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Fishing-Albion (41.5) Ezio (30.5) Tsulo by taikunfoo Fishing-Albion (41.5) Ezio (30.5) Tsulo by taikunfoo
After dropping off the other tokota in their group, it was just Archer, Tsulo, Albion, and Ezio. The group continued down the shore, aimlessly wandering as Ezio sniffed at things towards the edge of the water while Albion padded over the grasses, avoiding the mud, while Archer riding on Tuslo in between them. It was a wonderful day with the sun shining and light breeze that played over the tokotas' fur. Archer took a deep breath, enjoying the crisp, fresh air and gazed contentedly towards the snow covered mountains in the distance. While the weather had warmed up significantly over the past few weeks, there was still a significant amount of snow on the mountains even while the lower areas were sopped in what seemed like an endless amount of rain and runoff. Archer didn't envy the handlers who had to clean their white tokota's coats, though thankfully his most of his tokotas were some shade of brown. Ezio charged a group of eagles that were feeding on a fish carcass on the edge of the water, sliding to a stop with a spray of mud as the birds launched themselves into the air away from the large tokota coming at them. He trotted back towards Tsulo and Archer before falling in beside Tsulo. The group padded down the shore and crossed a few small streams before coming to a large river. Ezio surged ahead, splashing in the water and cleaning himself of the mud that had splashed on his fur. Tsulo padded in after him, splashing around in the water and rinsing the mud from his paws. A fish darted between Albion's legs and the shaggy white tokota quickly dipped his head and came up with a fish. Ezio and Tsulo immediately took an interest in the water flowing beneath their paws, but Archer didn't want to be riding Tuslo while he was trying to fish. He guided his tokota back to shore, removing his saddle and saddle blanket before sending the tokota back into the river to fish. Archer settled himself on the large smooth stones on the bank with his basket, watching the tokotas as they ambled through the stream, chasing the fish and splashing through the water. They approached Archer with their catches, which they deposited either into the basket or on the stone next to him.  Tsulo began to have trouble finding a fish to bring back to Archer, so he stuck his head in the water and came up with an oblong rock that he tried to pass off as a fish. Archer jokingly shoved his muzzle away, sending the tokota back into the stream to find more fish but keeping his offered catch on the stone next to him. After a hour, Archer called the tokotas back to him, ending the fishing for the day. He retrieved the saddle and saddle blanket, putting them on Tsulo's back before swinging himself up into the saddle. He led the tokotas back towards their respective homes, choosing to drop Albion off first. The group moved along at a fast lope up the coastline, though when the sky began to darken with the setting sun Archer urged the group to move along faster. The group made it to Albion's handler when the sun was just dropping behind the mountains, and dropped him off before heading towards Ezio's home. Thankfully, the two houses were close together, so Archer was able to drop Ezio off quickly and without a problem. Wanting to get home before dark, Archer urged Tsulo to pick up the pace as they raced through the pine forest on their property, eventually slowing to a lope when they reached the long driveway with some light still in the sky. (623 words)
Link to import sheet:Albion 3096 by TotemSpirit
Link to fishing journal: Albion - Exploration/Hunting/Fishing Journal``ALBION``

Registered name: Albion
Nickname(s): Albi
ID number: 3096
Owner: Horseste
Species: Tokotas
Gender: Male
Age: 3 y/o
Genotype: ee/aa/Tt/nM/nA
Phenotype: ALBINO - Marked tundra with accents (Lavender Eye Colour)
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 855 lbs
Heirarchy status: Average
Rites of Fertility: 0/3
Rites of Dominance: 0/5
Health status: Perfect condition. Fit, active, and in good shape.
Personality: Albion is a total girl, with his long hair and lavender eyes. He hates getting his long fur dirty and will do anything it takes to get away from germs or mud. He dislikes walking on grass, for the same reason, especially if it's been raining. He likes getting groomed and keeping

Items used: None

Companions: None
Link to import sheet:Ezio 1456 by TotemSpirit
Link to fishing journal:<da:thumb id="534386859"/>
Items used: None

Companions: None

Link to import sheet:Tsulo 3454 by TotemSpirit
Link to fishing journal: Tsulo Tracker

+5% Success rate towards Exploration, Spelunking

Handler: Archer (anthropomorphic grey tabby w/blue eyes)

Hunting/Fishing/Exploring Images:
-15 HP=5(fullbody, colored, shaded, with complex background)+2(handler)+2(tribe)+2(fishing)+3(619 words)+1(noncommissioned) -10 HP=5(fullbody, colored, shaded, with complex background)+2(tribe)+2(fishing)+1(noncommissioned) -10 HP=5(fullbody, colored, shaded, with complex background)+2(fishing)+2(tribe)+1(noncommissioned) - 14 HP=5(fullbody, colored, shaded, with complex background)+2(handler)+2(tribe)+2(fishing)+2(412 words)+1(noncommissioned) -11.5-10.5-11.5

Items used: None

Companions: None
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