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Ronan PotA 1 by taikunfoo Ronan PotA 1 by taikunfoo
Your Tokota is mysteriously stranded in foreign territory, be it another part of Tokotna or some place even more exotic/foreign, such as a poacher's den, a zoo or a desert on the other side of the globe. They must discover a way to either survive in their new surroundings or find their way home.

Ronan 28755 has gotten himself stuck in a schoolyard in Coastal Tyonek. Thankfully his trusty companion is able to distract the children while Ronan makes his escape.

Ronan had no idea where he was, at least not at first. When he walked down the street, neon signs flashing, people hustling and bustling, he recognized the place. He’d been here only once before. Coastal Tyonek. Why was he in Coastal Tyonek? He didn’t remember coming here. A caw from above made his head turn towards the sky. His raven companion, ever faithful, soared above him. He needed to get off of these streets, before someone showed up to get rid of him. The humans were all looking at him in shock. They’d seen tokotas of course, but never without a handler and never roaming the streets like a wild. Ronan slipped off of the streets, heading towards the ocean now. He knew what he had to do and he didn’t like the idea. He needed to swim across the Tyonek in order to get back to his own mainland…

Before he could reach the beach he ran into an… obstacle. It seemed that there was a schoolyard located not far from it. The children had been let out for recess and, upon seeing Ronan, they flocked him. “Cutie! ‘Kota!” they screamed as they surrounded him. Ronan didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. He couldn’t run away, or he’d knock someone over and possibly hurt them in the process. He didn’t want to hurt children! So, the short-maned male just sat there. At first he was irritated by their pats. A few pulled his ears, albeit gently. Gradually, he started to like it though. He never got this much attention, even at home! “Up ‘kota, up!” one of the children screeched. Ronan obediently stood, which was probably a mistake. He suddenly found three or four kids clambering onto his back. His legs shook beneath their weight, but held fast.

Another caw, this one sounding very amused, made Ronan glare up at the white bird as it perched in a nearby tree. Not. Funny. The children were beginning to grow a bit overwhelming. The ones on his back kneed him as they jockeyed for position, pushing and shoving one another in an attempt to get him all to themselves. The ones on the ground were giggling, pulling at his ears and his little tail. “Stumpy tail!” one shrieked and then exploded into laughter, as if that was the most hilarious thing in the world to her. Ronan’s lips twitched with irritation. Where in Aippaq’s name was their teacher!? Shouldn’t he or she be out here watching them? Ronan sent another glance skyward, this one pleading. The raven decided to have mercy.

The white bird swept down, landing on the swingset. It cawed loudly to get the attention of the children. Immediately, the whole crowd stopped what they were doing and turned to look. “Oooooh!” they gasped. “White birb!” one exclaimed. Immediately, the children were clambering off of him and ceasing to pull at him, curious about the strange raven. They’d never seen an albino one before! As soon as they were off of him Ronan took off, making a beeline for the schoolyard fence. He cleared it with ease, heading straight towards the ocean now.

Well.. that had been interesting, at least?

WC: 535
Written by HayleyWolf 
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August 30, 2017
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