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Zelda got a new haircut!

By Tail-Blazer
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Something i did for Patreon back in December.
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Zelda, you can get a new haircut, BUTT with a booty like that, no one will notice instantly.

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I think she has new gloves on as well.

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is this a prequel to a s s ?
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the profile pic, the name, the comment

All very yes

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That’s not the only thing I’m noticing

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i wanna slap her butt very good lol

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(I can tell you would do that)

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(Yw, but now, rp time)

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ok let's start the role play then sorry I'm slow at responding too all of the other role play's I'm sometimes busy wth family stuff :)

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BOTW Zelda: well, the first game may end, but BOTW 2 is gonna be make somehow and now me doning this new hairdo, and uhhhhh, this, *pokes my booty* oh well, i hope my pants can hold this, unless someone grow it ofc, well p balloons & mushrooms are a thing but eh, *lays on my front and relaxes* ^^ such beautiful nature

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Spencer: *walking and see's Zelda* you sure do love nature a lot Zelda :)

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BOTW Zelda: yea, the view is great in hyrule, all over is where nature grows, if you know what i mean

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Did she got implants as well?

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Yep,beautiful -big ass- hair cut
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Big butt Zelda is just one of the best things.

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I have to admit, Zelda looks pretty cool with short hair. I definitely like this element of her latest design, but those huge buttocks of hers are impossible not to appreciate. I wonder what she's been eating to grow such a bulbous bottom? 😊
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Yeah it’s badass. Would be better if it was dyed… tho
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