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Fishing-Miu (10.5) Albion (10.5) Ezio (10.5) Tsulo by taikunfoo Fishing-Miu (10.5) Albion (10.5) Ezio (10.5) Tsulo by taikunfoo
Archer found himself becoming progressively more and more busy working with other people and their tokotas. His day seemed busy, having to pick up not his usual two tokotas, but three. Archer rolled out of bed, stifling a groan, and slipped on some clean clothes before heading out towards the barn. Olen and Awi were sound asleep, but Archer's new tokota, Tsulo, was awake and waiting by the stall door as Archer approached. The tokota's intelligent green eyes watched him carefully as Archer undid the latch, wondering how long it would be tokota-proof from Tsulo. Archer led the tokota out of the stall into the center of the barn, instructing him to wait there he retrieved the grooming supplies. He ran a brush over the tokota's coat, only to find the next brush he needed missing. Archer looked up to see Tsulo gripping the brush awkwardly in his mouth and moving it over a hind leg. Archer bit back a laugh and retrieved the brush from Tsulo, finishing up the grooming and slipping a saddle blanket onto his back. Archer swung himself up onto Tsulo's back, and they set off down the driveway to pick up the other tokotas they were taking out for the day. First was Miu's Spirit Bear, a beautiful albino tokota, who was calm enough with Tsulo for them to head out quickly. The next tokota they picked up was an another albino- this time with long shaggy fur- a yeti. At least he would be able to tell the two males apart due to the yeti's longer, shaggy fur. Albion was a little clingy, uncertain about leaving for a trip into the woods, but was eventually coaxed away from his handler with a few treats from Archer. Ezio easily came along with the group once Archer had managed to get everyone moving, and to start out the morning Archer led the way over the plains towards some pine trees and what looked to be like a large river off in the distance. Ezio's handler had pointed them in that direction, saying that it was a good spot to try for fish, so Archer guided the group of tokotas towards the river at a steady, loping pace. It wasn't long before the group reached the river, which was wide, but shallow. Miu's Spirit Bear and Ezio went straight for the water, splashing around for a little bit before noticing the fish. Archer took off Tsulo's saddle and saddle blanket before he joined the other two tokotas in the water, but Albion stayed behind with Archer, not wanting to get his fur wet. Archer was eventually able to coax Albion to the edge of the water, where he was able to fish without getting his fur too soggy for his liking, and Archer sat by him with a bucket to put the caught fish in. Tsulo caught a few fish but grew disinterested when the other tokotas wouldn't play with him, as they were intent on fishing, so he joined Archer and Albion on the shore while the other tokotas fished in the water. The group caught a sizable amount of fish in a short time, so Archer called the tokotas over from the water to catch a quick break. Tsulo instigated a game with Ezio while Archer, Albion, and Miu's Spirit Bear watched them splash and play in the water before chasing each other around the shore and up the hill on the far side of the river. When the two of them disappeared over the hill, Archer gave a shrill whistle, calling them back into his line of sight. Archer relaxed, leaning against Albion as he watched Ezio and Tsulo play in the river. (619 words)

Link to import sheet:Miu's Spirit Bear 2604 by TotemSpirit
Link to fishing journal: HP Tracker Spirit Bear 2604Activity Tracking



Owner: MiusEmpire

+ 2% chance to roll a rare mane type in any breeding. (curly, long mane, sphinx...etc)
+10 points toward score in any equitation class (showjumping, driving, cutting/herding, fox hunting...etc) 
+ 2-4 number of pups rolled for each litter, rather than 1-4.
Hierarchy Status:
Born Average
291.5 / 250 HP

+7 by Ecanusiofiel
+5 by Ecanusiofiel
+7 by :devecan

Items used: None

Companions: None

Link to import sheet:Albion 3096 by TotemSpirit
Link to fishing journal: Albion - Exploration/Hunting/Fishing Journal``ALBION``

Registered name: Albion
Nickname(s): Albi
ID number: 3096
Owner: Horseste
Species: Tokotas
Gender: Male
Age: 3 y/o
Genotype: ee/aa/Tt/nM/nA
Phenotype: ALBINO - Marked tundra with accents (Lavender Eye Colour)
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 855 lbs
Heirarchy status: Average
Rites of Fertility: 0/3
Rites of Dominance: 0/5
Health status: Perfect condition. Fit, active, and in good shape.
Personality: Albion is a total girl, with his long hair and lavender eyes. He hates getting his long fur dirty and will do anything it takes to get away from germs or mud. He dislikes walking on grass, for the same reason, especially if it's been raining. He likes getting groomed and keeping

Items used: None

Companions: None

Link to import sheet:Ezio 1456 by TotemSpirit
Link to fishing journal:<da:thumb id="534386859"/>
Items used: None

Companions: None

Link to import sheet:Tsulo 3454
Link to fishing journal:Tsulo Tracker
Items used: None

Companions: None
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