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Olen PotA 2 by taikunfoo Olen PotA 2 by taikunfoo
Your Tokota crosses paths with an infant (animal or human) that is too young to remember where it came from or who it's parents are. Your Tokota must choose to either take mercy and care for and protect it until the parents can be located, or abandon it to nature.

A simple walk along the water was what the whole fiasco had started as. The air was pleasantly warm and it was a bright sunny day, so Archer had decided to take Olen for a walk out along coastal Pilitak. Olen's stag companion had decided to come along as well, and the group of three had headed down towards the water. They passed through the edge of town as they walked, and Archer paused for a little while to greet friends. They continued on their way with a snack as a parting gift, which Archer shared with Olen, knowing that her stag companion wouldn't eat the offered meat, and a request to keep their eyes open for a brown and white missing pup. Someone had purchased a new puppy, but she had escaped through a open window earlier that morning. Archer nodded and said they'd keep their eyes out, and the small group continued on their way. He didn't expect to find much, as they were heading towards the water, instead of towards the center of town where the pup was likely to go, following new smells or chasing after a vehicle. The grasses along the sloping shores were still green, though Archer knew with the nights growing colder and colder that they wouldn't stay that way for much longer. There were a few yellower stalks here and there, but they were not the majority. Already there were a few small chunks of ice that were floating in the water, most likely broken off from one of the large glaciers in the area. This year had been particularly bad, and Archer hadn't seen them retreat that far back before, though he recognized that they would continue to retreat instead of advance. Lost in his thoughts, he missed Olen stopping sharply and turning her head out towards the water, ears pricked. He did notice when the large tundra female bounded into the water and began to swim rapidly away from shore. Archer ran along the edge of the bank, followed by Olen's stag companion, who was unwilling to get wet or follow her in. He called her name, trying to get her to return to shore, and was answered  by a faint bark. She had heard Archer, just was choosing not to acknowledge his commands. Archer slowed, somewhat confused as to her motives. Something had obviously interested her, but what? He couldn't see much from the shore, and already Olen was fairly distant, but at least seemed to be swimming towards one of the chunks of ice. She seemed to rest on it with her forelimbs for a few moments, nosing around at something, and then return to the water, carrying a small chunk of what appeared to be dirty ice in her mouth. She held it high above the water, and as she swam strongly back to the shore, Archer could see that she was carrying a small, shivering pup, not a chunk of ice. Archer paced impatiently, waiting for Olen to swim back to shore, and removed his jacket, knowing that the pup would be cold, and possibly wet. Olen finally made it back to shore and climbed out of the water, thankfully waiting to shake herself off until Archer had taken the pup gently from her and wrapping her small form safely in his jacket. He turned back towards town with the pup in his arms and headed in the direction of his friend's house to find out who her owner was.

584 Words

Olen 2567 by TotemSpirit
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