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Hunting-Enzo(50.5/50), Tsulo by taikunfoo Hunting-Enzo(50.5/50), Tsulo by taikunfoo
After the other tokota had been returned home, Archer had brought Enzo and Tsulo back to the beach where they had been hunting for seals earlier in the day. Archer looked over the water, searching for the heads of seals bobbing in the waves, but didn't see any. With nothing better to do, Archer directed the tokotas in a long, ambling walk up the beach as he looked for more seals in the water. Enzo padded a little ahead of Tsulo, occasionally wandering down to the water's edge to paw and play with the small waves rolling up on the shore before trotting up to Tsulo. Enzo also padded into the grasses, springing on particularly large tufts, and enticed Tsulo into a long run up the beach. Archer kept his eyes mainly on the water, but did not see any more seals. He wondered if his hunting activities with the three tokotas earlier had chased them off. Archer debated about turning the tokotas around and having them go fish in a nearby stream, when Enzo raised his head, sniffing the air, and bolted away from Tsulo. The tokota paused, catching the scent of whatever Enzo had smelled, and chased after the other tokota. Enzo was heading straight towards the beach between the grasses and the water, and Archer soon saw what he was after-a large seal resting on the shore. As the tokotas thundered through the grass, the seal looked up, saw the two large canines rapidly approaching, and tried to crawl into the water so it could swim away. Enzo and Tsulo were too fast for it, catching up to it on the beach and pouncing on the animal as it had entered the water. Enzo grabbed the carcass and dragged it out of the water, sniffing along the body before settling down next to the seal. Archer guided Tsulo further down the beach for a mile, but he did not see any more seals and returned to where Enzo was still sitting with the seal. It was clear that both Enzo and Tsulo were tired from their long day of hunting, so Archer decided to bring the tokotas back home, but he first had to get the carcass onto Enzo's back to bring home with them. Archer hopped out of the saddle and retrieved a length of rope from his saddle bag. He deftly tied the seal to Enzo's back and then climbed back onto Tsulo, leading the two tokotas home with their prize. (416)

Link to import sheet:Ezio 1456 by TotemSpirit
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Link to import sheet:Tsulo 3454 by TotemSpirit
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Tsulo Tracker

+5% Success rate towards Exploration, Spelunking

Handler: Archer (anthropomorphic grey tabby w/blue eyes)

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