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Thu Aug 26, 2010, 9:27 AM
:glomp: yay! :iconwatertribekayla: gave me 200 points! :D :floating: :hug: just remind me that I have to keep the feature going for a month, because I will froget! ^^' So tell me whatchya want! ^^

Sky Stock 7 by WaterTribeKayla I  A M  D E A T H by WaterTribeKayla You can't run from fear by WaterTribeKayla Spirit Wolves: ProloguePrologue
The moon was full on that fateful night. My beta and I trotted along a forest path.  With a single clap of thunder, the sky lit up. Rain poured down on us, soaking our fur. I looked to the sky. A dark sensation came over me suddenly, sending a shiver down my spine.
"Double time, Leah. I want to be home by midnight." I ordered. Leah nodded. We picked up speed.
"Jack, do you feel that?" She asked. I could tell she was nervous. "That dark feeling." She scanned the trees. "I think something's out there."
"Me too." I sighed. "But don't worry, little sister, I'll protect you." That seemed to make her feel more comfortable.
We came to a meadow. Carefully, we crossed through its tall grasses. We were venerable right now. Leah closely followed me, almost like my shadow. Her ears were pricked forward. Every inch of her projected how alert she was.
"Jack, look out!" Leah yipped desperately. I whirled around to see her leaping on a giant bear. But it wasn't any bear.
Spirit Wolves: Chapter 1Chapter One
I woke up some time later. It was still dark out. I could here sirens coming closer and closer to the clearing. Lifting my head, I looked around. There was my pack, all huddled around something. I whimpered softly and one of them, a large black wolf, turned towards me. He smiled when he saw me, his tail wagging. "She's awake" He yipped quietly to the others before padding over to me. "Hey, Leah, how do you feel?" he asked, tilting his head.
"Awful." I whimpered. "Why are the police coming?" I could see the red and blue flashing lights now.
He motioned towards a human standing by the rest of the pack. "Jessica had her cell on her when she shifted, so she called them." he told me. "Leah, what happened?"
I was silent for a moment, thinking. My head was throbbing, and my vision blurring once more. "Leah?" I heard his voice dimming "Leah? Answer me!" he barked, but he seemed far away now. I heard the barks and yips of dogs as the came rushing towards us.
"Whats wrong
Spirit Wolves: Chapter 2Chapter Two
I woke up in the morning in a dog bed, Chase was curled up against my stomach. I sighed. It wasn't all I dream. I was still here. All the other dogs around me were asleep. I saw Bones walking up with his human. "Come, love, its time for you and the puppy's test." I growled at him, but nudged Chase awake.
"Five more minutes, mom." Chase groaned sleepily. I picked him up gently by his scruff and carried him to the cage door. The human opened it and we walked out.
I carried Chase into a large room. There were gun-like machines attached to the walls on either side of us, and large, swinging blades cutting through the floor. "Looks like something right out of a movie." I grumbled after putting Chase down.
"Yes, love, and we expect both of you to complete this course in under a minute on the first try." Bones barked. "Ladies first." he smirked.
Sighing, I stepped forward. I didn't know what my powers even did, let alone be able to control them. "And...Begin!"
I charge

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