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Ronan PotA 3 by taikunfoo Ronan PotA 3 by taikunfoo
The spirit of Aippaq itself leads your Tokota to the mountainous Ridge of Elders to personally commend their wisdom and leadership with a gift. This gift can be a long-lost trinket from your Tokota's puphood, healing herbs for an ailing friend/relative, a short visitation from the spirit of a deceased loved one, or anything else of emotional value.

Ronan 28755 and his companion have been led up to the Ridge of Elders to receive a gift- but what is it?

Every night since the shark attack Ronan had had dreams. They weren’t bad dreams, but good ones. Aippaq was in every one of them, beckoning him to come to the Ridge of Elders. The mighty God claimed that He had a gift for him. Ronan ignored the dreams, thinking that they were just that-dreams. But when two weeks had passed since the shark attack and he still had them… Ronan knew that it wasn’t just a dream. One morning he decided that enough was enough. He needed to get to the bottom of this. He set out early, when the fog still laid low to the ground and dew still coated the ground. His raven joined him, as always. He adored the bird; it had been with him through thick and through thin. He wasn’t so sure that he would have made it home without it.. He’d probably still be stuck at the schoolyard with all of those children!

The journey to the Ridge of Elders was long. He stopped several times to take a break. His hindlegs still hurt him. The front one wasn’t so bad, but the hindlegs still bothered him. They were heavily scarred now, to his dismay. There was nothing he could do about it though. He just hoped that, with the therapy he’d been taking, they would improve. The short-maned male was very hungry whenever he finally made it to the Ridge. He’d managed to steal some food to take with him on the way, but had underestimated how long it would take him to get there. His food had run out. That didn’t matter now though. He’d made it. Now, he needed answers.

The tundra male stopped upon the Ridge of Elders, eyes sweeping about. The raven, sitting on his back, turned its head every which way as it waited to see what would happen. Then, a blue glow suddenly encompassed them both. Ronan froze, not moving. As he watched, the scars disappeared. The pain slipped away. A voice suddenly boomed in his ears. “You have two choices, Ronan. You may keep the removal of the scars. Your appearance would be restored and you wouldn’t have to struggle with your weakness. Or… you can decline my offer and accept this instead.” As he watched, a large white bird descended from the clouds, something in its talons. It dropped the object and Ronan’s feet and returned to the sky… to Aippaq’s kingdom.

Curious, Ronan peered closer. It was a necklace, with a shark tooth attached. “This necklace could come in hand to you, for if it is with you, you may always summon Me. If you need Me… I will help you in some way. I cannot answer everyone’s prayers, but if you have this trinket… I can answer yours. You have proven yourself strong by surviving the attack and coming all the way out here, even with busted legs. The choice is yours. Choose wisely, Ronan.”

Ronan didn’t even question it. He could live with the scars, but he couldn’t live without the God’s blessing. If he needed Aippaq… the God would know, through this necklace. “I choose the necklace.” He responded, voice strong and clear. “Good choice. I will be here, my son.” The scars returned and with it came the aching pain. It was okay. He would get stronger. Then, the presence that Ronan had felt was gone. He was left alone on the Ridge with his raven, shark tooth necklace still at his paws.

WC: 583
Literature by HayleyWolf

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