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Kanel PotA-8 by taikunfoo Kanel PotA-8 by taikunfoo
Kanel 4667
8. Your Tokota has met with a potentially fatal accident. Weak and close to death, they must find recovery through either a friend, stranger, or their own mettle.
Handler, RoD companion, short story, Tartok Foothills

The white wolf showed up at the edge of the woods, and Archer looked around, trying to find the white wolf's companion- Kanel. The wolf howled- a first as he was Kanel's constant companion and had been quiet before- Archer hadn't heard so much of a peep from him before today. Now that he looked around the treeline, Archer realized that he didn't see Kanel's familiar cream form in the trees. Worried now, Archer grabbed a first aid bag and some food, tossing on a jacket and walking cautiously outside. The wolf fixed him with his blue eyes and howled again, turning into the woods and casting a glance over his shoulder before moving away at a trot. Archer scrambled to keep up, moving as quickly as he possibly could, bag knocking against his hip as he followed after the white wolf, following his pawprints in the mud and grass when he lost sight of the wolf's white fur through the trees. They seemed to be heading in the direction of the Tartok foothills. He began to breathe heavily as he chased after Kanel's companion through the woods, wondering where the white wolf was leading him and why he hadn't come across Kanel yet. His worry continued to grow as the white wolf howled ahead, and soon came across him standing at the edge of a clearing. Archer recognized the area, knowing that they had reached the Tartok Foothills. Archer caught up to him, breathing heavily, before raising his head and catching sight of a still cream colored form lying in the grasses of the clearing. His breath caught in his throat, and he scrambled towards the prone form, falling to his knees before Kanel. The large cream colored tokota was lying still in the grasses, with a large fletched arrow sticking out of his side. He reached out a shaking hand to lay gently on his side, letting out a breath as he felt Kanel's chest move beneath his hand. He was breathing. The white wolf padded over to his side, resting his head on Kanel's neck, whining softly as Archer opened up his medical bag to begin helping his tokota. Kanel flicked an ear and raised his head slowly, whining until Archer rubbed his cheek and forehead. He laid his head down in the grasses, sighing heavily as Archer worked to stop the bleeding and try and close up the wound. The hardest part was yet to come as he would have to get Kanel back to the barn where he would be able to rest and heal up, as well as getting a vet over to see him. After his side was bandaged up, Archer clicked his tongue at Kanel, causing him to flick an ear and raise his head again. "Up Kanel, time to get up." Archer said, smiling despite the seriousness of the situation. Kanel pulled himself to his feet, whining as he took a few steps forwards. "Good boy, good boy Kanel." Archer said, using a hand on his neck to help guide him forwards. The curly tokota's head rested on Archer's shoulder, and as they walked through the woods, the weight of his head on Archer's shoulder grew heavier and heavier, relying on Archer to guide him through the woods back towards their home.
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December 17, 2016
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