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Kamen Rider Gaim's Apple Riders



**Updated 3/8/15 with their weapons**

Phew, finally.  And with this, I'm caught up to date with Gaim's designs that have been debuted on either small or big screen.  Yes, a new form for Duke has been previewed, but that movie won't come out for another month.  And I've never really done stage show suits.  SO, I'm caught up...for a least.

These three are the apple lockseed riders from Gaim.  Mars is on top, Kamuro in the middle, and Jam on the bottom. 

Mars and Kamuro were the special riders in Gaim's summer movie.  Jam is Mars/Kougane revived in the final/epilogue episode of the series.  Mars uses the Golden Apple Lockseed, Kamuro the Silver Apple, and Jam the Black Apple.  The armors themselves are all pretty identical in shape, but not detail.  Mars is the most unique with the Golden Arms detailing matching Mars' base suit circles and curves.  Golden Arms is also (to my annoyance) the only one of the three to have apple slices on the helmet.  It looks cool there and actually bothers me the other two don't share that feature.  Silver and Darkness Arms have the same detailing, with Darkness having a bit of an additional flame pattern.  Jam's visor is also a stylized kanji for 'evil'.  It was hard to tell during Jam's fights/transformations if the black flame pattern on his helmet was part of his base suit or the Darkness Arms' helmet, but it looks to be more a part of the base suit. 

Now, about the bodies.  Mars is perfectly OK to make because there's no real debate that he's a guy and that's that.  Kamuro is a child.  As such, I made him on a smaller male base.  Jam, oh boy, Jam.  I flip flopped on the gender too many times.  In the series, Kougane possesses a young girl and transforms into Jam using the girl's body.  However, the transformed suit (atop the girl) didn't necessarily look feminine, i.e. slighter waist and pronounced chest, even with the chest armor.  Even still, half of my mind wanted Jam on a female body.  But Kougane is then later separated form the girl's body and the suit still looks male.  And then we've been shown a preview pic or two of Jam's SH Figuarts figure and that figure looks male, again, no slighter waist or pronounced chest.  So then, Jam should decidedly be on a male body.  I looked around at what some other people had done to resolve this and it seems kinda split, some put Jam on a female body, some on a male.  But I think taking into account the character of Kougane is male, and that the toy figure (something officially put out by a production staff) looks male, Jam should be on a male body.  *If that figure turns out to actually be a female body, I'll have to reconsider and likely take that as the official word on the suit's gender*.

It's kind of interesting seeing these three all together.  I saw a few people who were a little ticked by the fact Jam/Darkness Arms doesn't share a metallic color like the other two, which are gold and silver.  But really, the coloring is more subtle.  The three apple riders have the general contrasting colors of the RGB (red, green, and blue) spectrum, being YCM: yellow (Mars' gold), cyan (Kamuro), and magenta (Jam).  It makes even more sense because the three main riders of the series (Gaim, Baron, and Ryugen) have the RGB colors on their base suits, being red (Baron), green (Ryugen), and blue (Gaim) [Yes, Zangetsu is a huge part of the series from the beginning, but I'd place the three younger riders who have connections to Mai as the three main].  So there you have it, the apple riders aren't necessarily meant to be centered on metallic colors, but rather exagerations of the YCM colors.  Just look at their base suits, where the only color besides silver and black is indeed the gold/yellow, cyan, and magenta colors.

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks. 
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So you have a problem w/ Jam's gender? Maybe you would've made both male and female Jams!