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Olen PotA3 by taikunfoo Olen PotA3 by taikunfoo
The spirits have recognized your Tokota's worth - unfortunately, this includes the darker spirits as well as the benevolent. Will your Tokota be tempted by the call of dark forces, or spurn them for the light?

Olen flicked an ear, rolling onto her side and heaving a sigh. The voices were back, whispering in her ear like the wind through the pine trees, though they were growing louder. In her travels with Archer over the past few days, she had seen glimpses of shapes and colors, vibrant colors that she hadn't seen before. Always they beckoned to her, wanting her to follow, but each time she had been with Archer and unable to follow. Olen rolled again, blinking open her blue eyes only to see the red whisp of a shape at the edge of her stall door. It formed into a bird like shape, hopping along the top of the stall door and gazed down upon her, opening its beak to seemingly caw, but more words, harsher and speaking with intent, purpose. Curious, Olen got to her feet and nosed along the stall door, getting closer to the bird. Her muzzle passed through the ghostly apparition, and tendrils of red smoke flowed out the barn door. Not wanting to lose out on chasing after the brightly colored figures again, Olen nosed at her stall door handle, using her teeth to grip the bar that locked the door in place and wiggled it free. The door swung open with a loud squeak, and Olen froze, wondering if any of the other tokotas would wake up at the noise, but only snores echoed around the barn. She padded over to the large barn doors, nosing the lock over and slowly opened the door.

The red smoke bird was hovering above the ground, and when the door swung open it turned, gliding smoothly away from the cabin and barn and towards the trees. Olen followed at a lope, then run as the spirit picked up the pace. The forest grew denser and thicker as she chased after the bird, and fog began to lap around her feet. The other voices whispered to her, now carrying a note of alarm, and Olen slid to a stop as her nose twitched and caught the scent of blood. She blinked, looking around her and not recognizing the area she was in. Sniffing around, she tried to find the source of the blood, but only found a few scattered drops by her paws. She could see the red bird drifting through the trees, working its way back when it realized that Olen wasn't following. As the other voices whispering in her ears grew more panicked, she turned and ran away from the bird, sensing something was not right. They grew louder, and a blue light drifted down from the trees, forming itself into an eagle and flying ahead of Olen, guiding her out of the forest.

As she ran out of the woods, she recognized the entrance to the Iluq forest and was thankful that the other spirit was there to guide her out. She heard rage, fury, anger, and blood in the voice of the other spirit back in the forest, and picked up her pace, eager to keep up with this blue eagle spirit. They traveled for a long time, moving through the landscape and finally beginning to climb a ridgeline in the mountains. Olen slowed, realizing that they were approaching the Ridge of Elders, and whined- it was a sacred landmark, was she allowed to proceed? The spirit dipped its blue wings at her, circling above the Ridge, waiting for her to ascend.

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Olen 2567 by TotemSpirit
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