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a giant girl

Okay. So I inked it.

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Helluva way to get your exercise in!
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Great job! You can really feel the weight of those squishy, squishy gams. :)
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now if only she went a bit further...
Great stuff, absolutely fantastic!
I could only imagine her squeezing me in those jiggly ole pillows and just letting me sleep there
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Thunder thighs Rock on 
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Fantastic job :meow:
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Fun way to work out the thighs, I should try this! :D
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Folding to peer pressure... :)
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Nah. My girlfriend asked if I would finish it. And so I did. 
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Yes.  Yes you did.  :heart:
New meaning has been given to resistance exercises. 
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OIh god those thighs are perfect
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Mmph, I welcome the challenge <3
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Meeeeeeeeow ~ Lovely. B3
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