Duskfall to investigate this 'pack'. But I only want you to come back with information. I don't want any fights; I want to know what we're dealing with before we take action."
Duskfall dipped his head, his yellow eyes focused on the ground. For a split second, it looked as if the calico tom was smirking. But before Hawkpaw could determine for sure, it was gone in an instant. Though suspicion crawled through her silver fur, making her glare at the tom.
'Something's not right with what he's saying...' Thought Hawkpaw, as she continued to eye the ShadowClan tom, suspiciously.
"For this mission, I'll be sending only warriors. Bloomtail, Rosetail, and Rainp
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Hawk's Destiny Page 48
The patrol froze at this sudden news. After a few heartbeats, the brown tom streaked off towards the nursery, which he was stopped by a grey she-cat with black booted paws with frosty blue eyes. Her left eye had a black spot circling around it, which made it look like as if she'd been bruised badly in the face.
"Hold up, Needlepelt. I'm sorry, but you need to give her some space. Crowding her will only make it worse."
"What are you talking about? She's my mate! Why can't I go and see her?"
Hawkpaw could tell by the brown tom's anxious voice that he was on the verge of lashing out at the gray she-cat's face.
"Healshine is right, Needlepelt,"
Hawkpaw whirled her head around to notice a white she-cat with green eyes and yellow circling around the pupil. Her paw steps seemed elegant and light, as she padded over to the gray she-cat's side, helping her block the nursery entrance.
"Listen, I know that you care about her just as much as we do, but do you think this is the best time to be yowl
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A Lost Mother by Tailbolt A Lost Mother :icontailbolt:Tailbolt 0 0 Eternal Eclipse Cover (Sneak-peek) by Tailbolt Eternal Eclipse Cover (Sneak-peek) :icontailbolt:Tailbolt 0 0 DX by Tailbolt DX :icontailbolt:Tailbolt 0 1 Nightmare fan Character by Tailbolt Nightmare fan Character :icontailbolt:Tailbolt 2 4
Hawk's Destiny Page 47
By the time the patrol had reached the WindClan border, it had nearly been almost dusk. As they waited by the border, patiently, a WindClan patrol appeared, with a brown tom in the lead. Hawkpaw recognized Needlepelt before she could see him. As the patrol advanced and stopped a few mouse-lengths away from the ThunderClan patrol, the WindClan cats dipped their heads before acknowledging Hawkpaw to follow. Nervously, the silver she-cat padded towards the WindClan patrol, before meowing her farewells to the ThunderClan cats. After a few heartbeats, the ThunderClan patrol left.
As Needlepelt led them towards the WindClan camp, a sudden shriek of anguish followed by a yowl of pain echoed throughout the camp. A pale brown she-cat with white stripes on the end of her tail appeared, her pale green eyes wide.
"Needlepelt, come quick! Talonclaw is having her kits!"
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Hawk's Destiny Page 46
A dark brown calico tom with amber eyes was standing on a high ledge, followed by a bronze colored she-cat with greenish-blue eyes. Turning her head, Hawkpaw leaned her head towards a handsome golden tabby tom.
"Excuse me, but I don't recognize those two. Can you tell me?"
The golden tabby tom craned his head around, only to widen his amber eyes with surprise as he caught sight of the silver she-cat.
"Hm...? Oh, you're awake? Well, that dark brown calico tom up there is our leader, Scorchstar." The golden tabby tom replied, raising his muzzle towards the dark brown calico tom on the high ledge. "Scorchstar was just made leader a few moons ago. He may be kind, but he's quite ferocious in battle. You'd best not get on his bad side!" The golden tabby tom half chuckled, smirking.
"Right next to him is our deputy, Birchshine." He meowed as he flicked his tail towards a bronze colored she-cat with greenish-blue eyes. "You best be careful around her as well. She doesn't take lightly on loners
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Hawk's Destiny Page 45
"Hawkpaw! Hawkpaw, wake up!"
"Is she still alive?"
"Of course she is! She's just got a lot of wounds!"
"Quiet! She's waking up!"
Hawkpaw opened her eyes weakly to find that she was in an unfamiliar den filled with a bunch of herbs, berries, and other plants that were put in tiny holes.
The silver she-cat didn't recognize this place at all, for it was not the same den that she'd been in.
"Are you awake?" A sudden cream-colored tabby she-cat with amber eyes loomed over Hawkpaw, her eyes filled with concern.
Startled by the she-cat's sudden appearance, Hawkpaw half hissed, half screeched in shock, her blue eyes wide, before tumbling off her moss bedding.
"Oh, my dear, I'm so sorry!" The cream-colored she-cat meowed, her amber eyes wide, as she lied her tail on the silver she-cat's shoulder. "I didn't mean to startle you!"
"Is she awake, yet?"
Hawkpaw's ears twitched as she heard an unfamiliar voice coming from outside of the den.
"Wait here," the cream-colored she-cat meowed, before paddi
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Hawk's Destiny Page 44
'Scourge?' Hawkpaw, thought, her blue gaze still fixed on the slender black tom.
She'd never heard any of her clan mates mention 'Scourge', except maybe the elders, who seemed to have heard the same story when they were kits. Hawkpaw didn't often stop by and listen to the story, for it had not interested her. Now Hawkpaw wished she had listened to those stories, for she was seeing Scourge right before her eyes.
"It's a pleasure to see you again, Marshflight. And you too, Infernoshade." Scourge meowed, his blue gaze still fixed on Hawkpaw.
