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COMM Squeaker Giant

By Tail-Blazer
For a commissioner that emailed me. Wanted their character buffed up.
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"you are now Of Unusual Size."

GrummanF-14's avatar
O_O... wearing full hazmat suit with oxygen tank and heat sealed in from the back.
Bio571's avatar
Certainely my favorite animation of you :) Her bottom look so lovely :)
Slime-Series's avatar
Amazing animation work!
Tail-Blazer's avatar
maniackiller013's avatar
Can you DM me how much this cost? Cause I am thinking of commissioning something similar down the line.
werewolfwill's avatar
Very smooth, I love it.Love 
str00p's avatar
This ain't my fetish or anything, but damn dude, this is some high-ass-quality animation. :thumbsup::wow:
LordAltros's avatar
i love the movement of her hair and the flow of her tail.
nice cute little actions that add more to the whole animation :)
Tail-Blazer's avatar
Those secondary movements are what bring you from novice to seasoned. ;D
LordAltros's avatar
but its tough to get just right.
CommanderSonic's avatar
I absolutely love this!
rssam000's avatar
Amazing work, must took allot of work
Tail-Blazer's avatar
I wanted it done right so I took my time. THank you.
rssam000's avatar
i have a question if you don't mind... how you upload ANIMATED preview (thumbnail) for your submission, every time i try to do so, DA give me a massage like "preview must be displayable!"   
Tail-Blazer's avatar
Yeah man it's GIF format at 150 by 100. 
rssam000's avatar
this was very helpful... thank you very much  Dance! 
Tail-Blazer's avatar
No worries, man. Get at it!
CCB-18's avatar
I'm sure I've seen something similar to this somewhere else before...but I can't remember where exactly. (Possibly FA...)
Tail-Blazer's avatar
Yeah I put it on FA. : p
CCB-18's avatar
Actually, I found what it was I saw;…

I came across it on :iconcyberfox:'s "Favourites" over there...
Tail-Blazer's avatar
Yeah the commissioner commissioned that one as well and gave it to me to reference.
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