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Hunting-Aeresella (30.5/40), Awi by taikunfoo Hunting-Aeresella (30.5/40), Awi by taikunfoo
Archer struggled to pull himself out of bed again, slapping at his alarm with one hand until it stopped blaring in his ear. Two more days of getting up early and taking friend's tokotas out and he could rest. For now, he was stuck with getting up obscenely early, although the sun was beginning to greet him as he woke in the morning. Archer was enjoying the longer days that shook off the icy clutches of winter, but the mornings were still cool. He tugged on his hoodie, pulling it over his shoulders and found a clean pair of pants. He would really have to start doing laundry when he returned home after taking the tokotas out. Riding Awi all day tired him out, so all he could do when he returned home was let Olen out to run around, feed the tokotas, and prepare himself a quick meal before heading to sleep. Archer managed to trip over his own paws heading out the door, and saved himself from a mud puddle by grasping the railing. He clung to the wood for a moment before scolding himself and returning to the house for a cup of coffee. After his drink, Archer walked back outside and into the stable, and found both Olen and Awi awake and waiting for him. Feeling somewhat bad that he had left Olen in all of yesterday, he let her out into the hills first before returning to the stable and bringing Awi out. He brushed the tokota's spiked fur, trying not to laugh at the tokota's version of bedhead. "Rough night, eh boy?" Archer asked playfully, and Awi yipped at him in return. Chuckling quietly, Archer swung a saddle blanket over Awi's back and climbed up, settling himself on Awi's back before nudging the tokota forward and towards his friend's house. He met up with Aeresella and her handler in a timely manner, taking the tokota with little trouble and heading off into the woods. Archer let Awi and Aeresella roam around aimlessly for a while,  before growing bored with their sniffing every other rock, bush, and shrub. Getting Awi's attention, he directed the tokota towards a large rocky hill ahead. Awi trotted off towards them with Aeresella trailing behind. Archer began to notice small holes and caves in the ground where the melting snow had moved through the cracks in the rock produced by ice, and noted that both Awi and Aeresella showed interest in the dark, muddy gaps in the ground. Shuddering at the thought of washing not one, but two tokotas of muddy fur, he quickly guided them away from the holes in the rock. As soon as he had distracted them from the holes, a fox popped up out of one of them and darted across the path in front of them. Aeresella took off after the fox, chasing it through the rocks with Awi following close behind. Archer was almost thrown off of Awi as the tokota bolted after the creature, but he was able to hold onto the tokota by gripping his mane and squeezing his legs around Awi's belly. Aeresella moved quickly, darting over and around rocks to quickly pounce on the fox before it could dart down another hole. Awi slid to a stop next to her, almost sliding on the slick stone underfoot before coming to a stop. She held the fox up proudly, turning and looking over at Archer, who could tell that she was hungry. Shaking his head, Archer told her not to eat it, though Aeresella didn't look particularly pleased with him. She carried it past him and Awi instead, moving carefully over the slick rocks.
Link to import sheet:Aeresella 2429 by TotemSpirit
Link to hunting journal: ~Aeresella 2429 Tracker~
Aeresella 2429
Jacob Ashley | Omega



Total: 291/325 Hierarchy Points
Hierarchy Status: Average
Full Body Images:
Playing While Fishing  +5 +:bulletpurple:2 +:bulletgreen:2 +:bulletpink:3 +:bulletorange:1= 13
Exploration Of Expeditions +4 +:bulletpin

Items/Companions: Flint Arrows, Sturdy Bow, Sturdy Rod
10.5=3.5(colored, shaded, simple background)+2(hunting)+2(handler)+3(613 words)

Link to import sheet:Awi 3048 by TotemSpirit
Link to hunting journal: Awi Tracker
Registered name: Awi
ID number: 3048
Owner:  taikunfoo
Species: Tokotas
Gender: Male
Age: 2 Years
Genotype: ee/AA/Tt/nM/PngPng/AA
Phenotype: Marked tawny with pangare and accents
Height: 187cm
Weight: 1080 lbs
Heirarchy status: Submissive
Rites of Fertility: 0/3
Rites of Dominance: 0/5
Health status: Perfect condition. Fit, active, and in good shape.
Personality: Awi is energetic, and loves to run and chase large prey animals. He is not patient, and cannot sit still for long periods of time. 
------------------------------------------ SSS: Whittier 193
----------------- SS: 

Items/Companions: None
11.5=3.5(colored, shaded, simple background)+2(hunting)+2(handler)+1(noncommissioned)+3(613 words)
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Hunting-Aeresella (40/40), Awi by taikunfoo
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