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PotA 2-Clairibelle by taikunfoo PotA 2-Clairibelle by taikunfoo
The spirits have recognized your Tokota's worth - unfortunately, this includes the darker spirits as well as the benevolent. Will your Tokota be tempted by the call of dark forces, or spurn them for the light?

After finding the source of the dying wildlife and missing spirits, 
Clairibelle 17068 and her trusty companion have decided to help by releasing the good spirits that have been trapped by the bad spirits in a crystal in a cave in the Taniya Mountains.

Clairibelle and the buck now stood before the tall crystal, clueless. She was dumbfounded. What should she do? She'd never had to deal with something like this before. Clairibelle had lived a rather peaceful and stress-free life so far. She wasn't exactly appreciating the sudden change. Ears pinned and concentration in her eyes, the female circled the large crystal. She could still see the spirits moving within, so quickly that it was obvious they were in a panicked frenzy. Although he hated the oppressing red glow that radiated around the crystal, Clairibelle's albino buck companion hated being alone more. Nervously, he scuttled over to join her, cloven hooves clacking on the stony surface.  Clairibelle took in a deep breath, thinking hard. Her idea felt stupid, but maybe...just maybe it would work?

She began to pray. She prayed to her great God, the mighty Aippaq. She prayed that he would help her release these spirits and bring back the purity and health of Tokotna. She prayed that he would grant her strength. She could see and feel the evil spirits surrounding the crystal begin to grow angry. The red glow became more intense and bold, flashing furiously in an attempt to scare her away. Then, she began to chant. The sand roan had no clue as to what she was saying. The words that came out of her mouth were foreign, even to her. She had no idea what she was saying, but whatever it was it seemed to be working. Whispers began to fill her ears, ones that were not her own. They were malicious and evil, yet she felt no fear. She was borrowing Aippaq's strength.

After what felt like eternity but could only have been a few minutes, the crystal cracked open and the pure spirits burst forth. The cave was filled with a bright light, casting over the tokota and deer. Clairibelle stopped her chanting and she couldn't remember what she had been saying if her life depended upon it. Grinning, she watched as the spirits circled around the cave. The evil spirits were still here, for the moment. They reached out and attempted to take possession of her and force her to bend to their will. She refused. She would not turn to their evil ways, no matter how strong they were. She was stronger! The spirits darted out of the cave, sweeping over the lands. As they did everything began to turn green again. The flowers, once wilted, began to grow upright. Color exploded across the once brown, dead landscape.

The evil entities were gone now. They had given up, realizing that Clairibelle was a child of Aippaq and they could not sway her. She'd saved Tokotna, but she had no intentions of returning to the village and announcing her great deed. Who needed glory? She didn't want all that attention. She didn't want to be treated as a hero. She enjoyed her quiet life as just another tokota, just another face in the crowd She much preferred to remain unsung.

WC: 507
Written by HayleyWolf

HayleyWolf Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017
Oooooh this is so pretty!! <3 I love her expression <3
taikunfoo Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017  Student Photographer
Thank you :) I should have the last one up within a week or so
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