His ears perked, the black tom turned his head towards Marshflight.
"I didn't know you had an apprentice, Marshflight," Scourge chuckled, his blue eyes filled with mockery as something shined on his neck.
A long leather like piece of string was wrapped around the black tom's neck, followed with a bunch of dog and cat teeth, which had been pushed through the skin to the outer leather.
Hawkpaw's eyes widened in horror as her gaze fixed on to the teeth o
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Hawk's Destiny Page 43
It had been hours since the grey tom had left. And yet, Hawkpaw was still no better off at getting out of this miserable place. It seemed like she was walking in circles; finding endless masses of dead trees. Even some cats, which Hawkpaw would avoid in order to avoid getting attacked, or worse, killed.
"Is there even a place out of this?!" Hawkpaw hissed under her breath.
A sudden rustle of leaves nearby caused Hawkpaw to stop dead, her blue eyes wide. A muscular dark brown tom emerged, his icy blue eyes filled with overwhelming ferocity and such hatred that it caused Hawkpaw to shrink back in horror. His icy blue gaze fixes on Hawkpaw as he advances towards her, his teeth barred in a grin.
"Well, well. It looks like there's a lost apprentice. And an alive one at that." The brown tom meowed, his lips now curved into a sneer.
Hawkpaw's eyes widen with horror as the dark slender brown tom advances towards her, until they're a whisker-length away from touching.
"Well, kit, can you tell m
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Hawk's Destiny Page 42
Hawkpaw opened her eyes. For a heartbeat she thought she was in the apprentice den, only to realize that she was in a spooky, dark forest filled with terrifying cats.
Getting to her paws, Hawkpaw padded onward.
"How can any cat live with this?" Hawkpaw hissed angrily, as she padded countlessly through the foggy mist.
A sudden growl caused her to whip her head around. In the shadows, Hawkpaw saw countless gleaming eyes staring at her. A bit nervous, Hawkpaw padded on, continuously whipping her head around to make sure they weren't following her.
"A bit nervous, I presume?"
Hawkpaw whipped her head around to notice a handsome slender grey tom with white stripes laying on a rock and looking at her, his icy blue eyes filled with amusement.
"What do you want?" Hawkpaw snarled, baring her sharp teeth with claws unsheathed and fur fluffed.
"Oh, please, younglin'. No need to show the fangs or claws." The tom meowed, his icy blue gaze now locked onto Hawkpaw's.
Senses still alert, Hawkpaw sheat
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Sora's Spark Road. by joselyn565 Sora's Spark Road. :iconjoselyn565:joselyn565 226 40 Comic Layout Test: Bluescreen Entrance by 7goodangel Comic Layout Test: Bluescreen Entrance :icon7goodangel:7goodangel 57 17 Lynx Fortnite by BlondynkiTezGraja Lynx Fortnite :iconblondynkitezgraja:BlondynkiTezGraja 489 16 Daughter of the Witness - COMING SOON by KITESTRUNG Daughter of the Witness - COMING SOON :iconkitestrung:KITESTRUNG 176 24
Scarlet River P148
    Deeplake hurried forward, examining every inch of the brown she-cat’s pelt and demanding to inspect her mouth, heartbeat, pads and so on, all the while firing off questions.
    “Are you feeling dizzy? Is the sunlight outside too bright? Does your head ache at all?”
    “I’m fine, Deeplake! I-I feel fine!” Riverpaw insisted as the medicine cat circled her once more. The truth was, Riverpaw did not feel fine. Her stomach felt like it was twisted into a knot and her head was spinning. But it was not because of any health issues. What do I do with the information from the Greenleaf place? What if I encounter Forerunner again? And why is Deeplake so worked up?! How long was I out?!
    Finally, the dark tortoiseshell cat quieted and stepped back. Dim sunlight shining through the lichen curtain lit her dappled pelt, and Riverpaw realized that it had been evening when she fell asleep. O
:iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 84 64
::Nightmaretale -  PG1:: by xxMileikaIvanaxx ::Nightmaretale - PG1:: :iconxxmileikaivanaxx:xxMileikaIvanaxx 1,294 154 Goodbye, DeviantART by yumisuu Goodbye, DeviantART :iconyumisuu:yumisuu 131 26 We Have Cookies by HezuNeutral We Have Cookies :iconhezuneutral:HezuNeutral 337 24 A New Friend... by Nightrizer A New Friend... :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 599 63 ::Nightmaretale - pg 80:: by xxMileikaIvanaxx ::Nightmaretale - pg 80:: :iconxxmileikaivanaxx:xxMileikaIvanaxx 655 334 UNDERTALE by azurite-draws UNDERTALE :iconazurite-draws:azurite-draws 1,147 46 Undertale:[ Sans Dating Sim ] by The-Star-Hunter Undertale:[ Sans Dating Sim ] :iconthe-star-hunter:The-Star-Hunter 2,186 353 UnderDarkness VS DemiTale by ZheyZhey UnderDarkness VS DemiTale :iconzheyzhey:ZheyZhey 454 28 .: Warm Cuddles :. by Kimmys-Voodoo .: Warm Cuddles :. :iconkimmys-voodoo:Kimmys-Voodoo 449 25


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Hey, guys. I'm not feeling very well right now. Idk when this cold sore, headache, runny nose, and cough will be gone...Everytime I try to laugh, I end up coughing, causing my chest to hurt. So, I'm going to get some rest now....



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