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Fishing-Florian (9.5/20), Sinth (9.5/15), Olen by taikunfoo Fishing-Florian (9.5/20), Sinth (9.5/15), Olen by taikunfoo
Archer had set out early in the morning on Olen with two of his friends' tokotas, Florian and Sinth, trailing behind him. He had offered to take their tokotas out fishing earlier in the week, and this morning both of their handlers called him up on the phone to request that he take them out for the day, citing busy schedules. Archer had rushed to get Olen awake and moving, showing up first to collect Florian, who was excited and ready to get out, and then Sinth, who was somewhat wary of Florian's antics. Archer and the three tokotas set out for the lake, him leading on Olen's back while Florian ran ahead, eagerly checking out new sights and smells, while Sinth trailed behind, observing the two tokotas ahead of her. By moving quickly, it didn't take long for Archer, Florian, Sinth, and Olen to reach the lake. While the weather was warming up and the snow was melting, the previous evening had been very cold, keeping the lake frozen. It had even snowed on the distant mountains the previous night. Archer got off of Olen, stepping cautiously onto the ice to test it before he allowed the three tokotas onto it, Florian leaping and sliding everywhere while Olen and Sinth proceeded with more caution. Archer broke a rough hole in the ice, and the tokotas gathered around eagerly, shifting around before settling down around the edge. Sinth caught the first fish, reacting quickly as a flash of silver shone from the water. She unhappily gave the fish to Archer when prompted, and he put the fish in a basket he had brought with him for the catch. Close to a hour had elapsed before Olen caught a fish, and Florian was getting fidgety, not wanting to sit still and play on the lake instead. After a few failed attempts to catch a fish, he finally caught one, and trotted off, parading around with his catch. Archer chased after him, leaving Sinth and Olen to fish together while Florian kept just out of Archer's reach as the two slipped and slid across the ice. After the chase, Archer got the fish from Florian, who went back to the fishing hole to continue fishing, while Archer collected the fish that Sinth and Olen had caught while he was chasing Florian. He put them in the basket, kneeling down on the ice before settling himself in a seated position, waiting with the tokotas for the next fish to swim by.

Link to import sheet: Florian 2812 by TotemSpirit
Link to fishing journal:  2812 Florian Stats
Rites of Fertility:
Total Points: 011.0
Breeding: closed until Aoas and Average

Items used (if any): None

Companions: None

(9.5 HP= 3.5HP(fullbody-colored, shaded, flat-color background)+2HP(fishing)+2HP(Handler)+2HP(418 words)

Link to import sheet: Sinth 1663 by TotemSpirit
Link to fishing journal:  Tokota Hunting/Fishing/Exploration TrackerTokota : 
Fishing Images :
Hunting Images :

Exploration Images :

Items used (if any): None


(9.5 HP= 
3.5HP(fullbody-colored, shaded, flat-color background)+2HP(fishing)+2HP(Handler)+2HP(418 words)

Link to import sheet: Olen 2567 by TotemSpirit
Link to fishing journal:  Olen Tracker
Registered name: Olen
Nickname(s): n/a
ID number: 
Owner: taikunfoo
Species: Tokotas
Gender: Female
Age: 2 Years
Genotype: ee/aa/TT/nPng/nM
Phenotype: Marked tundra with pangare
Height: 179cm
Weight: 860 lbs
Heirarchy status: Submissive
Rites of Fertility: 0/3
Rites of Dominance: 0/5
Health status: Perfect condition. Fit, active, and in good shape.
Proof of Ownership:
Personality: Olen has a high prey drive-eagerly going after anything smaller than her. She is enegertic and loves to run and swim. Olen is a bit nervous around creatures larger than her, but gets along well with other Tokotas.  

Items used (if any): None

Companions: None

(10.5 HP= 3.5HP(fullbody-colored, shaded, flat-color background)+2HP(fishing)+2HP(Handler)+1HP (noncommissioned)+2HP(418 words)
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