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Olen PotA 1 by taikunfoo Olen PotA 1 by taikunfoo
Your Tokota has faced many hardships on their road to becoming a respected leader; revisit a memory from the Tokota's earlier years/puphood, or re-draw/re-write an old art piece.
Olen-class doodle 3 by taikunfoo

As the days had grown shorter and colder, Archer felt himself growing weary as he watched the sun rise later and later each morning. Wanting to enjoy the last few warmer days he had in the season, Archer planned a nostalgic trip with Olen out to the West River. He remembered their first trip well- he had just gotten Olen from her breeder, and the young tokota had been quite the handful. Olen was the first tokota he had ever purchased, and not knowing what to do with her abundant energy, Archer decided to take her on a hike up to the West River. He grudgingly remembered how she had dived eagerly into the waters, splashing around before producing a fish from the stream with ease. Not one to back down from a challenge, Archer had broken out his trusty fishing rod. Olen had quickly lost interest in fishing, and was more interested in staring at her reflection in the river, as well as splashing around, but Archer had been determined to catch a bigger fish than she had- after all, how hard could it be? After a two hours of fishing, Archer had managed to produce what seemed to be the smallest fish in the stream, while Olen had caught a fair sized fish. With Olen growing tired and Archer growing frustrated at his failed attempt to out fish her, the two had worked their way back down to the cabin.
Feeling somewhat confident in his fishing skills, Archer made sure to pack his good set of lines and lures, determined to catch a bigger fish than Olen's from a year and a half ago. He hopped up onto Olen's back, not bothering with a saddle as now that he could ride Olen, the West River was a quick ten minute ride away. Olen's companion, a white stag that had taken to following her around just over a year ago, got up from his resting place and stretched, seeing that Olen was heading out and wanted to come along. In the colder winter months Archer had even seen the two sleeping together, curled up around one another. He was still confused as to why she hadn't killed the animal when she first met him, but he had eventually given up trying to figure out Olen's motivations. The tokota simply did what she wanted now, roaming freely and going on adventures without too much of Archer's or June's interference- they were often busy with raising and training the other tokotas living on the property now, though Archer often felt nostalgia for the days when it was just him and Olen.
The ride up to the West River was quick, and Archer hopped off of Olen's back, taking his tacklebox with him and setting himself up downstream where Olen had wandered into the water. Her stag companion didn't seem too fond of the water, and simply curled up on some stones on the bank. They had set out later in the afternoon, and as a result there was only a hour or so of daylight remaining. Olen had grown, and as a result was able to remain focused on fishing for the majority of the time- Archer didn't have to give her an instruction, she simply began fishing. Archer had a few nibbles on his line, but ultimately nothing hit on the bait. Olen appeared to be having a similar problem, and hadn't produced any fish as the sun began to set behind the mountains. As the light slowly began to fade from the sky, Archer managed to reel in a tiny orange thing, approximately the size of the 'fish' he had caught a year and a half ago, and felt a touch of pride knowing that he had managed to outfish Olen this time around. This lasted for all of a minute as he was packing up his tacklebox, and heard a large amount of splashing from Olen's end of the stream. He looked up quickly, and saw Olen wrestling a large fish out of the waters of the West River. He bit back a groan, knowing that once again, she had managed to get the best of him. He sighed, chuckling to himself before taking his catch off of the hook and tossing it to Olen, how caught the fish in her mouth, before dipping her head to eat the fish that she had caught. Archer smiled, enjoying being out at the West River with her again, and settled himself against her as she ate, watching the remaining light fade from the sky.

764 Words
Olen 2567 by TotemSpirit
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