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COMM: Mechanic Mishap 1

By Tail-Blazer
:iconfernindt: wanted a commission of a mechanic with a milking machine. He got just that.
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DoctorPigs's avatar
That burst at the end tho!😳😍😍
transformingguy's avatar
Udder and boobs? Okay then
Tail-Blazer's avatar
Wherever the commissioner left it.
RazorLightRed's avatar
Tail-Blazer's avatar
aayyyyyy bb leggo
shanque72's avatar
One of my favorites! :D :D
amazoness-king's avatar
how much did this cost
Tail-Blazer's avatar
PM any questions.
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DiDark666's avatar
Woah, that escalated quickly :)
human72's avatar
punny and nice stuff.
ShaneySqueeBoy's avatar
I've never even seen this fetish before, and... GOD, is it fucking hot. 8-3
Tail-Blazer's avatar
It's one hell of a common one. 
ShaneySqueeBoy's avatar
It is? X3 That's funny... I haven't seen it nearly as much as the inflation fetish or others of that sort.
shadowassian12's avatar
is there going to be another
Lilly-moo's avatar
wow amazing! <3
Tail-Blazer's avatar
This one seems to be very popular. I ought to do another.
Thank you, Lilly.
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Not enough, needs another mmilk machine. XD
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