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Ronan PotA 2 by taikunfoo Ronan PotA 2 by taikunfoo
Your Tokota has met with a potentially fatal accident. Weak and close to death, they must find recovery through either a friend, stranger, or their own mettle.

Ronan 28755 has managed to escape from the school children, but while swimming in Coastal Tyonek he has encountered something more dangerous than their pokes, prods, and screaming. He's managed to pull himself onto an ice floe while his companion gets help.

Ronan had been swimming for a while now. He had grown numb to the icy water. He no longer felt anything. The short-maned male kept his eyes on the horizon, where his homeland rested. It was getting closer and closer, yet still so far. He could make it… he had to. There was no option to turn back now. He had no choice. He heard a caw from his raven every now and then, as if the white bird was trying to reassure him that it was still there, or perhaps urging him on. He could do it! The raven had faith! His companion’s presence was a comforting one and helped Ronan to keep moving. He didn’t think that the swim would be this long. Perhaps he should have attempted to stow away on one of the boats that went to his homeland… but then he’d surely be caught.

He wasn’t given much more time to dwell upon this, as something suddenly brushed against his leg. If Ronan had been on solid ground he would have jumped straight into the air. His raven began to caw frantically, its cries piercing his ears. Ronan looked about desperately, heart hammering in his chest. What he saw made his blood run as cold as the water around him. A fin. The fin of a shark was circling him, the body that it belonged to attempting to decide whether he would make good prey. As it grew closer Ronan knew the answer. Pain exploded in both of his hindlegs as razor sharp teeth slashed through his flesh. Yelping in terror, the tundra male swam faster in an attempt to escape. The shark had his leg and wasn’t about to let go. It ducked under, taking him with it.

Ronan sucked in one big breath of air, his distraught raven flashing before his eyes one last time, and disappeared under the surface. He had to fight. The short-mane turned upon the shark, clawing at it with his forepaws and snapping at it with his teeth. The shark thrashed, ripping open his hindleg even worse, then released as he managed to get in a solid blow. It snapped at him again, teeth grazing his left forepaw. Ronan snapped at it again, this time managing to take a large chunk out of one flipper. The shark didn’t appreciate that and decided to try to find much less feisty prey. It swam away, leaving Ronan to return to the surface.

Everything else was a blur. He remembered seeing a large ice floe, which he managed to reach and clamber upon. His legs were bleeding badly and, after just a few moments, he blacked out to the sound of his raven cawing. Briefly he remembered being picked up by several men and brought onto a large boat. Even more briefly, he remembered feeling comfortable as he rested on a bed, Coen’s scarred face flashing across his vision. His raven had been sitting on the windowsill.

When he awoke the attack had ended and the healing process had begun.

WC: 508
Written by HayleyWolf 

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