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Hunting-Ian(10.5/25), Rain's End(10.5/20), Olen by taikunfoo Hunting-Ian(10.5/25), Rain's End(10.5/20), Olen by taikunfoo
Archer stretched, reaching out to hit the alarm that was blaring in his ear. He was now regretting his decision to stay up late the night before as he staggered around his room trying to find his clothes while rubbing sleep from his eyes. Archer had yet another group of tokotas to take out for the day, and by now he thought it might as well be his regular job. After he had put on his clothes, Archer walked out to the barn to go check on his tokotas. Awi was already up and eager, having gotten used to their usual morning routine over the past few days, but Archer wanted to give him a break and take Olen out for the day. He gently woke Olen and gave her some time to wake up, taking Awi out to the field and letting him go in the paddock before returning to the barn to find a now more awake Olen. Archer rubbed a hand over her forehead, and Olen licked his arm in return before padding out of the stall and settling herself in the center of the room. Archer brushed out her coat before finding a blanket, which he threw over her back and climbed up. He checked his watch and breathed a sigh of relief as he realized that he wouldn't be late this morning. Archer rode out of the barn on Olen, guiding the tokota up the hill and down the road towards his friends' houses. Archer stopped to pick up Ian first, speaking to his owner quickly before the tokota ran off. Archer and Olen rushed to catch up with him before directing the small group towards his next stop to pick up Rain's End. The coy tokota was waiting with her handler outside their house when Ian, Olen, and Archer ran up. She came with them easily enough, but Olen was slightly unsettled with having so many new tokotas around her. After a run, Archer gave them some time to interact with Olen so she would feel more comfortable around them, watching carefully as she interacted with Ian and Rain. Once Olen had calmed down a bit, Archer urged the group into a run again, and the three tokotas pelted over a hill, through a small group of trees, and over a river teaming with fish. Archer wanted to stop and fish in the river, but the tokotas seemed to have other ideas, and continued at a full run with their heads up and noses twitching in the warming air. It became clear to Archer that they had picked up on a scent and were actively hunting an animal, and he eventually saw hoof prints on the ground as it flashed past. The group bounded up and over a hill and were quickly upon a small herd of deer, who scattered in all directions as the three large tokotas descended on them. Olen slid to a stop, unsure about which deer to go after, but Ian and Rain darted after a small female, separating it from the herd and bringing it down quickly. Olen trotted over to the deer, dipping her head and sniffing it while Ian and Rain licked their bloody muzzles. Archer let the tokotas rest for a little bit, though Ian didn't seem to need it, as he considered where they were going to go next. They still had plenty of time to run around, though the stream they had crossed earlier did seem promising for fishing. After twenty minutes, Ian was growing impatient so Archer roused Olen and Rain and the group set off back in the direction they came from. 

Link to import sheet:Ian 1934 by TotemSpirit
Link to hunting journal: Ian's HP tracker 11
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10.5=3.5(colored, shaded, simple background)+2(hunting)+2(handler)+3(610 words)

Link to import sheet:Rain's End 2957 by TotemSpirit
Link to hunting journal: Hunting/Fishing/Exploration JournalImport Sheets

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1. 1000 TT (redeemed)
2. 450 TT (redeemed)
3. 250 TT (redeemed)
4. 450 TT (redeemed)
5. 1200 TT (redeemed)

Items/Companions: None
10.5=3.5(colored, shaded, simple background)+2(hunting)+2(handler)+3(610 words)

Link to import sheet:Olen 2567 by TotemSpirit
Link to hunting journal: Olen Tracker
Registered name: Olen
Nickname(s): n/a
ID number: 
Owner: taikunfoo
Species: Tokotas
Gender: Female
Age: 2 Years
Genotype: ee/aa/TT/nPng/nM
Phenotype: Marked tundra with pangare
Height: 179cm
Weight: 860 lbs
Heirarchy status: Average
Rites of Fertility: 0/3
Rites of Dominance: 0/5
Health status: Perfect condition. Fit, active, and in good shape.
Proof of Ownership:
Personality: Olen has a high prey drive-eagerly going after anything smaller than her. She is enegertic and loves to run and swim. Olen is a bit nervous around creatures larger than her, but gets along well with other Tokotas.  

11.5=3.5(colored, shaded, simple background)+2(hunting)+2(handler)+1(noncommissioned)+3(610 words)
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