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Some Fun With Zenkaiger's Rumors

By Taiko554
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A little break from Shouriger's longer project.  Decided to take a lil crack at rumor fun for Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger like I've done before during rumor season.  Not reall much though rumors seem to be picking up a lil more and more so I figured now was the time.  As always, this is just me taking a lil inspiration from the name and a few rumors, 100% not meant to be official.

Basically since the name indicates machines, I just went with that.  And then played with my hopeful core color combo of RBYPK.  I know there's recent rumors of a possible insect motif, which would be dope, but we'll see.  I didn't feel like incorporating that because I had already gotten good ideas for their motifs in machines.  A renamed OC title for the team is "Anzen Sentai Keisokuger" (lit. Safety Sentai Measurement-ger).  Yes, it's a bit of a silly name but w/e.

"Keisoku Red!"
"Keisoku Black!"
"Keisoku Yellow!"
"Keisoku Blue!"
"Keisoku Pink!"
"If you need help, just A.S.K.!"

The sixth:

"Keisoku Silver!"

The special movie trio:
"Keisoku Crimson!"
"Keisoku Navy!"
"Keisoku White!"
"The special Emergency Department!"

Playing into the machine aspect, the core five and silver are themed around the six simple machines and their vehicles are kinda/sorta taken from those: Red (wedge, dragster), Black (screw, drill), Yellow (lever, dump truck), Blue (wheel & axle, motorcycle), Pink (pulley, crane), and Silver (inclined plane...jetplane).  Their belt symbols kinda take inspiration from these motifs.  The movie trio are just your basic emergency/first responder vehicles: Crimson (firetruck), Navy (police cruiser), White (ambulance).  Per my recent tally of my OC ranger colors, I wanted to stray away from green and violet even though I love using those colors.  They get their respective numbers on their helmets because I needed something to fill the space.  I know it's not a great design piece, but it looked worse blank.

Their sashes are basically tape measures. The bright neon color is played into the safety aspect of the team.  Silver gets an orange aspect instead, and the movie trio get the red coloring because sirens.  They get a little Dekaranger-esque initial badge on their chest with their initials A.S.K., and the movie trio gets E.D.  For the most part, all their visors are a general V shape, because Sentai likes Vs, especially for anniversary series.  So in my head, their helmets form by a V akin to Gokaiger...and V means five in Roman numerals, and there's nine rangers...9x5=45, which would be Zenkaiger's series number.  Woohoo for stretching!

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks!
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Consider this another Design that never was.
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The math you performed with the Ranger count just makes it so much better

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May I plz use them

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The measuring tape sash is delightfully bonkers, and I love it.

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Haha, thanks.

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No worries. I’m also liking how you’ve structured the team.
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What would there changers be like?

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I mixed this team whit time travel theme,ok?

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I have seen GamerEx-Aid's Jikanger(a time travel themed sentai) NegaZords,the monsters of this team and i thinked who could be a great idea for their villians.

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I have my own time travel team, so no.

It's kinda shitty to think you have the right to take two people's ideas and combine them for yourself. Just, no.

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Really like the helmet work on these ones, very nice looking and distinct. Good work!

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The numbers with the countdown on their suits, kinda reminded me of Ohranger and Gaoranger.

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Yea, I just get tired of Reds being ranked 1.

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you'll love zenkaiger then, the leader is a white ranger while the red is one of the other members

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Oh I see. I understand how you feel. Not to mention Sentai used ranked 1 for Red already.

By the way, I just swap the number for my Red Ranger since Shape Madness.

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The slash detail really stands out on the suits. I read want a R/BK/BL/Y/P core color line-up as well. It would be great to see it again after a decade.

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Yea, the color combo is one of the things I've been hoping for since July.

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I don't even care if it's either sky blue or standard blue with that color line-up at this point. I would love to see green as the Sixth ranger again. It seems way pass due for a non-metallic color to fill in that roll. I know ZyuohTheWorld broke up the trend, I just want to see that some more with this upcoming team.

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